Probably the most excited I’ve been in a long time... and that’s saying something! This could literally change junk removal business owners lives!

Hey guys! How’s everybody doing this evening? Everybody doing great. I’m just sitting back on the couch right now doing a little reading. This book is called “Traction.” It is a real high-level stuff. I’ve read it before. At that time, I just kind of skimmed through it. I didn’t pay too close attention to it because I couldn’t really apply what was going on. Now, I’m going through pen and paper. I’m going through all these exercises in the book. It’s a great book. Traction, I highly recommend it. You read it when you have the time. Thirty minutes to an hour every night, I try and take the time to read or go through some sort of training. I’m always trying to learn and improve what we’ve got going on.


I’ve got to talk tonight about something that I haven’t been. There’s very little I’ve been this excited about in a long time since I’ve been in business. That is an announcement we made last night for the Junk Removal Authority pay per job income generation platform. That is us putting our money where our mouth is. I’ve been last 3 to 4 months, I’ve always harped on and talked about that you got to be on Google. You got to be on AdWords. You got to be doing SEO. We’ve offered AdWords and SCO services. We’ve gotten some clients for it. However, a lot of people did not move forward because the risk was on them. We’ve taken the risk out of it. I got all of our entire team together and said, “Here’s what I’m thinking. Let’s figure out a way that we can get rid of the risk. Let’s have them pay us for results.”


The JRA pay per job income generation program was created out of that meeting. So, you pay one flat rate. Right now, on average throughout the US, it’s $100 per book job. That can be adjusted depending on the expenses we have. What we do is we book the job for you our call center books it. How do we get those jobs? We’re running an AdWords campaign in your market. We’re running search engine optimization in your market. We’re aiming to appear on maps in your market and it’s your business name. Let’s say you’re 123 Junk Removal out of Spokane, Washington. It’s a made-up company. I think if there is a 123 Junk Removal in Spokane, I’m giving you a free vlog. 123 Junk Removal in Spokane, Washington.


What we’re going to do is we’re going to roll out a Junk Doctors page. The reason we use Junk Doctors page and not your page and Junk Removal Authority page is the Junk Doctors page has been around for over 6 years now. It’s got a lot of experience. It’s got a lot of trust in the eyes of Google. What we do is we take our AdWords campaign. We apply it to that Junk Doctors page that has all your information on it. The page is a page but it’s a subsite of the regular site. If they land on that landing page, they’re not going to be able to get anywhere throughout the Junk Doctors site. It’s only stuff for 123 Junk Removal in Spokane.


It’s a great good professional looking site. Your name is mentioned in the content. It’s got a good professional video that we shot. Won’t mention any name in the video, but it’s a great professional video. Customers won’t even notice the name isn’t even in there. It’s just an awesome video. It’s got online booking, so they can schedule online. The phone number listed is going to be a local area code, but it’s going to ring all our call center. So, we’re actually going to book all the jobs. Whereas HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack and stuff like that. All they do is they send you leads and they charge you for leads. Thumbtack is a little bit different but HomeAdvisor charges for leads. You’ve got to pick up the phone. You got to call these people half of the time they will answer. Half of the time they’re not interested or a lot of times they didn’t think they were submitting their information. They thought they were just looking for a company. They’re getting blown up by 6 or 7 companies out there. You got to be hungry on HomeAdvisor. HomeAdvisor is a pain. This right here takes all that out. It takes all the administrative workout. It removes all risk. It puts it on us to make sure all the risk is on us. We have to have an ad that people will click on. We’ve got to have the campaign set up. We’re not going to get wasted ad spend. We’ve got to have a site that’s going to convert. So, we’re always going to be trying to improve that site because the better converts, the more money we make and the more money you make. The more money, more jobs you get.


We got to have a call center person that can answer that phone right. They’re going to be trained and they’re going to be supervised to make sure that they’re not the wrong person in the country. In the world, that’s going to book junk removal job beating that JRA call center, because our reputation is on the line. Our bank accounts are on the line. The risk is own us. You pay $100 per job on average throughout the country. We’re going to start you at $100. We will monitor our expenses and see if it’s kind of moved from there. At a$100 per job, it is profitable. It is profitable for you. If you’re on the truck, it is very profitable. It’s extremely profitable and a lot of volume if you’re on the truck. If you’re off the truck, very profitable. Lot more volume in something that can easily scale.


Remember every Google job you get, you market that customer. I’m going to tell you right now, you take that customer we brought you and you all hit them up. You all give them a follow up call. We’re going to get reviews. Get them a follow up call. Make sure everything was going well. Send them a postcard every six months.  Say, “Hey, appreciate your business.” Anniversary card from their junk removal, junk removal anniversary card. Send them an email and get them an email campaign. Hit up that customer, make them yours. Make it where you don’t have to pay us again for that next time around. We’re going to bring you the business though. We’re going to take risk out of it. I’m super excited to be able to bring this to you. I think this right here is going to change the junk removal landscape and that is the reason we created Junk Removal Authority. It is to take the risk out. It scared me the money we’re spending on AdWords. It would scare me in JRA, we charge $1,500 a month. That’s what we were doing.  We still do it if you want it on your own page. $1,500 a month for AdWords, but you don’t have guaranteed success. We’re going to stand behind a product, but you still don’t have guaranteed success. You pay that up front and you don’t have for sure getting jobs. You still got to pay google. We’re paying Google. We are taking the risk out of it. We’re going to work for you. We’re going to research for you. We are making sure that we don’t get paid. We don’t make a profit if we don’t work hard and do a great job. I’m super ecstatic to bring this to everybody.


Please go to the website. The new site will be out in two weeks. If you go to click on products, go to pay per job. That’s going to be kind of how the new site looks when you get to that pay per job. Look at the product. If you like it, scroll down to the bottom into contact form. Put in information then submit it. I will personally pick the phone up and give you a call. You and I will talk. We’re going to figure out if you’re fit for the program. We’re not taking everybody. We need you to have insurance guys. You got to have insurance. We need you to have a professional vehicle. I don’t care if it’s a dump truck or pickup truck and trailer combination. It needs to be a good-looking vehicle.


You need to have some company graphics on it. If you don’t have company graphics and insurance, go get it because it’s going to bring you so much work. You going to be able to pay for that and you can level up here. We’re going to help you level up. Get you a lot of extra business and really help you blow your business up. If I rambled on here, I apologize guys. I’m so excited to have this program. I’m so excited to be able to bring it to people. I’m so excited to be able to fundamentally change the way people do junk removal. Call us at +1 919-466-9322. Go to and check out the pay per job program. We’re going to help you blow your business up at the second half of 2018. Thanks guys!