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Junk Removal Authority pay per job income generation platform, not lead generation, but income generation or job generation. We don’t call it lead generation because we book it for you, so you only get charged per job. Some of you all are wondering how in the world can you be profitable when you’re paying $100 for a particular job. Well, the very first thing is you’re paying for a job, not a lead and it’s already on your schedule. Our call center actually books it for you, or they can schedule online through the website.


This right here is a return spreadsheet for the pay per job program. This is all the direct expenses to you doing a job. It already assumes you’re already paying rent, it already assumes you’re already making a truck payment, it already assumes your fixed costs are being paid using some other avenue. This is just what the adding AdWords would do to your expenses, and to your income. This particular one is with you own the truck. You are on the truck with one other team member helping you out. It does not include paying you, so this is simply you on the truck with one other team member. Your average job income could be lower than this. If it is much lower than this, meaning if it’s like beneath $300, you’re probably too cheap on your prices in most areas of the country. So, when you come on board with the Junk Removal Authority pay per job program, we’ll take a look at your market and we’re going to suggest prices for you.


Understanding Price Lists

We’re going to give you a suggested price list. It’s your business, you can choose rather use it or not. One thing you could do, though, for those of you that are skeptical about the higher prices, is you could use the Junk Removal Authority paper job platform as a test run for your prices. You could potentially use any job you got for it from Junk Removal Authority, you could use it the higher price point. Any other job from any of your other ad marketing avenues – Craigslist, real estate agents, previous clients, referrals, whatever – use your old prices on, and then that way you can find out if there is room in the market to increase your prices. You’ll find out pretty quickly.


Now, with doing that, the only trick to it is you have to convince yourself that your pricing is correct, and fair, and you believe in it. If you don’t believe in your pricing, the customer’s not going to believe in your pricing. When you get on site and you quote this job, you need to be 100% confident that the price you give is fair. You need to give that quote with confidence. Don’t talk yourself down, and what you’re going to find is that the Junk Removal Authority suggested price list is most likely right. Then, you are going to decide if you want to raise prices on all of your other customers. Now, there is another little catch there. The customer that the Junk Removal Authority pay per job platform finds is generally not going to be as price sensitive as a Craigslist customer, or maybe some of your previous customers especially if they came from Craigslist or other avenues. Just because you could charge more to the Junk Removal Authority paper job customer does not mean you in turn can charge more necessarily to your previous customer without them saying no and no longer using you. Ultimately, you’re probably going to decide to build your business off of something like the pay per job program because the customer is much more desirable.


Now that those little details have been touched on, let’s get into the bones of this spreadsheet. In a $350 average job income, you can expect to receive somewhere around $15,750 in additional gross should you do 45 jobs. Now listen, some markets you might get 20 additional jobs, some you might get 70 or 80 additional jobs, so we’re saying we’re going to average at about 45. We feel like that in most markets throughout the country, 45 jobs is certainly doable. Working your way down the total spend, pay per job spend is going to be $4,500. That’s $100 USD per job. The reason I added in U.S. dollars in there is because we do have some people in Canada. We have one guy about to start using it. We have other interest in Canada, so that does get converted over. It becomes $132 CAD per job. Let’s stick with U.S. dollars though to keep it simple, so for everybody in the U.S., it is $100 USD per job, $4,500 total. This is the labor percentage we would estimate for you being on the truck with one other team member. Let’s say you can get it a bit lower. We estimate 25% for you to go out there and hire somebody, to hire two people. You’re never on the truck. We do 15% here because we figure you’re probably going to be having to answer the phone. That’s likely going to slow you down. That may or may not be the case, so let’s say it was indeed 12.5%. You can see right there that you’re adding $5,265 to your Bottom Line each month, $63,000 a year. You’re going to be working hard doing that, that’s going to be a lot of work. At 15%, which is what we figure with 15% on labor, 7% on fuel, you’ve got your totals over here on the right, disposal fees are 9%, credit card fees are 1.5%, insurance and workers comp expense are 5% of gross, automobile repair expense is at 3%. That could be right there could be a bit high. That might be more than what you actually spend, but that should cover the tires, routine maintenance, the transmissions that hasn’t gone out yet will get covered under that 3%. As you can see, we have really detailed out all the expenses that you would have when you add this pay per job program. Total expenses are $10,878. That leaves you a monthly profit from the pay per job program of $4,871. Guys, that is adding a sweet $58,000 a year to your bottom line. I don’t know about you all, but I’ll be pretty damn excited about a $58,000 raise. That is what the paper job program can do.


Looking Into Scenarios

Let’s just run over some scenarios here. One of the key figures here if you own a truck, it’s $100 on average; $108 per job. Now one of the things here is we’re charging you $100 for every single job that books. It’s actually a little less because we do allow for one cancellation for every 10 jobs, so really you only get charged $90US each. But this is done at $100, and you can figure $108.25 Profit per job. The catch to this is, or the something you have to be willing to do is some of these jobs will be minimum charge pickups. Some of you all have an $85 or $95 minimum charge. That means you’re going to be going to a job to do a job and bring in $95 when you just spent a hundred to get it. Obviously, you’re going to lose a little bit of money on the job. However, when the Junk Removal Authority pay per job platform books you a $1,000, $2,000, $3,000, $5,000, or $10,000 job, you still only pay $100 dollars. It’s all about averages. Everything should average out to be about $350, so always play averages. Don’t focus on each individual job. The number of jobs, let’s say you got 20, and this is going to lower your spend for 20 jobs, now you’re down to $2,000. You’re still looking at adding a $26,000 profit to your year. That’s a $26,000 raise.


Now, some of you are lucky people that get in there with a great market, with little competition, where the Junk Removal Authority platform is just so superior to anything else out there. There are markets like this throughout the country. There are very few, far between, but some of you all lucky dogs that get out there and get 80 jobs. You’re going to be pushing you to be on the truck and get 80 jobs done here I can tell you. You’re probably going to need to hire somebody. This is just theoretical. That’s $104,000 difference there. I’m going to tell you right now, adding 80 jobs is going to be very uncommon. There will be some people that will get 80 jobs added, but for the most part, most of you will need to plan somewhere around 45. Now, for those of you that are going to be off the truck, you’re working on the business rather than in it which is where you eventually need to get, raises up to 25%, let’s put this up at $4,500 because it’s $100 per job, and that’s still almost $40,000 dollars in additional profit at the end of the year.


This spreadsheet right here, if submit information in the contact form below, we will give you access where you can use a spreadsheet and play around with your numbers. If your fuel costs are higher, your disposal costs are higher, your credit card fees are higher, you can raise it and lower it and see how it’s going to work out. Remember, this program is satisfaction guaranteed. No obligation at all. We say it’s risk free, we mean it is risk free. What you do is you prepay for five jobs upfront. It’s only $450, it’s really $90 per job because we give you those cancellations, so you pay $450 up front. Give us couple weeks to get the site ready, everything ready, the AdWords campaign done, everything ready to go, we put it out there. You don’t pay anything again until you’ve used your next five jobs. After those five jobs, we’ll talk. If you want to continue it, we’ll put a card on file, and every file it’ll just reload five jobs at a time from that point on. If you need a pause it at some point, you can let us know. Again, no commitment at all. You can do it for a day, you can do it for three weeks, you can do it for three years, and over ten years, however long you want to do it. It is literally risk free. If after 5 or 10 jobs you’re not happy, especially after the first five jobs you’re not happy, we will make it right. We will go as far as saying “We don’t want to do any more business with you again on the pay per job program, but here’s your money back.” That’s the farthest we would go. Likely, if it’s just the first five jobs maybe the first five jobs have been small. We will say “We know this is going to work. Let’s work it out. Let’s get you a discount on these first five. Let’s give you a few more for free. Let’s get you two or three without charge and see how it works.” Now, eventually after about ten, we have to be at $100 per job, but we’re going to work with you. We mean it when we say it’s risk free, we mean it when we say it satisfaction guaranteed. We are extremely happy to bring this to market. Nobody to our knowledge in any industry has ever done anything like this. We’ve been in business. We know that home advisers worry the absolute hell out of you. We know Angie’s List has its shortcomings. This right here solves that. Angie’s List and home advisor, they’re in it for the benefit of the consumer. They want it as easy as possible and accurate for the consumer. This right here is going to be accurate for the consumer because we do are all requiring, our vendors to get good reviews, however this is built with the vendor in mind making it where you don’t have to answer calls, even to book the job, and you’re making it where you’re not paying for the lead you’re making. You’re paying for a job that’s already on your calendar.


We’re extremely happy to bring the Junk Removal Authority pay per job program to you. If you have any questions, please submit your information below on the contact us form. You can also call us at 919-466-9322. I look forward to working with everybody. Thanks.