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What’s up, guys! I hope everybody is having a great day today. It’s Saturday right before Easter, a day before Easter. My wife’s down in Atlanta, so I’m getting out, well it’s just about 10:00 so it’s not necessarily too late for me. I’ve been playing with my dog this morning. I got an Australian Shepherd, I have to keep that little dude exercised when she’s out of town. It’s up to me. They said they need 2 hours and exercising with Australian Shepherd. Anyway, we get about a half hour in this morning. I’m heading towards the office, I got some family stuff on about noon, so I get about two hours for the work I will try and knock out this morning. Just a few things to do, and then I’m going to be working again later today again.


I’ve talked about this in the past, if you want to be successful in anything – Junk Removal Business, whatever business you got going on – it’s a seven day a week thing. Seven days a week. It doesn’t mean you have to be working an 8-hour day, or 10-hour day, or 12-hour day or 15 hour a day seven day a week, but it means you need to be doing something on your business seven days a week. Make your schedule work for you, so don’t think that “Hey, I need to take Sunday of”. Well let’s say you’re like in my case I work all day on Sunday. I work just as much on Sunday as I would any other day of the week, because my wife works all day Sunday. Maybe there’s a day during the week that you cut a little bit short, because she’s got a day and her schedule is kind of weird. Well typically what we do instead of taking a day is that I go in a bit later, and then I work a bit later, and then I work on Sundays. I just kind of adjust my schedule to hers, because mine’s adjustable. That’s the position you to get, you need to make your schedule work for you. When you’re a business, there’s not set times that you have to work between this time and this time. At least that’s the goal you need to get to. Always make it a seven day a week thing. If it’s a goal worth achieving, it’s worth working on it every single day. Even when you’re on vacation, do something towards the success of your business. When you’re on vacation, maybe that’s the time that you think higher level. You think, where do I want to take this business, what kind of strategies, how can I reach more people, how am I going to let more people know about my business, what do I need to do to improve the service that I’m doing. When I’m on vacation, that’s mostly what I’m thinking about. I really accomplish more good thoughts on vacation than the other time.


Being successful is a 365 day a year deal, seven days every week, but you got to work on every area of your life, so don’t focus just on work. Work is number one for me, then my relationship, then my spiritual relationship with God or whatever, and then my physical appearance and health. That’s kind of the order of my life. My wife understands that and because of my work we’re able to accommodate all those other three things as well. Always build your business so it runs without you and build it so you can make the schedule fit your life.


I’ll have another video up later today. We will not have a Junk Removal Made Simple episode until next week, but I hope everybody who haven’t had a chance to watch the one last night, it was a quick one it’s 15 minutes, and I thought it was 15 minutes of great information. We will elaborate more on customer acquisition. Those are the five areas we’re going to work with you mostly on if you use Junk Removal Authority for Customer Acquisition Management. There’s other ways of acquiring customers, and we’ll touch on that a bit more. We did some of that in our advertising section, or advertising clip, so if you want more elaboration before we do another video, take a look at the advertising and marketing Junk Removal Made Simple episode. Everybody has a wonderful Easter, we will talk to you soon.