What do you want out of your business? I always knew what I wanted which made it easy to keep working and investing in my business until I reached that goal. And of course I just set another higher goal to achieve. No matter how big or small your ambitions are spend the money and the time to make it happen.

What’s up everybody? It’s a Friday evening. It’s about 7:30, just pulling out of the office. What I want to talk to everybody right now is about where do you want your business to go? Where do you envision your business be? Are you getting out there?

You just want to stay on the truck. Are you contented staying on the truck and just getting jobs here and there? Getting to the point where you’re fairly busy but you’re always on the truck. You’re not really hiring a lot of people. You’re not growing a large organization. Is that something that you’re looking to do? Is that what you want to accomplish? Well, if that’s the case, I think you ought to ask a lot more of yourself. I think you ought to believe you can accomplish more and really strive for more. If that’s truly what you want then getting to that point won’t be, but it won’t be extremely difficult either. You’re going to need to consistently put up Craigslist ads and you’re just getting to make sure you really enjoy what you’re doing. Getting out of the truck and doing that sort of deal. For the people that want more out of life and business. That’s the people that I’m really talking to. I’m talking to the people that frankly want to get rich. A lot of people don’t believe it’s possible in junk removal, it is. I would not consider myself rich if I looked at it myself a couple of years ago than where I am now. I’m probably considered rich. It’s amazing as you get more in your definition of rich begins to increase. You told me three years ago that, I owned one airplane.

I’d be buying another one just for fun. I’d be buying another one for aerobatics. I live on a pretty good-sized house. We’re going to tear that thing down and build something even bigger on that same lot. I live in a nice house on the runway. I was where I always dreamed to be in. That I have a business partner that lives on a golf course. Gets to play golf fairly often. Not as often as you’d like but gets to. Had you told me all that? I have a brand new pickup truck. I’m riding around this thing. This thing got seat coolers. If you’ve been sweating, you have icicles growing down there. It gets too cold. It has an accent lighting or something in here at night. You can change the colors.

My Vehicle Journey

I went from three years ago. I might still have my 93 Honda accord that I was driving around. I had a 91 chevy pickup. At one point, 91 chevy pickup and 93 Honda accord were my daily drive. I drove this for a long time. My entire life up until January of the last year. I pretty much driven old kind of piece of crap vehicles. You know what I mean. I finally kind of opened up my pocket book last year. Open up my wallet and I started buying some stuff for me that I enjoy because there’s enough money leftover at that point to do so. Where do you want to be? Do you want to build a big organization? Several million dollars a year in sales where you’re bringing home half a million bucks a year or better.

Do you want a plane? Do you want boats? Do you want just a business where you could go out of town and still get an income? I can go anywhere. I can leave this country and we’re going to make as much money with Junk Doctors. With me out of the country as with me here. When I started in business, that is what I wanted. I wanted a business that could run without me. That would run regardless of whether I was working or not. I wanted a business that would earn enough income and take care of my family. We can live how we wanted to live. We’ve got expensive ambitions for sure.

I wanted enough income where we could travel where we wanted to go. If I want to go to Europe, beach, Florida and anywhere and when I want to go. I want the money, resources, time and freedom to be able to accomplish that. That’s my ambitions. If you have less ambitions, that’s fine. Whatever gives you satisfaction in life is what you need to strive for. If time off truly gives you satisfaction where you’re not working as hard. If growth makes you stressed out where you can’t handle it. You’re not happy that the end result isn’t worth it to you. Maybe that’s not for you. I think a lot of times you’re mistaken.

Setting Goals and Achieving Happiness

I think I’m at my happiest when I’ve got a lot. A big goal that I’m working towards it. and I’m working hard for. When I’m working and productive, that’s when I’m happy. If I have a day and it happens from time to time. If I have a day where for some reason I just can’t get going. I sit on the couch and I watch TV. Watch the race or a football game. Even on a Sunday, I want to be productive seven days out of the week, but I’ll have a day every so often that I’ll feel like unproductive at the end of the day. I’ll feel a lot more tired than had I just worked 15 or 16 hours a day, which I’m accustomed to. Literally my entire day from 7:00 AM. I wake up and do a workout right at 7:00 o’clock. Again, making my life like I wanted to. I’ll put a gym in my house. I’m not going to take the time to drive to a gym. I’m not going to take the time to have to go to the gym. You got to get dressed for the gym. You got to drive to the gym. Then you work out and you have to come home take a shower. I’m not going to take the time. I’ll put a gym in my house, so I make my life fit my desires. That’s what you need to do. What are your desires? Determine your desires and make your business a become and suit your life and your desires. How do you do that? You determine what you want and then you just keep on at it. You keep at it until you’ve achieved that level of success. All money is the resource and the tool for you to spend to grow your business to the level you want it to grow.

I remember many years ago. In the 2000 Nascar All-star race, Dale Earnhardt Jr. was in like third place maybe. A caution came out and he said “Were not fast enough to win right now. We got to come in and take four tires.” There was only like 4, 5 or 6 laps left in the race, but he said “We ain’t going win where we were at. Let’s get some rubber on this thing and let’s go.” They went in, they made the investment of time to change those tires. They lost positions on the track. I think they restarted sixth or seventh with like 5 laps to go. 4 or 5 laps to go at that point. Sixth or seventh at Charlotte Motor speedway, not into restrictor plate where it’s easy to pass.

They gave up something in the moment to invest in their race car knowing that most likely there’s a high probability they get up to at least the spot that they were when they pitted. They actually had a potential to win at that point. They took that risk. They made that investment. They took that time. They pushed off the immediate results for future results. Money is your vehicle to do that. Money is your tool. Money is to be spent on your business until your business is at the level you want to be. What you’re going to find is that you’re going to get addicted to growing that thing. You’re going to get addicted to growing the business and when you reach that goal. You’re going to set another goal. It needs to be even larger and loftier.

It needs to be something beyond what you can even imagine right now ever occurring. What you’ll find is you’ll truly become successful if you’re always thinking like that. If you’re always a raising your goal. If you’re setting great big gigantic goals and working towards them, you’ll reach them. I did it. I went from a 93 Honda accord and 91 chevy pickup truck to a 2016 F-150. Christian, we bought him a 2017 F-250 $65,000 truck. We do use it to pull the trailers and stuff like that. It’s mainly his vehicle to get around. I got a $105,000 airplane. Just bought an aerobatic airplane. Haven’t closed on it yet, but the deals are in the works for an aerobatic airplane. I will fly within the next year. All that is from junk removal. None of that is from JRA. JRA is completely separated.

Managing JRA and Its Operations

Everything on JRA is getting reinvested back into JRA. We just hired a marketing director and content creator. He’s been very busy finalizing some of our operations manuals now. Making some edits on operations manuals and been upgrading our old website. We are likely about to hire another content creator. This is what I’m talking about with JRA. Everything, this is what I did with Junk Doctors. When I built young doctors, literally every penny that I didn’t require to live off of, went back into the business. Even to this day, this is the first year that we we’re cutting back a little bit of the reinvestment in the Junk Doctors. Why? Because we’re investing in JRA. So, that’s what I want you to do. I want to see you do it on your junk removal business if you truly desire great success. Listen, if you’re not all that ambitious person. If you’re fine working 8, 10, or 15 years, working your life on the truck, that’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with that. I don’t want to act like there’s anything wrong with that, but I aim the person that wants more. The material we bring is aimed at the individual that wants to build a huge junk removal company. That wants to beat 1-800-GOT-JUNK? in their market. That wants to be the Mack Daddy of their area. That wants great success. That wants their kids to look up to them like, “Man, look at what this guy’s done.” That wants their son to idolize them and be like, “I want to be like Daddy. I want to run this big company. I want to make big money. I want to have a beautiful wife. I want to do all that.”

That’s who I’m aimed at guys. If you want to get to that level, just keep watching these videos. Believe it can happen. You’re going to get knocked on. Lord knows I’ve been knocked on a lot of times, but you get right back up. You going to have people to criticize you. If you got those people criticizing. That’s a good thing. You newebsed criticism. If you’re not getting criticism from somebody in your circle. From somebody out there, you aren’t doing good enough. You’re not reaching enough people at that point to truly be successful. I love haters.

Give me some haters. If you all disagree with what I’m saying. Post it on here. Let me know. It gets me excited. Gets my blood flowing. I want to keep on putting out more when I got some haters. Listen, love each and every one of you for watching. I hope you found this video helpful. Just get out there, work hard and reinvest. Don’t worry about the money and put off everything. Put off all the luxuries. Put off the airplanes, boats and motorcycles for as long as you possibly can. Drive those 93 Honda accords and 91 chevy pickup trucks. Just make it happen. Constantly feed the beast. Before you know it, you’re going to have a business that’s a lot larger you can possibly imagine now. Then you’re just going to have another challenge that you’re going to set at that point to keep on going. Everybody, have a great night. Going to be uploading that bookkeeping video finally this evening. We will talk with everybody soon. I got busy with my wife’s in Nashville this weekend. I’m going to try and work about 30 to 35 hours this weekend between tomorrow and Sunday. Just blow the hell out of my businesses. I hope you’re doing the same. Thanks guys!