Hey guys what’s going on this afternoon? I hope everybody is doing great today. A quick little video for this evening. Check out the Junk guys. DFW Channel, I’m assuming that we should be going live. Something falls through. If Ricardo gets busy. I don’t think that I’ll be busy. Something happens and he gets busy that it might not happen. I believe we’re going live. DFW channel at 9:00 Eastern time. Make sure to check us out. Anybody that follows my channel as well as a Ricardo’s know that we have a lot of different way on going about business. He built himself a successful business down there in Dallas Fort Worth area. We got a successful business in the North Carolina area. He’s helping others to open up throughout the country and running a similar business model to him.


He’s putting on that Junk Removal Summit. I’m not going but I commend him for following through. He’s getting that thing done. I’m not sure when it is. I think it’s coming up soon. I’m sure the people that go down there will learn some stuff and have a great time. We might talk about my thought which is a bit harder now to build a business using his methods now than it used to be. A lot of it is because of these YouTube channels. I think people have covered it before. Junk Removal was getting a bit crowded in certain areas. There’s a lot of information out there so a lot of people are getting into it. It’s creating a lot more competition. That’s a good thing.


I mean it’s a good thing that all this information is available out there. It’s kind of complicates stuff. You really have to make a commitment. Not to be just part of the group of your typical haulers. If an area is really crowded then you need to go somewhere else. In a lot of markets, you have your top dogs which are 1-800 Got Junk, Junk Kings and College Hunks. You might have one locally owned company that’s just as professional as those three or four top franchises. Then you have your regular haulers and mainly pickup truck trailers. Not necessarily in uniform. Maybe just not quite as professional. You need to separate yourself from that level and move your cellphone up.


That’s my thought. That’s the way we’ve gone about and approached our business. We’ll see what Ricardo has to say this evening. All of you in Oakland make the decision as to what way works for you. Some of the people I’ve talked to. No matter what I say. They’re not going to take the route that I and JRA advises. Then same thing with Ricardo. Ricardo resonates a lot of people. He has 3000 followers, I think. What he says resonates with a lot of people and they go his route. Some of them doesn’t want to do his route, they want to do ours. So, we’re here. You decide what’s best for you. Check us out. It’ll be some time around 9:00 Eastern time unless something changes. If for some reason we haven’t gone live by 9, 9:15 or 9:30 then something probably happened and maybe we will go live soon. If not then we’ll get a different day. JRA’s number is 919-617-1975. I Look forward on talking to everybody this evening. Thanks guys.