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Alright guys, so in today’s video were going to talk about Search Engine Optimization, SEO. Before roll in to that, I want to reintroduce myself, we’ve had a lot of new subscribers recently. I am Lee Godbold, CEO Junk Removal Authority and co-founder of Junk Doctors and Junk Removal Hauling. We are the Junk Removal Industries premier provider of business services. We offer full Junk Removal Business packages, websites, consulting, a call center pay per job income generation. First of its kind, pay per job income generation, not lead generation but pay per job and more. You can check all that out and learn more about our services on our website, junkra.com or on our new Facebook and Instagram pages. Links to these pages are in the description.


Okay so today, I’m going to give you some of the most valuable information you’ll ever get from your business and it’s all about SEO. If you’re unfamiliar with it, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Their Search Engines results page or SERP is the page you see whenever you search for terms on Google or another search engine. In the Junk Removal Industry, the top three or four results or ads, followed by the max results. Those can be an Ad or organic, then following the maps which are part organic, you’re going to get into the main organic search results. Those are going to be your general google listings. These organic results are the most heavily impacted by good or bad SEO practices. Becoming an SEO expert to maximize your result is a bit like black magic. It’s probably not worth your time to try and achieve that level of mastery for just your own junk removal Business. Still, you should understand the basics of SEO and how it works, this will help you understand what an SEO company does so you can mimic good SEO practices until you can afford to hire a professional Junk Removal SEO company such as us here JRA.


SEO is a lot like sales. You should’ve tried to deceive someone into giving you the results you won’t and not just because it’s dishonest deception that will get you actually hammered on the search engine results page. We’ll dig deeper into the old practices that can get you blacklisted by Google later. Be careful, there are still people out there who recommend these practices. You need to recognize those people and don’t listen to anything they’re saying about SEO. In a nutshell, SEO involves frequent, original content and engagement on your site, coupled with general, good practices you use when building your site. Starting this month, that is July 2018, the single best thing you can do for your SEO is have a secure page. Doing anything else for SEO without first having a secure page is a total waste. The second-best thing for your site is having a fast page load time. Getting quick server, don’t go cheap on web hosting. Make sure your images are compressed and limited size. Host all of your videos on YouTube and link them into your site. Never host videos directly on your website, it is going to slow your page down to where Google penalizes you. These 2 simple principles are the foundation of your SEO, without them, you can’t build a site that’s going to rank well on search engines results pages.


Guys, we’ve got to get social. Create social media pages and link them to your site using icons in the bottom of your website. The big three social media sites are what? You all know what it is, its Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You have to be active on these pages.  Not just to gain new customers directly on social media, but also to help your SEO ranking through additional content creation.  YouTube is another social media site. Most people don’t think it being a social media site but it is another great site that definitely falls under the realm of social media. For the most part, you’ll use YouTube as a hosting platform and then what you’ll do is link it to your other social media pages. Aim to produce one to three videos per week on YouTube. These videos can be extremely simple but they should really show your customers your personality, customers personality, company’s personality and your commitment to quality work. They can be informational such as how do we get rid of an old grill or just vlog style videos about the jobs you’re doing. Be sure to include a link to your website in each of your video descriptions. Google is now weighing social media extremely heavy for determining search ranking. So, guys let’s get social.



Get to blogging, you should ideally make 6 blog posts on your website and 6 off-site post per month. These can be anything remotely related to Junk Removal, Grill Removal, TV removal, recycling, thrift stores, home organization, storage solutions, you name it. Very few people are actually going to read these posts, you’re doing them mostly just for Google search rankings. You’re mainly showing for the Google search spiders they crawl your site. The important thing is you post often and you include images with captions. Some of the best practices for SEO includes page headers on every single page. You’ll need about 2-5% keyword density on average per page. Some good examples of keywords are Junk Removal, Junk Removal in your city such as Junk Removal Raleigh, Junk Removal Sacramento, Junk Removal Denver and so on. Hauling, Junk Hauling including city’s names in those words as well.  Bulky and individual items you remove such as TVs, mattresses, hot tubs. However, it’s important not just to keyword spam, make your content sound natural and fluid.


Years ago, you used to do these NOs that we’re about to cover. Here are some NOs of SEO that we were talking about earlier. Keyword cloaking, this involves showing different content to web crawlers than users. Tricking search engines into ranking your page better. Using hidden keyword. I recently was watching a video from somebody else offering advice on Junk Removal SEO. He talked about doing this, you need to run from any keywords. This is where you write bunch of keyword at the bottom of you page using the same font color as your page background. This renders key word invisible to page visitors. The old practice was that spiders would actually see that content and that would create keyword density throughout the page. Now Google is ever able to recognize that the content is the exact same color of the background and that’s a good way to take an elevator straight to the bottom of the search engine results page.


Fake reviews guys, there are companies you can hire to post fake reviews about your business to boost your numbers. We have recently been working with one of our customer who did that. It’s a huge and very involved process for us to try and correct that mistake. For no reason at all, anybody, company you hire or anybody else post a fake review on Google. You might think there’s no way possible that Google is going to realize what’s going on. Guys, Google knows everything that’s going on, don’t try and pull something over on. Search engines are a lot smarter than they used to be. These tricks are really simple and easy for them to catch. If you do these NOs, Google and other search engines are going to find out and they’re going to blacklist you. This means you aren’t going to rank at all anymore, it’s simply not worth it.


Keep in mind that SEO is a slow long-term process and a huge commitment. You have to post content consistently for months before you’re going to see any results at all. It is a major investment in the future of your business with very limited, short-term performance. Try to manage SEO on your own is likely not worth your time. Our SEO expert can provide this service for you instead. Simply call +1 919-697-1975 or visit junkra.com for details.