Good evening guys! Good evening! It’s about 6:30 here rolling out of the shop. Headed to the house. Took out about probably 45 minutes of work to do at the house, but I need to go let my dog out. He’s been inside for quite a while, so I’m going to let him out. Get my work finished at the house. Then my wife and I will be going to grab dinner. I’m trying to get a little reading in this evening and then spent a little time watching a movie with her before we get to bed. It’s kind of what I got left on the agenda tonight. Don’t have any JRA calls. Don’t have any JRA calls at night. So, it didn’t schedule any for tonight.

What I want to talk to everybody about, for those of you out there that you’ve been watching these videos. You’ve been researching a junk removal. You’ve been thinking about going out on it and do it on your own, but you’re doing a job where you’re making good money. You’re making $75,000. You’re making $100,000 plus. The way we’re set up on our business packages and the services we offer, we actually welcome absentee owners. A lot of times an absentee owner is somebody that working their junk removal business is not their primary job. What we want you to do is we want you to ultimately be successful. We’re number one, we’re not a franchise. We don’t charge royalties. It doesn’t matter how much money, extra money you bring in. Our services are the same cost. We’re set up for absentee owners because a lot of times you quit your job where you’re making $100,000 plus a year or you’re making $75,000 a year to go off and start a junk removal business.

It’s going to be probably four years. If you do it the JRA way, which is big time growth. Which is a business that doesn’t rely on you. Which is a business that gives you freedom where you’re not on the truck all the time. It’s probably year 4 before you go make $100,000. Year 3 maybe, year 4 probably $100,000. The neat thing is year 4, that amount becomes several hundred thousand that you can make depending on your market. It becomes several hundred thousand profit, take home pay that you can make. So, a lot of you out there, what’s been holding you back is you haven’t been wanting to lose that big income to go for a what you believe to be is not a for sure thing. Which nothing’s ever completely sure and just miss out on that income.

You don’t expect to go into it making $100,000 right off the bat. Not all jobs you can do this, but if you have just a little bit of flexibility. Depending on what times you go in and if you’re willing to go in early. If you’re willing to go into your junk removal business, get all your guys on the road in the morning then in the evening check in. You don’t have to do that every day. If you find one trustworthy guy that can split the week with you or something like that. It can be done absentee. We’re working a company out of New York. He’s not purchased a business package, yet he makes good money somewhere around $100,000 a year. He actually works overnight. His flexibility though, that allows him to have flexibility to get his guys checked in the morning. To just kind of check everything at the end of the day. Making sure they got the trucks cleaned up. Making sure they restocked inventory in the trucks. Making sure everything, all the paperwork and payments were filed away correctly. All that type of stuff he can get done and then he can still sleep. He can actually handle dispatch. Our call center answer calls. Our dispatch can actually handle all job dispatch. Should you choose? Theoretically he funds the money to get the business started. He’s overseeing it. He’s stopping it on jobs when he can. This particular person’s checking in, in the morning. Checking out in the evening when he can, maybe handling dispatch at times. Making sure that the truck stay maintained, making sure inventory stays up and they got all the tools they need. Attending sales calls at times if needed. The majority of our marketing platform is online. You can get additional business. Somebody that can focus on their junk removal business full time is going to make more money than somebody that is running as an absentee, but we can still make it a successful business and investment.

Successful investment for you. We can allow you to go ahead and get in there and get started. Keep your current income and that way you can really be hitting advertising hard. You can be really working on growing a great business. Then year 3 or 4, if you want to retire. If you want to quit your corporate job and then go into work with your junk removal business, you can generally be making as much if not more than what you were making in your corporate job. Unless you’re a CEO of some company making $500,000, a million a year or something like that. You can make $500,000 a year on a junk removal business, but likely at least if you’re going to be in just one market.

If you’re not going to expand into multiple markets. To make $500,000 it’s going to take probably closer 7 to 8 years if you’re in single location or maybe more. In some markets you probably don’t have the potential to make half million dollars. If you’re out there, you’re making $100,000 or $200,000 a year by year 4 or year 5. In there, you would manage that salary. At that point, you go off be your own boss. You’ve already got a business that was running well without you. Then you can get in there, you can focus on sales. You can get to Chamber of Commerce meetings. You can be calling people, realtors. You can be doing home shows. At that point, you can do all the type of stuff you haven’t been doing in the past to try and squeeze every extra penny out.

So, it requires a lot of hard work. You got a full-time job, you’re working 40 to 50 hours a week or whatever. Then you’re going to be working another 15 hours or so, a week as an absentee owner for junk removal. You’re going to be busting it hard, but it’s really going to set you up for a success. It’s something that the franchises aren’t going to do because they make more money when your business grosses more. We’re okay. We don’t care if your business doesn’t gross as much as it possibly could, that doesn’t bother us. We charge a flat rate for our services, just depending on what we’re doing for you. There’s no percentage of gross, so we don’t make more as you make more money. That’s one of the unique things about our business packages. Our business concept and the services we provide

I’m looking forward to continuing to work with everybody.  Please guys, if you are ready to do a junk removal business, remember you don’t have to quit your current job. Call us +1 919-466-9322, we’ll talk about it. Not all jobs are cut out for it. We’re going to be 100% honest with you. We’re going to get details on how much you’re making, how much you’re working, what kind of flexibility you got, what type of work are you doing, and all that sort of deal. We’ll let you know if we think it’s a viable option for you to run an absentee. If it’s not a viable option, we’ll let you know that as well and assist you with the other options you might have to moving forward. Most businesses and jobs, you can run absentee with our assistance because like I said, we can book jobs. We can do dispatch who we just need.

You need somebody that’s able to oversee stuff. Making sure that all this stuff is getting done right. Doing some follow up calls with customers and that sort of deal. Call +1 919-466-9322. Subscribe to our YouTube channel below. That Junk Removal Made Simple episode is uploading. I know it’s a little later today than typical, but it is uploading. I think it’s going to provide a lot of value to people. It should be uploaded in the next couple of hours. So, talk to everybody real soon and you’ll have a wonderful evening. Thanks again.