Good afternoon everybody. Hope everybody’s doing great. I’m in the crew car at Concord Regional Airport. This thing’s pretty nice. I’m only some sort of forward for the escape, I believe. Got $4,000 a month. It’s nice. A nice little ride. He’s got a little, not, it’s not, doesn’t have a whole lot of power, but it’s comfortable. You got a great turning radius. They provide these cars, you know, in airports when you buy fuel, you use these crew car. So when I fly into an airport, I use this thing to, to jump around. Hey, it’s my anniversary today. Wish my wife a very happy anniversary. Hell, I don’t think she watches these videos all that often anyway, but uh, we are going to super nice restaurant in the night. Angus Barn. I’m in Charlotte now and we’ll hop in the airplane and get back to Raleigh for 45 right now.

I’m supposed to be home at 5:30. I should make it be pushing it, but I should make it, um, it before I’m working on my anniversary. I always work on my own or university. I worked, you know, we’ll do some work all the time, stay productive state, moving towards our goal and uh, and, and um, so, but it used to be, I tell her, you know, if I get off in time, we’ll go somewhere nice. Uh, if I’m on the truck and I don’t get off in time or I got something going on, you know, I got to be able to answer the phones, whatever it might be, Mcdonald’s, but, uh, we’ll do someone or anniversary, you know, uh, we’ll get a little something to eat and, and go home and take care of that part. But, uh, the fun part, um, but, uh, you know, now, uh, with, with what I got going on now it, uh, you know, I got freedom, you know, I can, I can, I can do that.

I can devote a however much time I got to do whatever, whatever I need to do. And, and some of your, some people say they have freedom when they’re a single truck operator, but they might miss out on jobs to make that happen. And sometimes they, you know, they, they, they won’t make that event, you know, you don’t want to miss you anniversary at night, so you better, uh, you better not do the job. Um, for, for a lot of people. Anyway, I told her before, you know, give me a few years, we’ll get this thing, get this thing where, uh, where it will happen, happen again. But build a business for freedom guys. That’s what you’re shooting for. That’s the reason you went in business for yourself, is to have freedom in a, you know, just, uh, working on the truck by yourself all the time.

Long term is not, it’s not a good strategy. Short term. Hell yeah, you know, you ain’t got the money and got the capital to hire people right off the bat. Get on that truck, take advantage of that cash flow. Keep reinvesting it into advertising, getting known more trucks that sorta deal before you know it, you have a business that you got a lot of freedom and a can go can do what you want, when you want, with who you want and where you want. Anytime. So that’s the American dream, right? That and there guys, that’s freedom. That’s this entrepreneurial dream, small business dream, and eventually a big business. Uh, you know, that’s the dream right there. Don’t get some misguided idea in your head that all there is in junk removal is to stay on the truck all the time. There’s more than that. Now, if you believe that’s all there is, that’s all you’re going to get. If you believe there’s more, you’re going to achieve more. So anyway, it just pulled up at the airport. I got to get the hell off because I got to get home for anniversary. Make try and make this whole time. I’ve got 45 minutes to go from Charlotte and Raleigh plus getting into planes and we got to make pretty good time. We’ll talk to you all soon. Have a good one.