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What’s up guys? It’s about 11:45 on a Friday night. Going out watching the Duke-Carolina game. I still haven’t seen the end of it. It’s about a minute left and Carolina’s is ahead of Duke. Get ready to record another episode of Junk Removal Made Simple. I just had a thought and I won’t say it’s an original thought but it’s close to original thought.


My wife just bought a Jeep. It’s an expensive and brand-new. It was a $45,000 purchase. The payment on it will be 600 bucks a month or something like that. A lot of people on finance stuff, they suggest that you probably shouldn’t buy a new vehicle. Dave Ramsey said that you probably shouldn’t buy a vehicle. I like Dave, don’t get me wrong. Dave is pretty good for 90% of America. If you want to be part of that 10% that are truly excels, I think a lot of times stay in broke is a good thing.


Going and spend money on a jeep isn’t necessarily what I mean because that’s a depreciable asset. The minute we bought that brand new Jeep, it’s already lost value. It will continue to lose value over time. That’s not entirely what I’m talking about but it’s a good example. Own a jeep like that makes you feel good about yourself. It validates the work you’ve been doing to get a new vehicle. That’s like dressing nice like I was talking about that it validates.


When I bought a F-150 pickup truck, I went from 1991 Chevy pickup to a 2016 F-150 lariat edition. Leather, heated and cooled seats, navigation all the bells and whistles. It validated the hard work I’d been put in. It made me feel proud of myself. When you’re riding around in 1991 Chevrolet 6-cylinder 2-wheel drive single cab pickup truck. Like I was in, I drove for years. That didn’t make you feel really good about yourself. The other thing is when you get a little scared about that payment. You get scared about that extra $600 payment. That won’t necessarily scare me on Junk Doctors because this is personal funds. You know what I mean. This is not from business, this is personal funds. That scares you a bit. It makes you work harder and work smarter so you can gain that money back. If you get contented and if you aren’t scared, a lot of times that’s going to cause issues. Every time you become contented, you’re about to start having problems. This sounds completely stupid but stay broke. Put your money towards an investment. I would recommend going towards an investment. Another truck to earn more money or maybe invest in scheduling app that you haven’t used before. Invest in JRA and get us to manage your AdWords campaign. Invest in JRA website. Invest in real estate. Invest in stocks. Don’t keep that money in your bank account. The problem with money in a savings account or a checking account is it tends to disappear and it just goes to crap you don’t really need. When you have that sense of security, a lot of times you get contented.


If you keep that money going out, going into investment. To be at your junk removal business or be it something else then you’re going to keep hustling. You’re going to be little scared and desperate. That’s a good thing. I’m getting ready record an episode of Junk Removal Made Simple coming right. This is going to be picking a truck or trailer. What kind of combination? I’m getting ready to record that. I use this little piddly eraser to erase this board. That will be coming up. Those videos take forever to upload so we’ll upload tomorrow. We’ll talk to you soon.