Lee talks about the bus ness you are truly in. Stress relief. Not junk removal. He talks about how to take advantage of truly knowing the business you are in to get more business and make more money.

Good afternoon guys! Good afternoon! I hope everybody is doing great today. I’m doing an absolutely fantastic. What a beautiful day in North Carolina today. We’ve got some exciting stuff going on with Junk Removal Authority. Just got off a 45-minute phone call with Brent who was our lead web designer. We’ve got developers that work for us as well, but we’re kind of planning out some awesome new products that we’re going to be bringing out. Nobody’s ever done it before in any service industry. Not just junk removal, any service industry. Nobody’s about to do what we’re about to do for junk removal. It’s going to be incredible. I’m psyched up. I’m ready. I’m pumped up from that phone call. Hope everybody is doing a wonderful today, having a great day.

Listen, one thing you’ve got to realize in your junk removal business, you’re in the stress removal business. You’re all removing stress from people’s lives.1-800-GOT-JUNK? has the saying “Goodbye stress. Hello relief.” That’s a hundred percent correct. Leave it to 1-800-GOT-JUNK? know what they’re doing. They didn’t get to 200 locations at one point. They’re 150 now and over $200,000,000 a year system-wide by not knowing what they’re doing. If they recognize they’re the stress removal business, they’re 100% correct. They’ve invested a lot of advertising money into that campaign. So, what does that mean? That means from the beginning. Actually, let’s take a step back. Why are you in the stress removal business? Alright, so number one, we’re moving in itself is very stressful. So, everybody knows moving is one of the most stressful things you will ever encounter in your entire life. If you’ve ever had to move, which all of us have. It can be stressful, especially if you’re not in the moving or a related moving type business. So, you have the natural stress of just having people come in of deciding what goes. What are you going to get rid of? What’s going to be moved? There’s a lot of stress involved there. A lot of times in the junk removal business, there’s one couple in a relationship. There’s one person that wants to get rid of stuff and there’s another that doesn’t necessarily won’t do. There’s a lot of debate going back and forth between what goes, what stays and all that sort of deal. Once the job is done, they’ve decided the job’s done, that stress goes away. So, if the husband wants to keep stuff, the wife wants to get rid of. The husband’s not going to be very enthused to actually go forward and do the labor of taking those items to the dump or donating them. There’s going to be a little bit of animosity. There’s going to be a little bit of stressfulness for him actually having to get rid of the stuff he doesn’t want to get rid of and vice versa.

So, you’ve got the stress involved there. Then you’ve got the stress of most of these people, they don’t have their own pickup trucks and they’re not trained. They might not be strong. They might not be trained. They’re older. They might have more back issues. They got a lot of issues, so they have to actually do the physical end of it. Then that is stressful to them and it takes a lot longer for them to do it than for us. We can do with the size of our trucks. Much bigger than a pickup truck. Much easier than renting a truck. With our trained labor, we can do in about an hour. It would take an individual to do 4 hours or more. The only time they have to deal with us with the actual project is when we come in, we do the work. At that point they’re done, we leave. If they did on their own, that hasn’t taken to the dump. There’s probably on a Saturday, they’re doing it. They have to wait in line at the dump. They’d have to figure out what goes and where the dump is. They might go to a dump that doesn’t take some of the stuff that they have to get rid of, so they had to go to another location. They’re going to donate stuff. Who takes what kind of stuff for donation? It’s just a huge pain. Who’s here to benefit from it? Us. We’re providing a needed service.

A junk removal business is in the stress removal business. We happen just take junk. The business we’re in is getting rid of stress from people’s lives. So, what does that mean? You have to do to get ahead, have a successful company, to get a repeat customer and get referral business. What do you have to do in your junk removal business to make it successful? To do your job of removing stress. It starts from the very beginning when they’re going and researching a business to work with. They need to know that your company is the one they need to work with. So how do they do that? First thing they do is, your site needs to be easy to find online. So, you need to do a good job to advertise because these people, they don’t want stress in their lives. They’re looking do the job quickly. So, one of the first things they need to be able to do is find it fast. They need to locate you quickly by online, social media, Google, Yelp or whatever platform they’re using. Thumbtack, HomeAdvisor is a huge pain.

Any customer that uses HomeAdvisor just don’t realize how painful it really is. We do HomeAdvisor. We get work from it, but it’s a pain. I got that going on. So, they find your site quickly. Then your site needs to present information in a way that’s it’s easy to find. It’s easy for them to verify that you’re what they need. It’s easy to find your contact information so they can call you, or if they don’t want to call you, you have a book online platform. Again guys, stress removal. If somebody doesn’t want to pick up the phone and call you, then don’t make them call you. Make them click that button on the website, book with a real time calendar. Don’t have some, contact us amateur form out there. I get on website, somebody’s websites, not everybody. I was like, “How amateur can you be guys?” Come on, let’s step the game up. I’m always going to call you out and it pisses you off. Good, you probably need to get pissed off. I’m going to call you out. You got some amateur going on as if all you have on your site is a contact us form with no real time booking. It’s simple, youcanbook.me for free. Get on the youcanbook.me. It’s absolutely free. It links to a Google Calendar. Guess what? You all got some sophisticated stuff on your site. You aren’t paying for it.

Youcanbook.me, if you need assistance I can help you out on getting that set up. I am not going to work for free now. I’m not going to help you set your stuff up for free, but you can contact me for reasonably cheaper. For probably 100 bucks, I can help you get that thing set up and you’re ready to rock and roll at that point. I’d love to do it. I’d love to help people out. It’s not a hard system to learn though. Well that’s the system we use. It did take me several hours. Actually, took us several weeks to figure out how best to use it. For $100 I think I can have you up and going, so let me know if you want me to do that but get an online booking system on there. You’re on the stress removal business. Some people don’t want to talk on the phone. It could be at work. That will really help them out if you have an online booking thing that they can use. Okay, so you got that going on. You that have part that figured out, so that you made it easy. You need to send them a confirmation and you need to be able to get to it quickly. You’re going to have a quick turnaround time, so you need to have good availability as well. That means you have to have trucks and you have to have people, so you can keep up with that availability. From that point, you move on down the line. Your people, give them a promise time. 2-hour arrival window. You call when on the way, the people that call are professional. You arrive on time and that’s one of the biggest stress is if you’re not going to be on time. If you are going to be late and you communicate with that particular customer. You let them know, “Hey, I’m running behind.” Don’t worry about being there. Let us call you with an exact arrival time, once we’re headed your way. So, that’s another stress removable thing. Then when you show up, you got people that look professional. They’re dressed in uniform, the shorts are tucked in. They’re not all tatted up. They’re not all pierced up. They’re good presentable people that anybody would want coming inside their home. They’re well-spoken. They’re trustworthy looking.

What adds stress to your site? If a bunch of unprofessional just tatted up guys that they don’t talk. They don’t look professional. They don’t look trustworthy. That’s going to add stress. If you add stress, then you’re in the stress removal business, not the stress adding business. So, that’s another thing, that is important. Then they see you’re taking the time to protect their property. You’re putting your boot covers on. You’re taking your shoes off when you’re moving stuff throughout the home.

You’re doing it with a good pace. You’re not bumping walls. All that kind of stuff that they want to see. If you’re not doing it all, that’s adding stress. You just go down to the line. You make payment easy. You have the pricing be up front. All that kind of stuff removes stress. Remember what business are you in? You’re not just in the junk removal business. You are in the stress removal business. That is the business you’re in. You’re in business to soothe and comfort a junk removal customer and like what? What’s one of the businesses you might think of that’s in stress removal business? A massage with masseuse. So, you are massaging that customer. You’re working their kinks out. You’re making things go smoothly. You don’t want to knock them up with bumping their wall up. You don’t want to create complications. You want to present people that are well spoken, that are very soothing when they speak. That’s the business you’re in guys. You’re in the stress removal business. Go through every function of your business. Everything related to your business, especially with dealing with a customer. Go through it, removes stress, simplify, add features, make it easier for them to find you and all that kind of stuff. The stuff you ought to be doing if you want to win in the game of the junk removal business. This has been Lee Godbold bringing you this wonderful content. Great Saturday afternoon! I’m pumped up, fired up. I hope this video got you pumped up and fired up to go out there. Make some money and relieve some stress from everybody you come in touch with on your junk removal business. You all have a good one. We’ll catch you soon, LG out.