I was told one of the franchises requires there trucks to be 5 years old or newer. Your customers don’t know how old your truck is as long as you keep it looking good! Lee shows the painting of one of Junk Doctors’s trucks.

Good Saturday afternoon to you. I’m here at the shop. We’re painting one of our trucks. We’ve got this truck a few months ago. We have been so preoccupied that we have set aside this new acquisition. We’re finally getting it painted. As you can see Chris back there is doing the spray. We did the prep work yesterday. It was an overwhelming task. It took us one day. Then the final day was all spent cleaning it up. We had all the hardware re-installed. Underneath, we do bed liner.  We prefer a truck bed liner underneath. It provides durability and a total makeover.

Chris is doing an awesome job on the back. Now, you can see a bright and shiny vehicle.  Yellow is a better choice than black. Regardless of its age, keep your truck appealing.   Ours here is a 2007 model. I heard the other day of Junkluggers. Someone tried comparing between a JRA franchise and not.  JRA partnership deal works well with us and a Junklugger franchise as mentioned.

We value our old trucks more than our new ones. For as long as you keep those old ones in great shape then you will never go wrong with them. You don’t want to spend a whopping $65,000 for a brand new truck. With constant maintenance check your old trucks can go places. It will be cost-efficient in the long run.  Once we are completely done with this painting project, we will be glad to share with you all the makeover we did. Chris is one great performer in this task. Thank you.