Our call center booked over 50 jobs today. Make sure you aren’t missing any bull taking advantage of our call center.

Hey guys! I hope everybody is doing wonderful today. I just wanted to check in really quick because it has been an extremely busy day with JRA. We booked about ten Pay Per Job calls and then we’ve booked about another five call center jobs. We’ve got one company that uses us as backup on their phone calls. They were a business package customer. They opened up in Denver and absolutely killed it. They did over 70 jobs in their very first month and they’re super ecstatic. Brandon that runs Altitude Hauling is Gung-ho. He’s out there, ready to roll and really blow up. They’ll probably have to be running two or three trucks there next year. I’m just super excited for them, but they use us as backup. His wife, Janae, answers most of the calls. They’re going to book over 10 jobs today and I believe we’ve taken four or five of those calls. It works out great for them. It’s $20 per book job and if for some reason she misses it, like this morning in a 45-minute span. It was like about four to five jobs that were booked in a 45 minutes span sometime between 8:00A.M. and 9:00A.M. in Colorado. They’re two hours behind us, so it’s like between 10:00A.M. and 11:00A.M. for us. She couldn’t get to all of them and these are the people that book right off the bat. They could have easily gone right down the list, scheduled and called up somebody else on Google. It’s a brand-new company. They don’t have brand loyalty yet, so they could have easily called the next person in line on Google instead of forwarding it to us. We took the call and booked it up for $20 per job and that’s crazy. There’s no telling because there’s several jobs filed today and there’s five jobs that we booked that could be $1,500-$1,800 for the business. If they missed out on just one of those jobs because we couldn’t book it, then they’re behind the game. Our backup in the call center can answer primary calls. They can answer it and back up whatever you need. You have a professional company in America. Everything is right at our main office in Apex, North Carolina.


Everybody, the only jobs we book right now are junk removal. Everybody is trained on junk removal and we’ll guarantee you, we can book a job better than you can. That’s a little cocky, but we know ways to lock people down when they’re shopping for price. When they tell that they have to check with their boss, wife or husband. They would want to know what your turnaround time because they’re trying to figure out a way to cop-out. It’s a way for them to hang up the phone by asking your turnaround time. We can take a question on what is your turnaround time and we could turn it into a booking 80% of the time. You can book more appointments with our call center or if you just want to use us as a backup. You can use us as a backup to make sure you’re not missing out on any business. Pulling-in at the tire shop right here, so I got to check out. We’ll talk to you all soon.