80 percent of success is just getting to work every day. It’s showing up.

You need to show up everyday guys. You’re not going to make it in your Junk Removal or any business at all in life if you don’t show up every single day. There’s going to be some days that you don’t want to do it and some days that you want to. You to get in there and do a really, really good job. Take advantage of that enthusiasm and just kill it the best you can. The days that you want to be in there is when you need to find out a way to push through. It’s to stay focused on your tasks and keep on going. There’s going to be some times when things are really pushing against you and you’re struggling. Example is when you owe a lot of money and a lot of bill. The bill was a lot higher than you thought it was and you got a customer that’s mad at you. You need to make that call to resolve that customer issue. You might not feel like getting out of the bed that morning and have some problems going on at home. You must address and fix those but you can’t let it distract you from your work either. So, you need to show up every single day. That’s so much a success. Some people act like you need to get out there and be really motivated. Go out there and just light the world on fire every day. You must create something completely new and do something completely different every single day but that’s not what it is. It’s the same thing going on throughout the day.


All your days don’t vary a lot of times. You need to have that consistency and discipline to show up. Work through and address whatever problems or issues you have. Get your stuff on your to-do list. You must have an everyday list of the stuff you need to accomplish. No matter how you feel, change your mood, whatever is going on, and even if there’s a hurricane coming. Go ahead and knock that stuff out. You’re going to show up and take care of your work. You do that every day for 5 or 10 years the you’re going to be successful. You do it every day for three years then your business is going to be tremendously different. Your life is going to be a hell of a lot different than it is now.


If you do it for five years then it’s going to be a lot different from your three years. You do it from 10 years, every single day almost with no exceptions and very often. If once a year you slip up and you don’t show up, it’s probably not going to kill you. If you make it much over once a year then you’re not going to accomplish what you’re going after. It takes discipline over a consistent period of time to make it in business. Most businesses that fail early on likely if they’re stuck with it. They probably would have seen it through. Sometimes it’s good to fail fast if you determine that you have a kind of unique business idea. When you find it not working for some reasons other than time. Maybe it’s time to get out of it. You have sales going on even if it’s costing you more money to get those sales than you anticipated. You’re seeing activity, sales, and demand. Find a way to see it through. The final way to reach more people is to show up every day and you’re going to be successful. I’m Lee Godbold with Junk Removal Authority. You can always call us at 919-617-1975 or check us out at junkra.com. Show’s up guys. Talk to you soon.