Lee talks about the pros and cons on the landfill vs transfer station debate.

Hey guys, what’s going on? What’s going on everybody?  I hope everybody is doing great today. It’s a Sunday just to stop by Shotwell Transfer Station right in the middle of the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. Florence really wasn’t that bad around here. I stopped in the transfer station, make sure they were going to be good to open tomorrow. Like I said, we got just a little bit of wind. We have had a fair amount of rain. Probably seven or eight inches of rain here in the Raleigh area. We’ve had a couple trees down just because we’ve gotten so much rain this year. They get heavy. The ground is soft. Then little bit of wind, trees get toppled out. We have had some damage. I’m sure we will get some storm recovery damage too. When I was over here, I got to thinking about, should you use a landfill or transfer station?


There’s a couple of good reasons to use a transfer station over a landfill. A lot of times your transfer stations are more expensive than your landfills because the stuff has to be transferred. It’s their name to a landfill for disposal. That is one advantage of using the landfill, but that’s about the only advantage. Normally, transfer stations are closer to where your job is at. That’s going to save you a lot of time there. There’s going to be more of them than the landfill. Normally, there’ll be multiple transfer stations for every one landfill. The biggest reason to use a transfer station over a landfill is there’s a lot less nails that you are going to hit. You’re not going to get stuck. Again, it’s closer.


A lot of people don’t realize the number of nails, like a construction debris landfill. You’ll be plugging tires daily. At least weekly, if you’re going into C&D landfill all the time. You’re going to get stuck. That’s worse on maintenance too. All that mud that accumulates up underneath that vehicle. It’s not good. There’s more of a chance of cutting down a transmission line. Like if you’re using an Isuzu truck, there is a cooling line that runs a on the very bottom of your radiator or transmission cooler. That line, there could be a piece of debris sticking up out of the ground. Your truck will run over that debris, it’ll pop that board up. It’ll wedge itself in that transmission line. It will actually cut that line, and drain out all the transmission fluid inside the truck. It’s like a $200 line too. So, you a $200 line to replace. You have transmission fluid that spilled everywhere. You’ve got the potential to screw your transmission up. We’ve never had a problem with it, at least not in the short term. Maybe in the long term we will have. You got the downtime. That’s all a possibility with a construction debris landfill. If it is all possible, use a transfer station.


Sometimes transfer stations are ridiculously priced. Maybe you don’t want to because it’s not worth paying $80 a ton with a one ton minimum. When you go to the landfill and pay $45 a time, and not have a minimum. Otherwise if it’s close, if you’re a $35 in the landfill and you’re 42 in a transfer station like we are then we always try and use the transfer station. The only times we use the landfills, if for some reason we’re in an area where we’re in a hurry. The landfills are closer. We need to just go in and get stuff dumped or it’s because the transfer stations have closed. Our landfill stays open later than our transfer stations on Saturdays. Use transfer stations when you can. You’re going to have a lot less maintenance problems. You’re going to have a lot less nails to plug. You can have a lot less downtime. You’re going to get stuck a lot less in your truck. Talk to everybody real soon!


Hey, we’re doing great here in Florence. I appreciate the messages we got. We got emails, phone calls, and getting responses to YouTube videos. Everything is great here. We are a FEMA contractor. We’re set up with them. We haven’t heard that we’re doing anything yet, but we might. If we have the capacity, we might make our way east. We have to go buy a truck. If it’s worth it, and there’s enough business then will go out and buy a truck. Just so we can keep up with stuff in FEMA. We could rent one, but we’ll see. Hurricane, what it is windy as initially thought. I don’t think it’s done as much damage as initially thought. There are areas like New Bern, North Carolina which is right there on the news forever. It is completely underwater. That area experiences floods with a bad rain. The Neuse river runs over. The problem is the Neuse river is going to continue to rise over the next couple of days. It’s actually going to get worse before it gets better. We might be heading east do some work. If we do, we will create some YouTube videos from down there. Otherwise, we will check in with you next week. I hope everybody is having a great day today. Talk to you soon!