We all know the saying “under commit and over deliver”. It’s bullshit. You should commit and then deliver. Don’t under commit. Tell them what you are gonna do and find a way to make it work. Lee gives an example in this video on how he made it work. Check us out at https://www.junkra.com Subscribe to this channel for all the best junk removal industry info Like and follow us on Facebook at Junk Removal Authority

Good morning guys! I hope everybody is doing great today. I’m doing great so far. Just got a good workout in this morning. I grab breakfast with my wife. A little bit of video editing for a Junk Removal Made Simple episode on starting your business cheap. How to do it? It is going to be covered in that episode. It’s not the best way, but if you’ve got to do it. I’m going to cover how to. I’m at McDonald’s right. I plan to be in this McDonald’s this morning, but had an opportunity to come in. Somebody called me that owns several McDonald’s franchises. They have a store here, they’re doing some renovations. They’ve got a hot water heater. They did even need to move from one location to the next. The boss man hopped down here in the pickup truck, picked up his hot water heater and move it to another location. Our trucks are not set up very well to move good items, especially something like a water heater. It could just roll around.

We’ve gotten a good way to strap and secure it and all that sort of deal. I’m going to load my pickup truck. Easy $100, moving in 5 to 6 miles down the road and then get back on with my day. $100 is a good money. I’m never going to be one to turn down $100. I won’t turn down $10 or $5. Money is money and I always take it. The primary reason that I made this work and I made this happen was because the potential for future business. I heard a guy talked about something that made a whole lot of sense to me. He said, “Over commit and over deliver.” It used to be, people will say under commit and under deliver. It should be over commit and over deliver because if you tell these people you can’t do it, the business is going to go somewhere else.

If they’ve got something you need to do that needs to get done immediately and you find out it’s got to get done now or you’re not going to get the business. Say “Yes sir, I can take care of it. We’ll make it work and find a way.” Those of you are turning away business. You’re not just turning away $100. You’re turning away long-term business. Find a way to make it work. It might take some pre-planning. You might have another hauling company, that’s a little sticky situation. Maybe have another hauling company or maybe have somebody that you know that could do something like this. I try to have a backup plan in place. You might have to go rent a truck and do it yourself. You might have to rent a truck and hire it. I mean there’s no telling, but over commit and over deliver. Make it happen and that is going to be vital to the long-term success of you and your business. Talk to everybody real soon.