Just overheard one of our JRA call center reps doing a phone call perfectly. This customer was ready to hang up and shop around. Instead my rep asked an important question and scheduled the job. Check it out!

Good afternoon everybody. I hope everybody’s doing excellent today. This is going to be a real quick video. It’s something that just occurred a little while ago that I want to touch on because it’s so important.


When somebody buys a business package from us, and they come and they train here in North Carolina and Apex North Carolina routes out of Raleigh, we spend four hours of that time training them on the phone. Four hours in person training on the phone. We spend even more time than that, a couple more hours, virtually doing mock phone calls, mock situations, covering questions customers might have, covering everything that they could possibly encounter on the telephone. That is one of the most critical things for the success of your business. Most people wouldn’t even think about it. This situation that just occurred is exactly what I’m talking about. We had a customer call us and needed a job done today in Charlotte. We’re down a truck in Charlotte for maintenance reasons, I’m headed to Charlotte tomorrow morning, fly down to Charlotte tomorrow morning, I’ve got the part we needed to change out, but we didn’t have the part down there. We had to had to get it today. We weren’t able to run that truck today, so we were down a truck. What we wound up doing, we couldn’t do that job today because we were down that truck, so we had a call center rep say – and he did this perfectly, nailed this thing, I heard him, and I was I was proud of the boy – the customer said “Well I’m going to check around to see if anybody can get to it today.” Like clockwork he did exactly what he said and he said “Hey, would you like to go ahead and make sure you get a spot for Monday. We only have like 1 slot remaining Monday. You want to go make sure you get a spot by scheduling that?” She said yes, and our guy says “Listen, it’s free cancellation, no charge, just give us a call back if you need to cancel, the slot I have is an 8 to 10 first thing Monday morning, so we can get in there when get your stuff done. You want to take that 8 to 10?” Booked her up, everything is schedule.

Now, could she call us back and cancel? Yeah, maybe she might, but chances are, I’ve seen it time and time again, she might continue searching for somebody today, or she might not. Also, it’s highly unlikely she’s going to find anybody to do the job this afternoon, this late in the game. It’s very highly unlikely. If she does, we lose the job, but if not, he nailed that. What would have happened otherwise – this is a customer who never used us before. She’s from out of town from Miami – the last person she was going to talk with she’d have a book with most likely. She said well forget it, I got to get them Monday If they had openings Monday, she would have scheduled them. She could cancel with us, but we highly doubt that at this point. I’d say there’s a 70% probability we get that job. He absolutely nailed that phone call. That’s exactly what you got to do. That’s the reason the phone is so freaking expensive. We worked with a guy, one of our customers, we worked with him – he was already in business, this particular guy wasn’t a business package customer, he was already in business – we worked with him for probably about an hour on phone skills, and his booking percentage went through the roof. The way he was handling phone calls was incorrect, he was missing out on business. Perfecting the phone call, you can’t put a value on it. You cannot put a value in perfecting the phone call.


We’re happy to help you out. You can e-mail us at [email protected] or call 919-466-9322. Consulting is $150 an hour with me. A few hours will get you a lot better on those phones. If you do two hours of consulting and pay $300, just converting two customers is paid for itself, and you can convert a lot more than that. There’s no value whatsoever. I’m proud of my guys. Always ask for the close, ask for the sale. If somebody says I’m going to check my spouse, my husband, or my wife you would say “Oh for sure. We completely understand something you’ve got to do. However, would you like to go ahead and reserve a spot. Let’s make sure you get on the calendar, because the spots are limited. If for any reason you need to cancel, reschedule, or whatever we can do that.” You want to go get an appointment scheduled, and it’s amazing. Over half the time they schedule. Ask for the employment, lock that deal down, guys, lock it down. We’re happy to help at Junk Removal Authority. 919-466-9322. Thanks guys.