Get the ball rolling without losing your income from your current job!

What’s going on guys? Hey, I hope everybody doing great today. This is Lee Godbold with Junk Removal Authority. This video right here, kind of like the last one I posted. There’s a lot of you that will probably not watch it in its entirety because it’s really only aimed at just a few different people. Anytime I have thoughts that comes into my head, even if it only applies to just a couple of the people we work with. I want to get it out there and inform everybody of this. Those of you that are currently working a job other than junk removal. You’re interested in getting in the junk removal business but you’re out there that has a job where you’re making $40,000, $50,000, or $100,000 a year.


You’re nervous about quitting that current job because “I missed a lot of money that I’m making.” It’s hard to quit your current job. Go off and start a junk removal business. If you’re making $50,000 a year, it’s probably going take two and a half years before it equals your income, as far as the cashflow. If you’re making $100,000 a year, it’s probably three and a half years before it equals your income. That’s a hard thing to leave.  Here’s a strategy for those of you that are wanting to at least get the ball rolling. It’s something that allows you to budget. You can budget your expenses where you can play in this out. It’s setting you up for when you’re ready to make that leap into junk removal.


You’ve got a head start. That is actually setting up a website and running search engine optimization on that site to gain organic rankings without actually being in business officially. The way that works, if you’d have a site you can hire us to run SEO on your page. Our SEO services costs $1,500 a month. Generally, within six months we’ve got your ranking. We’ve got you getting great traffic. We’ve got you getting business from these organic rankings. What happens is you put that side out there, you run SEO. Once the phone starts ringing, then you begin scheduling jobs when you can in the evenings, weekends, and early in the morning. Whenever you can, even on a lunch break. Wherever you can fit those jobs in, you get them scheduled. Is it an ideal situation? Are you going to miss jobs because you’re not able to answer the phone? Potentially, unless you use us for call center. Even though right now, the only people that are using our call center at the moment, are people that have bought our business packages. However, if anybody wants to do this strategy in order to help you out, we will work out a deal on the call center. It is very cost effective. We’ll probably even be honest with you. Probably going to throw it in for until you start getting significant amount of traffic.


We’re not going to make you pay for it monthly until you start getting traffic from organic rankings. That way we can at least take calls. We can get jobs booked and hopefully you’ll miss out less jobs. If you’ve got another job, you go in. You can’t get to something same day. There might be some customers you miss out, but at least you know that that business is starting to come. At least you have an idea of how much money you’re going to make. At least you’re not leaving your company. Leaving your current job. Paying for Google pay-per-click and getting jobs. Pay-per-click isn’t 100% of the time very profitable. Pay-per-click is part of the snowball. Long-term SEO, is where there are major profits because you don’t have to pay Google.


There’re more people that skip the Ads, and go straight organic. This is a great strategy. You’re just a little nervous. You don’t want to quit your current job because you’re making good money. You want to get the ball rolling. You want to invest and get this thing started. You could walk into a company. All of a sudden if you wait six months or a year, then you’ve got to a page that’s ranking top three or four. The keyword junk removal and junk hauling.


Obviously, none of that can be guaranteed. It’s dependent on the market competition. Generally, that’s what we found. It is the case. You’ve got keywords for hot tub removal, shed demolition, junk removal, junk hauling, garage cleanout, and hoarding clean out. All of a sudden, these pages are ranking very well. You’ve got great business coming in. You can leave that job. Should you choose at that point? If you choose to leave your current job where you’re making good money and work your junk removal business. Instead of two years before you recover that $50,000. You equal your $50,000 a year income. Instead of four years until you get $100,000 a year income. All of a sudden you cut a year or two out of that. You might come in.


If you’re making $50,000 a year, you quit your $50,000 a year job and in six months you are equal in that income. That’s a big time! You’re in a pay-per-click advertising at that point too. That’s going to start bringing in that revenue stream once you quit your job and go full time. You just remove time from the equation. You get the ball rolling. You get started. You get excited. You got a website that you can send to people that you meet out like friends, family members, and referral business. You get a Facebook page set up. You’re getting the ball roll and you’re getting started without losing your current income. Great Strategy for those of you that are nervous about jumping in. You get started. You get the ball rolling and then you remove time from the equation once you quit your current job to reach the same amount of money, you’re making with junk removal. We’re always happy to help, You can shorten it for those of you like me that time is money. Shorten it to Call us at 919-617-1975. Lee Godbold with Junk Removal Authority. Once again, we will be back before you know it.