Lee Godbold with the Junk Removal Authority has run Junk Doctors which does $2 Million a year in sales from a single wide mobile home. He talks about why you need to keep your rent cheap! Check us out at https://www.junkra.com Subscribe to this channel for all the best junk removal industry info Like and follow us on Facebook at Junk Removal Authority Check us out at https://www.junkra.com Subscribe to this channel for all the best junk removal industry info Like and follow us on Facebook at Junk Removal Authority

Hey guys! What’s up? Lee Godbold of Junk Removal Authority doing a quick little tidbit video here. This particular video is about office space. For those of you that watch Junk Removal Made Simple last night, one of the things I mentioned was keep your rent low. That’s something we did. This right here is our current office. It’s a single-wide trailer. That’s the dumpster we put recyclables metal and all in.


We’re kind of able to use this area out in here just to don’t overflow stuff especially on weekends after landfills have closed. We pay $450 dollars a month for this spot. We have another office, we’re getting ready to go into. Because of all the junk removal authority operations, we’ve actually outgrown this spot. When we have prospective entrepreneurs that are looking to partner with JRA is we need to be able to show them. The spot we’re going to show them is in Apex. It is much more professional looking at the same time it’s got more enough space to house our call center. We’ve outgrown this thing. We’re cramming people in here and there’s not a whole lot of space to move. We’ve got a spot in Apex North Carolina that opens up here in about next 2 months that we’ll be moving in.


In the meantime, we’re making do with this. We’re going to pay about $1600 per month plus utilities and everything for that spot in Apex. There is a $1200 difference, but we need that spot whereas here we don’t. One of the reasons we’re moving is with JRA we have the people outside the organization coming and meeting us. Whereas here the only people that really meet us here are people trying to sell us stuff. At that point you don’t really care about your presentation. You don’t have anybody from the general public really coming.


Keep your rates cheap. If you can find a place to put a metal dumpster, that helps out a lot. Then certainly if you can find an area where you can sort things.  That’s hard to come by. This old family friend is the reason we were able to pull this off. Generally, going to be at a storage facility or a flex office type space. Just keep your rent low. Rent is a controllable expense. It might seem that you’ll have some good spring, summer and fall months and you’ll be excited. You might move in to a new spot and sign a 1 to 5-year lease. All of a sudden, you could have a slow winter depending on the weather and all of a sudden that extra $1200 bucks a month you’re paying in rent. Makes things hard to get by. Keep your office cheap. Once you start making money, it’s going to be more tempting. It’s going to be tempting to get into something nicer and makes you feel better. That’s something you should strive for, but at the same time keep it as cheap as long as you can. Again, we’re doing two million dollars a year. Right here, we’ve been in this office for 6 years. So, that’s another tidbit from JRA. As always you can e-mail me questions at [email protected]. Phone number is +1 919-466-9322. We’ll catch you later.