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Good Morning Junk Removal Youtubers. Hope everybody’s having a great day today. Snowing here in North Carolina, first day of Spring. Not often that happens, snow in North Carolina during spring.


What I’ll talk to you today about is like kind of liability protection and this is going to be a quick video. I really need to do a Junk Removal Made Simple Episode on this.


Some people can take liability too far and they just will turn away of workers, they’re worried about getting sued. That’s one of the reasons you have insurance. However, this type of liability protection that I’m referring to is, in this case what happened is we did the job for a gentleman who does something in the comic book industry and he had to get rid of these comic books.  They, for some reason if this comic books got sold, he was only able to sell a certain number of them and if more of those marketplace, then he could lose his license, not be able to sell them, lose a contract, you’d can find him in a bunch of money. Anyways, something bad was going to happen. Well he had a bunch of stuff you needed to get removed, some of which was comic books and he asked us about it and basically what we tell people in that situation is shredding is the only secure way to go. However, if they want us to take this stuff, we can take it to a landfill, dispose of it but they have to sign a document saying you know waiving us of any liability should landfill employees get the stuff and sell it and do whatever else with it. I was just like no, I said listen we don’t know the stuff we don’t put those landfills. The guys go through that stuff all the time. Anyway, what occurred is he wind up having issues where some of the landfill employees went and sold some of the comic books and have gotten some of the comic books. And then one of my employees was also let go. He was also let go over this because he actually retained some. Unfortunately, we were at fault on that and we made it right with the customer. But the landfill stuff made the landfill employee that just got tons and tons of those comic books. I don’t know if they sold them or what, but he called us because somebody did attempt to sell at the comic book store. They recognized who’s coming books they were, called that guy. And that guy, while I am actually buying back his own comic books, we reimbursed him because the person is sold and I said so my person was one of our boys and he was necessarily saying he was fired as he sold to a comic book store. We got the money back from him give it back to our guy plus a $500 finder’s fee that’s going to come out of his individual ‘s check. That part was really embarrassing unfortunately had it just been the landfill employees and not one of our employees, we would have been you know we would have said this is what we told you about. Not all of the comic books were recovered I’m sure there’s going to be something that gets old and we can’t control those on our hands we made a right on ours.


The other end of liability protection you might run into is like special important jobs or if it’s a mother going to a son’s house or it’s like a relative or friend that’s helping somebody get their stuff removed. We have from time to time run into situations where it turns out that between a family member or friend, this was the stuff that either by mistake or on purpose that the actual owner of the property did not want to get rid of. So again, a very gray area there, if they pursued it legally we might have some liability on our end. That’s a decision you need to make is that going to be a job you do; a lot of people won’t touch that. We do to it and us just all kind of point is you know this person had access to your home, it was a relative you know that sort of deal. We and our guys didn’t know I mean we didn’t know the situation so we remove the stuff. If they tell you right off the bat that this isn’t their stuff and all what you generally need to do is get in touch with the homeowner and have them sign a form saying you give, it’s kind of like a power of attorney almost from that the actual owner of the property would say. Saying that you give whoever the right to pass the stuff on to us. That protects you pretty well, you might want a lawyer to kind of draw that form. And get a lawyer to draw that form up, it shouldn’t be a few hundred dollars. You get that thing the drawn up most likely I lose some attorneys got run the way but that might even be a form that will make available, I have to check with our attorney and see what kind of liability we have if we made that form available on junkremovalauthority.com. That new website, I don’t believe is live quite yet, it should be today hopefully. We’re going to start putting out some really useful tools on that site for free. I’m not going to charge at all for them so I’ll let everybody knows no one’s that stuff gets out.


Hope everybody has a great day today. Hope it’s a big one and hope you don’t have any employee or customer issues, any truck problems. Hope it’s just a wonderful day for everybody, it’s going to be a great day for me even if I run into those issues, it’s going to be a great day. No matter what problems you have, you will overcome them and Lord I’ve overcome a bunch in my Junk Removal business bringing this up at 2-million-dollar year business. And I hope everybody found this video helpful, have a great day.