What’s up guys? It’s a Sunday afternoon. What we always do on Sunday afternoons is take advantage of the fact that we’re closed, and we do maintenance on all of our vehicles. I’m at the Raleigh location right now. We got Omar in the back their kind of greasing everything up. What you need to do is every single week, you need to have your hands on, or have somebody have their hands on each one of your trucks checking oil level, antifreeze, making sure everything dumps right, raise the bed up, add in hydraulic fluid, check your tires. Make sure that you don’t have any wear issues on your tires. If you aren’t doing maintenance on your truck every week, then that’s going to lead to issues throughout the week with tires going out, or potential engine trouble, and that sort of deal. Downtime is a killer in this business, so every single week go place your hands on your trucks looking at everything, kind of working your way all the way around, look for any damage there might be, make sure your lights work, turn signals, everything. That’s the kind of stuff that if you neglect, your customers will notice, your employees or your team members will notice also, and that could cause them to neglect other areas of work. They figure “Well, hey, if they don’t care about this on this particular truck, they don’t care about this dent, or there has been a problem with the vehicle for an extended period of time, and they don’t care about it, well why should we care about doing things right with customers or proceeding quickly throughout the day.” Make sure you keep your equipment up, that way you don’t have any kind of chinks in your armor, and your business will be much better off all around.