You should invest in your business until it starts puking money back out at you. Anything less is falling short of your potential.

What’s up, guys? How’s everybody doing today? I’m in front of the new Junk Removal Authority office in Apex – a whopping 3 minutes from my house. That’s what you call making your work for your life, getting everything set right. This is just another example right here of investing in your business, and how important that is, and something that we are 100% in right now with Junk Removal Authority. You don’t want to do that until you’ve tested the waters, until you’ve proven out a concept that what you’re going to do is going to be profitable. You don’t want to sink a bunch of money in something before you have proven that you can be able to make money. We’ve got a few pays per job customers, we got a few AdWords customers. We’re managing AdWords now for three companies. We’ve just added our third pay per job company. We got some stuff that’s going to be an additional option for pay per job coming up. It’s not going to be as high volume, but it should bring down the cost per job until you all realize that the more you can charge these customers, you can make money at a $100 per job and get a lot more volume. Pay per job will allow some of you that want to get off the truck, the opportunity to get off the truck. If you do the $100 a job, depending on your market, it’s going to add at least 30 jobs per month. Some people could see 50, or 60 plus jobs added per month. Profit should add around to your bottom line, around $3,000 dollars to your bottom line per month. This is an additional $36,000 to $40,000 profit. I’m happy to show anybody who’s got any questions about it.


Back to the office. We’re in reinvestment mode. I suggest each and every one of you all listen to Grant Cardone. He’s a super motivational, super successful guy. He really helps you rethink your money. He’s been instrumental in some of the success, or a lot of the success we’ve had over the past year. I’m telling, you we had a very steady growth for the first five years or so we were in operation this past year. It’s just been jacked up sky high. He had a saying the other day, and I thought that it was pretty cool. It was feed your business until it pukes. All of the money you could possibly invest back into your business, you invest back in it. You feed that beast until it pukes, and then at that point, if it’s puking money and you can’t feed anymore because every time you feed it and it pukes, then you look into investments at that point. But up until then, you don’t get in the stock market – I don’t think you should go to stock market anyway -, you don’t invest in real estate, you don’t invest in some other business side venture unless it complements your current business. Then, once that baby starts puking, once you start keep feeding it and it keeps puking it right back out, you start investing in other avenues. I thought that was a great thing. That’s what we do in that office there. That’s going to be $2,500 a month with the rent on that space. It will likely last just about a year. We can get about 20 people in there, and I anticipate between call center reps, and these guy that I still don’t know what to call, but right now it’s just me. Basically, when somebody buys a business package – and we sold a bunch of business packages now. You got to walk these people through, you got to walk everybody through it. Our business package is constantly improving. It’s going to get to the point where we’re going to handle pretty much everything that doesn’t require a signature from the business owner, and if it requires signature from the business owner, we’re going to get it all filled in and they just have to sign it. It’s going to be turnkey.


We sold two of those packages for $15,000 each. We’re done selling them at $15,000. The price on the business package now is $30,000, and it will soon go to $45,000. I can tell you that at $30,000, it is still about discounted from probably $70,000. This ought to be a $100,000, because that’s how much knowledge, expertise, and training that you get. Just the operations manuals, and the training ought to the $100,000. Then, we’re throwing in a website, we’re throwing in the logo design, we’re throwing in somebody that walks you all the way through the process. You’re getting a tremendous amount for that price. What we are going to do is we’ll take all that money that Junk Removal Authority makes, and it’s going to be reinvested right back into the business. The new website is closed. It is closed for a week to two weeks out. We’ve got about $25,000 in that site once it goes live. That’s what we’ve spent, and we’re going to keep dumping money right back into that baby. We are going to be looking for guest writer. We will allow you to link back to your site, so you can get some good search engine optimization going on right there. We are looking for guest writers, people that are going to want to write an article weekly, or monthly about running a junk removal business. You’ve got to get approved. I can’t be out there and watch these videos all the time. A and J’s junk removal, we’d love to see you write in an article, because you’ve got a different perspective than I do. You’re on the truck right now, you’ve got the pickup truck stuff going. We’d like to hear your perspective. You got a great professional pickup truck. That would be somebody we’d really be interested in writing an article.


We’re going to go around the country, we’ve got this – I don’t know what we’re going to call it yet, but basically, we’re going to go around America and interview junk removal business owners. That’s going to be a little TV show type episode on YouTube. It’ll be about 20 to 30 minutes long. We’re going to go all across the country. We’ll figure out why did entrepreneurs get into the junk removal business, what do they like about it, dislike about it. What about them? What kind of people are they, what are the people that make up the junk removal world? That’s the kind of stuff we’re going to be doing. Serious investments there, we get air travel all the way, well we got a plane, but we’re still going to pay for maintenance on the plane. We still got to pay for fuel on the plane. We got hotel expenses, we got rental car expenses, and we’ll have about three people with me shoot that baby. We’ve already hired a marketing director, we’re looking to hire another content creator now, so we’re going to be sinking money into this. Bringing everybody great free information. Bring about some entertainment. Most of the stuff right now, I wouldn’t call it entertainment. It’s very informational, I think it’s valuable information, and it seems like a lot of other people do as well. We’re going to be bringing entertainment. We’re going to be getting you on our trucks so you can see some of our trucks. We got some entertaining guys on our trucks, let me tell you that. We got Kitty and Kyle – they’re redheaded twins from Wisconsin. Absolute crazy individuals do great work and work hard. We’ll let you see how they operate their truck. We’re just so excited to just bring you about and see who gets into junk removal, why they got into it. How long do they think about getting into business before they made the plunge to go into work for themselves? I think that’s going to be really educational too, in addition to being entertaining. There’s people out there just like you. Those of you that have been thinking about quitting your job, getting into the mobile business, buying a franchise which you no longer have to because you got a business package now. You don’t have to handcuff yourself to a franchise. You’re going to be able to see people that have done it. People that are living their dream. I’m excited to bring that to you. We’re going to keep every single dime Junk Removal Authority makes for the foreseeable future. It is going to be fed right back into that baby until it pukes.


I’m just excited because the amount of information, entertainment, and valuable services that we haven’t even created yet, that we haven’t even thought about yet are going to be coming out. You all are the ones who are going to benefit, because it’s going to be great. Everything we’re going to do is going to be keeping the junk removal business owner in mind. Pay per job for example, every other lead generation service out there – we call this job generation, or income generation – every single other lead generation service out there is geared to the consumer. Home Advisor worries the flipping hell out of you all the time. Your phones ringing, and you’ve got a home adviser rep on the line trying to connect you to this individual, then you get connected and nobody’s there. They charge you per lead, not per job. They try and book a job for you, but they don’t sync up to your calendar. It’s all about the consumer. It’s all about them. Yes, the consumer is important, but you’ve got to make it easy on the business owners too. That’s what we’ve done. We book the jobs for you, all you do is you get the job on your calendar. We give you an interactive calendar, we give you a website that you can use throughout that process for the jobs in advanced. I say it’s $100, but it’s not actually $100, instead it’s $90. We call it $100 because we allow you one cancellation for every 10 jobs, so it’s a 10% reduction, so it’s really 90 per job. You prepay for the five jobs, you pay $450 up front. Your first $450 you do, that gets your website, and that gets you your first five jobs. You don’t pay anything until those five jobs are done. For any reason you’re not happy with anything, we will make it right. If we have to refund you all the money, we’ll say “Here’s your money back, now leave us the hell alone. We’re not going to give you any more jobs if you take your five jobs and you get your money back.” We’ll give you your money back if you have to. If something isn’t going right with these very small jobs, we will work with you on price. Now there isn’t much room we can go down on a consistent period of time, but when you first get going if you are five small jobs, which could happen, we’ll work with you. Satisfaction guaranteed on this program. I’m telling you, it’s risk free. Absolutely risk free. I’ve been a junk removal business owner for six and a half, going on seven years now. I’ve been jacked around, beaten up on advertising constantly. I’ve had sales reps call me saying they’ve got the greatest thing in the world, we tried it out, and it’s a bunch of trash. I’ve had people that make us commit for 6 months, or a year to some type of advertising that brings us almost no money. That’s not happening here. No commitment, only upfront costs that you prepay for the five jobs. We got to pay AdWords on as many of the cities as we are going, and we’re about to add. There’s just no way that we can pay in arrears, otherwise we would do that. So, five jobs upfront for $450 gets you started. We got another announcement coming up about PPJ, so you have to stay tuned because it’s going to make those of you all along the fence a little scared. It’s going to make a little easier for you to get in and jump in on the PPJ. I’m telling you, if you are not doing AdWords, if you aren’t doing SEO, this is your answer. Pay per job Junk Removal Authority takes on all the risk, you just get the income. That’s all there is to it.

You all keep investing in your business. Right now, is the time for you to do that, right now is when you are making money hand over fist. In Junk Doctors we will do six jobs a day per job truck, so you know we’re jacking off 25, 30 jobs a day. You all are out there on the truck, you’re getting three, four, five jobs a day, but you make damn good money, because you own the truck. You get great margins because you own the truck. Our margins are less, so we got to make it up for in volume, but our margins are less. You all that are on the truck right now, keep that money earmarked. Save it until you got enough to go out there make truck improvements, buy another truck, hire somebody, invest in a new website. We have websites now for $350 a month, no upfront cost. Full websites – you can do a $350 a month, or you can buy them outright for $5,000. Keep investing in your business. The more you invest in your business, the more it’s going to grow, the more valuable it becomes, the more freedom you will get long term, and eventually you’ll start feeding that business and all it’s doing is puking out money. All it does is puke it back out at you. Take that money, and you make investments.


You make investments that make you money long term, that are not passive necessarily, because I don’t like any investment that is truly passive, and then once you get that passive income coming in, you’ve got your working income coming in, and you get your passive income coming in, then you build a third flow, and before you know it, you’ll be a multimillionaire. Just rock and roll, and in the end, you’ll be able to give like you’ve never give before, and you’ll be able to support your family like you’ve never supported them before. You’ll be able to travel, you’ll be able to buy things which you’ve been holding off on. Get your boat, get you an airplane, but it’s not going to happen unless you invest in your business. Set a massive targeted goal for your income. Make it 2, 3, 5, 10 times what I’m currently making now. That’ll make you realize there’s no possible way you can achieve that goal at your current level. You’re going to have to make investments, you’re going to hire people, you might have to move into another office like we just did. That office probably will only last us a year. What we plan on doing is built in a great, big, humongous building much larger than we can fill next year. Rent it out for a couple of years until we filled it up with hundreds and hundreds of people. That’s how we’re thinking, we’re going be investing into that baby until it pukes. I want to see you all invest in your business until it pukes.


If you need our help, we can be reached at 919-466-9322. Visit the old, the archaic, the antique before that awesome new site comes out here in a couple of weeks. Again, we’re looking for guest writers, were looking for people to post guest videos, we are looking for any type of free information we can provide on our website. We will link back to your site to help provide SEO. Now if you search on many parts of the country junk removal franchise, it is coming up on the first page of Google. Bottom, but the first page in only three months in. Not all markets, but a lot of markets throughout the country – Raleigh, Nashville. I know it’s appearing there as we just looked recently, so it’s going to be very high traffic site. It’s going to be a valuable site. If Google sees your link on that site, back to your site, it can help you out on your SEO. All you have to do is just write an article, and I don’t care enough it’s monthly, if it’s weekly monthly, or quarterly. Not everybody’s accepted. We’re going to take a couple of people that are currently on the truck. We’re going take a lot of people that are off the truck, and talk about how they built their business up, what’s important to them. Get some scrap metal guys There’s a lot of people that know a lot more about scrap metal than others. Metal recycling guys, all those type people who we’re looking for as guest writers on the new site which will be coming out soon. We’ll let you know when it’s out. I want to see people puking out there, I want to see your businesses puking out there. Keep investing back in until it spits out money, until it’s got you drown in money, and you invest that stuff. Before you know it, you’ll be making more money than you could spend. Talk to everybody soon, guys. Thanks.