Daily routine and checklists are part of the JRA Way. They should be part of how you do business as well.

Hey guys! Hey how’s everybody doing today. It’s 2:15, 2:30 or so right now. We got one truck that’s heading out. This truck has not been painted because we’re using it for pictures to do all these city pages. We need a blank truck so we can actually take everybody’s logo, put on it and don’t have Junk Doctors’ logo. We’ve got one of our team members back there. He’s vacuuming the trucks out every single day or when we have a truck in. That’s one of the things they do. They vacuum the truck. They take arm roll. They hit all the dash. They take glass cleaner to clean everything. They go through their tool boxes and organize all their tools. Make sure all the tools are in there and then they just do a quick little walk through on the truck. Just verifying that there’s no issues that are going to surprise us the next morning of the job.


You should have a checklist. Beginning of the day checklist and in today checklist to make sure your crews are getting everything done. If you’re on the truck, you need a checklist for yourself also to make sure that you guys are set up for success and you’re not going to show up in the morning. Nothing worse than show them in the morning and be missing tools that you need or are having trucks that are just completely disorganized. You got to do it every day. If you don’t do it every day, your guys will get a habit of doing it. Can’t just set stuff for one week when you have multiple people coming in and out. If you have one person assigned to just one truck and if that’s the only person ever drove that truck, you could probably do it less. When you have people rotating through trucks, you got to make sure you do everything daily. If it’s not a daily routine, then it will get forgotten and it won’t get done. Thanks guys!