I was told one of the franchises requires there trucks to be 5 years old or newer. Your customers don’t know how old your truck is as long as you keep it looking good! Lee shows the painting of one of Junk Doctors’s trucks.

Saturday afternoon here at the shop. We’re painting one of our trucks. We’ve got this truck a few months ago. We’ve been holding off and getting it painted. Just have been so busy. We haven’t keep up. We’re finally getting a sprayed. Got Chris back there doing the spray. We knock up the prep work yesterday. It’s a big job. It took us one day. One day to spray this thing and takes us a day to prep it. Then the final day is the cleanup. Getting all the hardware re-installed. Underneath, we do bed liner, so on the undercarriage we do like a truck bed liner. It’s real durable and it looks good. We do that in black, the yellow doesn’t hold up and it doesn’t look all that great.

Chris is back there. Don’t be telling me. I’m the owner of the company, so I’m sure don’t apply. I’m sitting here freezing in this paint. Chris is doing a good job. He’s on the back right now. You look up on here, it is shiny. A lot better than black. Try and keep your stuff looking good. It doesn’t matter if it is old. This is a 2007 truck right here. I heard something the other day, Junkluggers. Junkluggers, actually makes you have trucks that are 5 years or newer. I didn’t see that from their material. Somebody is looking and comparing a JRA franchise or not franchise. JRA partnership work with us on a business package and a Junkluggers franchise and that was what he had mentioned. 

We run over trucks. We have some newer ones, but we like our old ones. We just keep them in tiptop shape for the role. They’re much cheaper. They get paid off. As long as you keep on the top of the maintenance, normally they’re pretty reasonable. You spend maybe a couple of hundred bucks a month on the average per truck. Which would be a lot cheaper than a payment on a $65,000 truck. We’ll show you the finished product and we’ll talk to you soon. Chris is doing a great job back there. We’ll get out of the finished product here soon. Thanks guys.