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What’s up guys Saturday morning.


I just finished putting up a new blog post on the AdWords Management on


What I’ll talk about right now is selling items. This is something we’ve never done in the past and we’ve probably missed out a bunch of money on it, but there’s a reason we didn’t. One, we should not get the value of stuff. So, you know we had almost the same amount of effort and time into it and we’re having a volume of stuff to really boost the bottom line. I did nothing with selling this for the most part, we are just getting started so I do a little bit of educating the guys on what brings what, what we can scrap and sell what to charge for what sells. And we give all of our guys with a minimum 10% commission. All of or TL team leaders get a minimum of 10% commission on anything we sell and on stuff that brings like $1000 +20% commission.


All were starting out with now, we will be having a building built on this property and we’re shooting for 15,000 square-foot building. We’re going to be selling junk removal stuff will also have offices and then there’s a unique concept that were coming out with. I can’t say anything about it now because nobody else is doing it but there’s going to be a unique concept but once we get up will be talking about a line and then will be around to help you get the same thing set up in your particular market.



So, as we walked in here I’ve got a popcorn machine right here you all know what looks going to sell this thing for the hadn’t really researched it much but it probably is $8000 or something on machine. And we got a bedroom set. That entire bedroom, set it’s a full set but that’s about 1000 bucks you got listed. So, our TL on this, the truck team leader on that’s jobs going to make 200 bucks. He worked 10 hours that day and probably made around after taxes and all, probably 100 bucks. I think he has paid 13 bucks an hour so they probably made 110 bucks something like that off of labor. And he makes $200 on one hit on getting stuff from the job site. This is a nice couch, looks getting cleaned up and it’s a couch and loveseat combination. We got some beds up there not mattresses.  You can sell used mattresses, in the North Carolina each state different, North Carolina is really strict on them what you do is there’s a company where you can send them off to. They heat it up, I think it’s 230° for two hours. It kills off all the dust mites and all the bacteria. You can resell those babies, 170 bucks to $300 depending on the type of mattresses. We’re not doing it yet we’re on the space when we have 15k of building we’re going to be rolling those babies up.


Selling stuff is a good thing to do but don’t let it distract you from your main revenue stream which is Junk Removal. You don’t want to be missing out on jobs, meeting people while you’re selling it and all because selling items is not scalable. Once you get to the volume of Junk Doctors or even a little bit less you know we waited probably a little longer than we should have. But once you get to maybe 3 trucks running consistently maybe four, three or four trucks running consistently. At that point, it’s time to really sell stuff. If you get really high value stuff like yeah, if you get like $1000 bed room set right in there you might want to hold on with that it’s probably worth it, but you know this hundred-dollar popcorn machine, it might not be worth your time. Or this antique chair right here, probably gets hundred bucks for that it may not be worth the time so you have to really value your time. Selling items is a great thing but don’t let it distract from Junk Removal.


All right yes this hit right here, this pod we’ve already sold and collected about $700 worth of stuff and of money this week. The stuff in here, this is just leftover and it’s just stuff we were unable to sell this week and everything in here probably values around 1500 bucks. We’re somewhere around $2300 on selling items out of a damn pod. Our idea until we get our building done is this entire area were going to put it in the concrete pad and then we’re going to back up where this pod is here and we’re going to run for pods all over to the fence there. That’s how we’re going to do it, that’s relatively cheap those pods right there cost us 100 bucks a month each. So, I have four of them at $400 a month, I can pour this concrete pad for about $2500 and a couple weeks everything ‘s paid for. You don’t have to have a really big building to sell stuff in store stuff and get creative by using stuff likes pods.