JRAs flag ship location, Junk Doctors shows payroll numbers for these past two weeks

What’s up guys. I hope everybody is doing great today. Hey, quick little tidbit right here is payroll day today. It’s when we process payroll. We get paid more. I want to show everybody this number right here just to make everybody believe it’s possible. It’s possible for you to get off the truck and for it to be multiple people. Lots of people other than just you out there doing the jobs. Those of you are thinking small. I’m trying to get you thinking big. Am I bragging? Yes, I might be bragging a little bit, but this is mainly to show everybody. This is possible. Look at this right here. Got $27,470.57 in payroll. I can’t disclose the names, blotted out. We got 28 people. We got 28 employees. We’ve got $27,470.57 spent on payroll. How do you get to a $27,470.57 in payroll or how do you get into easily paying for them? You got to be able to pay for it. You got to help people. Everything in business is about helping people. Help as many people as you possibly can.

How do you help enough people to make a $$27,470.57 payroll? You got to reach enough people. In order to reach people, you got to be doing advertising and marketing. You’ve got to be doing sales. The main thing is advertising. The main thing is Google. You’ve got to be on Google AdWords. I have a bunch of video out there saying that’s important. Those of you skipping AdWords. It makes it all easier for companies like Junk Doctors. Guys like me and my business partner to come into your market. You’ll get your business, you’ll get your business off Craigslist. You’ll have your repeat customers and all that kind of stuff, but we’re going to come in there and just kill it on Google. We’re not going to profit a whole lot of money that 1st year, but maybe that 1st, 3rd, 4th year on is going to be impressive. A lot of times you got to put off a little bit of short-term gains that very first year. The JRA way, as you’re putting off your gains a little bit in that first year. Second year was pretty good. Then your third year on, it is more money than you’ve ever seen in your whole life. Most of you, not all of you have said before. Some of you all with your corporate jobs. We got some major players watching some of these videos looking to leave their corporate job, go off and do their own thing. A guy that making $500,000 a year.

Some of them make as much money as I am. Some of them making more money than I am. Those of you out there, single truck haulers on your deal. I want you to aim to get to a $$27,470.57 payroll. I wish his payroll was $270,000 because that means I will be making crazy amounts of money. I want to help everybody to get to that $27,470.57 payroll. That’s the reason JRA here. We’re here to manage your AdWords. We’re here to make sure your AdWords is profitable. Make sure your business is profitable. You got consulting hours with me at $150 an hour. The AdWords management is now $1,500 a month, $1,500 a month for AdWords. Management. It’s going to get your business right off the bat.

We have some neat tools that I’d be happy to provide with you. We also offer Search Engine Optimization. We’re here to help you reach more people. We’re here to make sure that you’re profitable. That you’ve got your expenses right and that you’re managing your business the way you need. If you have any questions at all, reach out to us +1 919-466-9322. I got to cut this check right here for $27,470.57. We’ll follow up with a few more videos later today. We’re going to be talking about debt. We’re going to be Dave Ramsey and knocking on his door. Talking about debt. We’re not going to actually knock on Dave’s door. There is a time and a place for debt. I’m going to tell you how to use it with your junk removal business. How to stay out of trouble, when to use it, and how much to you use. In a quick little episode of trash talk. We’ll do a Junk Removal Made Simple episode on it soon enough. Thanks everybody! Talk to you soon!