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What’s going on guys? Hey, everybody, happy Monday to you. I hope nobody’s taking a Monday and Tuesday off not working anything just because it’s the fourth of July week. We’re working all the way up to the fourth. We’ve got a new operation manual out, and we’re constantly updating that thing. We got a guy from Huntington beach coming in town on Thursday to get trained up. We got 36 hours of work to do between Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Three 12-hour days that we’re working with him. When you come down here and you work with us, we’re going to work you hard.

Get yourself ready. Junk removal, especially for a starter, is hard. When you’re short staffed, it’s hard. What I want to mention today is those of you all with employees, let me know: Is it hard to hire people now or what? I am sure glad we’ve had our “constantly be hiring” program in place for about a year. I’m glad that we’ve been treating it like a sports team for a year. If there’s anything I talk about at all, those of you that run a junk removal business, those of you that have been known in your own, those would be looking to expand, pay attention to what I’m saying as far as hiring, managing, firing., That right there is something we’ve done so much. It’s one of the hardest things. One of the hardest things for you to do to grow and to expand is going to be managing people. Hiring now, I’ve never seen it this hard. We’ve been in business for six years. We’ve been in business for a good little while, but we haven’t gone through a boom cycle yet. That’s what we’re in the middle of. It’s a boom cycle. If you haven’t been through an entire cycle, I think it’s best to have started when we started. We started a recession. Those of you starting now, it isn’t always going to be this good. Now, the neat thing about junk removal is it is fairly recession resistant. Some people might even pick up, some businesses might even pick up during the recession, because you start getting a lot more foreclosures, you’re doing a lot more work for the bank after they’d been foreclosed on homes. There’s still work when the economy gets worse. A lot of times it’s harder work, and It’s not as always as good a money work either. The margins aren’t quite as good as when homeowners just get rid of the furniture and stuff like that.

Hiring is tough right now, though. Extremely tough. You must always be hiring. If you’re good right now with people, you’re probably one of the few that are. You have to get out there, you have to keep hiring, guys. You have to keep on interview. The way to always be hiring program or mentality works is when you get a good group of people in place, when you’ve got a good number of people, you just become extremely selective on who you hire. There’s two pillars of success here with this program. One is you always hire. Two, you treat it like a sports team. The people that perform get the hours, those that don’t do not. When you’re interviewing somebody, see how they stack up, see how you think they’re going to rank with your current team members. Do you think they’re going to be better than somebody, than a few people? If so, let’s get him hired. Let’s see how it works out. And then, if it works out to where they’re doing well, where they are successful, they’re doing great, then where do they stack as far as your rankings? If they rank higher, somebody is going to have to lose some hours. Either you’re going to get more business, which hopefully you’re constantly adding business, or there’s going to be people losing hours. You might need to get rid of somebody. Guys, let’s get tough. You got to get tough. Got to get ruthless in management of your team members, and employees. Be fair – most of your employees will like this. They might not know it, but they will like having set clear standards, knowing where they stand and, and people being held accountable to carry out a good amount of work. Those of you that talk about getting business and hiring friends, hiring family when you first start, it could be okay, but it is a sticky situation. I don’t like it, I do not like it at all. There’s no way you’re going to be as tough on your friends and your family as you need to be. Those of you thinking that just by being tough on an employee, they’re going to leave. If they leave, they needed to leave anyway. If they can’t handle it, if they can’t perform, then they shouldn’t be working for you anyway.

So, get tough, get ruthless, set expectations, make sure they’re meeting them. Meet with your people at least once a quarter for a performance evaluation and be honest with them. “This is what you’re doing good, this is what you’re doing poor, this is what needs to happen and what you need to improve on. If you want to get promoted, keep your job here.” whatever. Always hire, treat it like a sports team, and be tough. If you do that, then your business is going to a be a heck of a lot better off than those of you that just allow people to get into work late, allow people to be a little slower on jobs than they should, allow people to take an extra-long lunch break when they weren’t supposed to, allow people not to do their checklist, allow people not to get their invoices in all done correctly where you’re having to follow up behind them, allow people to take damage to your equipment, all that sort of stuff. You can be a lot better off if you get tough. You hold people to a high standard, and if they can’t hang, you get rid of them until you find people that can.

Let me know: those of you hiring, how’s it been for you? Are you able to hire people? I want to know. It’s tough, especially in Charlotte. It has been very tough hiring people right now. We’ve got a lot of part time college help, but we’ve got to get some full-time people. That’s our number one priority right now with Junk Doctors; is to hire.

Lee Godbold, Junk Removal Authority, founded Junk Doctors, build it up to a $2,000,000 a year business. We’re now taking that knowledge and selling complete business packages. We’ll get you open. It’s not a franchise, it’s your own business. It’s the entire operations manuals for Junk Removal Authority, it’s three days of training, it includes a website, includes the SEO, includes AdWords, includes your flight tickets into town, includes your hotel expenses at the current price for the business package will get you open. Those of you already in business, we got complete websites. Monthly charges now. Ask about our complete website at a monthly charge. It’s going to be a huge upgrade in majority of all of your sites. It’s going to convert more customers. At monthly charge, your make will be more than paid for in terms of new customers. Then of course, one of our premier offerings right now, those of you hesitant to get into Google AdWords, we got paid per job program. We put up a site, no charge for the site and area, we run ads, our call center books the job. You pay one flat rate per booked job. Satisfaction guaranteed no matter what. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed in all of our products, especially that paper job program. 919-466-9322,

You all keep working, keep your foot on the gas all the way to July. Fourth. Do some work on July fourth, be productive. You take a little time. I’m going to go to the beach, have some hours of fun time in there, because I enjoy working. Work is fun to me. I’m still going to be working on the fourth of July, you all should be too. If you aren’t doing jobs, that’s fine, but you all got to be thinking. Matter of fact, most of you all that are always on the truck doing jobs, take advantage of the fourth. If you go to the beach or wherever, if you’re at home, wherever, think about how am I going to expand? How am I going to get to my ideal picture of what I see my life do and where I want my life, where I want my business? Am I doing enough now? Is what I’m doing going to get me to that point? If it is not, a change needs to be made, and it needs to be made right now. Those you all screwing around not hiring people, not buying new trucks, not making investments in your website, not doing Google AdWords, you’re going to get left behind. You’re not going to achieve your ideal scene. Unless your ideal scene is exactly what you’re doing right now, you’re coming up short on it. If you’re not doing those things, you got to get doing it. If you aren’t got the money now, you figure out a way to get the money. With Junk Removal Authority on our expansion right now, I can tell you we’re putting a lot of money in it. We’re getting some customers now. We’ve worked with about six different people throughout the country on different projects, sold a few business packages, got more people coming online. Today we just picked up the keys on a big office space in apex. We are putting about $25,000 plus in a new website. We’re hiring people that we don’t have the revenue to currently pay, but we’re going to have to come out of our own pockets and make an investment. You all need to be doing the same.

What is your ideal scene? What is your ideal picture? You need to get your stuff straight where you can meet that ideal scene. If you do anything short of that, you’re not being fair to yourself, you’re not being fair to your family. Let’s get it done, guys. 919-466-9322, Talk to everybody real soon.