Hey guys good morning everybody. Everybody’s doing great today.

One of the key things that lead to my success especially what I have achieved over the past year. We’ve been through a lot over the 6 years in business. In the past year, mid-portion has gotten more done and accomplished more things. What really lead to that is my ability to control and pay attention to what’s in my control. Control what you can’t control. And everything else, do not let it rob your attention, mind, and emotion. These are based on your mind that should be guarded. You should control your emotions and what you’re thinking about constantly. You’re going to be very mindful of it especially when you first start this journey of managing your environment and not letting things outside of your control affect you. For example, I’m running low on fuel here, that is in my control. I need to pay attention to that because if I don’t, I’ll get stranded. You need to pay attention to how much fuel is in your vehicle but let’s get back to that little chime was.

View on Politics

One of the biggest things that rob people’s attention and messes with their mood and emotions is politics. Majority of my life, I’ve been guiltier about that than anybody, specifically majority of my adult life. I was probably paying close attention to politics when I was 13, 14, or 15 years old up until the end of this last presidential election or even right before this last presidential election. I was like this stuff is just so negative. It takes so much time to try and keep up with it. I’m just not going to pay much attention to it because it’s beyond my control. Yes, I’ll get up there and vote but are you really sure what you’re voting for or why you’re voting for this person? This is because your resources and news have biased either side. You’ve got the conservative media on the right, Hanny, Limbo, some would say fa which is pretty conservative. Glimbeck is also on the right which are also biased. Then you got CNN, MSNBC, CNBC on the left and they’re left leading. There is nobody in the middle actually giving you the truth. So, what you’ll need to do to have factual decisions is that I’m not going to make a decision without facts and not knowing what’s the truth and lie or at least having a good idea you don’t know. You blindly follow these news sources which are supposedly giving you facts when it’s all very opinionated. Politics is just a huge attention waste. It’s time to be spending time paying attention to your own, relationship and body. Politics is a waste, so I virtually removed it, and I don’t really want to talk about it. I’ll listen and have a good idea on what’s going on, but my focus is very narrow where it used to very wide.

News Updates and Its Effects

Another thing that is an attention robber which is also beyond your control is the news. I have virtually eliminated watching the news. The only time I see the news is when I go to someone’s house, my parent’s house or my friend’s house. A lot of my friends are 60, 70, 80 and one’s almost 90 years old. Old pilots, businessman, stuff like that, I always enjoyed hanging around, and I see them weekly. They generally have news on now. Been around there when they were kicking ass in business, they probably ever hardly had the news at that point. They probably focus on what they are doing before, and they were very successful. Multi ten million dollar plus net worth, one of these guys is a couple of hundred million net worth. They watch the news now because they got out of business and they do not have much going on their life now which is something I don’t plan on doing. I plan on working, producing and growing until the day I die. To always employ more people and have more estate that provides more people places to live and work, to help more business owners to achieve more success. You know that’s something I plan till the very day I die that gives you a purpose, a drive and something to live for. And that’s something I plan on doing until the point they bury in the grave. Depending on what happens in the afterlife, I don’t know what I’ll do at that point, but if possible, I’ll keep doing it even after I die. That’s a goal in my life that’s something I want to be inspired, a reason, a purpose to live. That’s the reason you were put on this planet, to produce not suck up all the resources. Because that’s what so many people are good at, sucking up all the resources and their environment. Not controlling and contributing to society but is just a leech on society. That’s not going to be me, I’m going to produce for as long as I can produce. Part of that production is controlling my environment and what I can control. Do not pay attention to the news, all of this is murders, robberies, and politics. There’s nothing holy, good or positive in the news. If negativity is all around you, being in an adverse environment, then you’ll have a negative outlook on everything. You’ll not be going to do business, you’re going to get out of business or fail if that’s what you’re going to think. Failure would not be a deal anyway. If you fail, pick yourself up again. What’s the worst thing that could happen, you lose your house and the things you’ve worked for and go back to a little apartment? You file for bankruptcy if you have to and figure out a way to keep it going, what matters is that you are still alive and there are still people around you that you care about. And if I lost everything I had, it would bother me probably for about 2 weeks where I’d be down in the dumps. I’m going to lift myself up and find a way to get back on track, this is the process. I enjoy the process which is part of controlling my environment. I’m a very positive person and tried to eliminate negativity in my life. We fired negative people, and I no longer hang out with friends that are negative. If they get negative, I just tune them out of everything and don’t listen. I’m controlling what I can control, like my environment.

Sports, I used to be one of the people who were top athletes. I knew most of the players in every single baseball team or at least my favorite teams, The Cardinals, and The Braves. I also knew stats for hockey players especially old stats. I was a sports historian buff almost, from being a kid for about 10, 12 I can name these stats, 16,18. I played Rover until about 23 or 24. Recently, I used to be huge in NASCAR, and I raced. At one point, I can name every single Winston Cup Champion starting in 1948 where you had a red Byron, I’m going to miss him now, but I don’t remember. Then somewhere in there, Rex White and Tim Flock were also there. I could name all of these old guys you never heard of. They were born in the 20s and 30s and literally used to name the Winston Cup Champions, Earnhardt, Kulwicki, Allison and all the way up to Richard Petty. I also knew all the years David Pearson won his titles all the way up. But I am starting to forget a lot of stats because I don’t pay attention to them anymore. What you pay attention to is what you know, that proves my point. I am not paying attention as much to sports, I pay attention to my life, relationship, and business which has been huge. I follow a little on sports now and watch Super Bowl and some big events. I don’t really turn on sporting events at my house. I hardly ever watch tv in my house, but when I have time with my wife, we watch Netflix because she enjoys doing it. That’s something I’ll do. Otherwise, I’ll not have a tv in my house. And if there’s a social thing too, people come, and we turn the tv on. Sometimes, if you’re hosting a Super Bowl party, you got to have a television but other than that, I wouldn’t have a tv. I’m controlling what I can control and controlling my environment. Sports is beyond your control. Those guys getting out of there, they win or lose, you can’t be so emotionally invested in a sports team that your mood will be affected. College sport or basketball actually, you’ve got an NC State-Duke and North Carolina, I’d go to NC State basketball games. I’ve gotten to a point now where I can control my emotions. I enjoy going to college basketball which is the only sport I follow. Outside the game, I don’t really keep track on it. Like listening to the radio, searching the internet forums about it. I talk to NC State fans where I kind of keep up with that, but I don’t let the negativity affect me. If we lose, we lose 10 games in a row which is NC State is known for, that killed me. That made me useless the following day, I didn’t pay attention to class, school or even work so I’ve eliminated that. Like what I’ve said, I am controlling what I can control such as my environment.

Allocating Attention

Be careful on what you’re putting your attention to because it’s robbing it. The things you can control and what you should be paying attention to is your business. You should know everything that’s going on with your business. Also, make sure that the people you have in your business are positive people. These are the people who are willing to work hard and go places. Not everybody you hire at Junk Removal is going to be that way but at least get rid of the negative even if they’re not super ambitious or don’t have a goal. Never allow negative people in your company because it can spread even to you. That’s the last thing you want to happen. Control what you can control and control your environment, body and physical aspects. Recently, I’ve slacked off a little bit in the last 3 to 4 days, but I got back on it this morning. I couldn’t go to the gym because of work. I wasn’t eating quite as healthy, and I can feel it. I am a fireball of energy, I get up at 7 am until 1 or 2 am and get 5-6 hours of sleep. I’m working pretty much in the time in between but other than a couple of hours from about 7 pm to 10:30 pm. At that time, I am spending time with my wife and doing my best to focus on her. That is something I can control. It’s hard to control sometimes and hard to focus on your business once you get obsessed with the business. To be successful, you’ve got to be obsessed, and there’s no question about it. From that time, I’m studying, or I’m working at 10:30 or 11 pm until 1 or 2 am. I am always doing something the entire day, I’m doing something, or I’m learning, and this is something I can control. Relationships like what I’ve said with my wife is something that I can control. For your health, eat right guys, work out and keep your body in shape. If your body falls apart, then you are not going to contribute till the day you die. That’s one of my goal that I want to be your goals also.

Some happy people retire, most of them that I know stay productive. They aren’t working at a job anymore, but they are building something like a project going on like they were stored in an old car. They’re cabinet builder who enjoys building. Producing is something you should be able to do until the day you die. In your life, just try to eliminate all the negativity, once you can do that, you are able to go to a lot of father in life. Those people who hang around negative, it’s going to rub off on you. You have got to control your environment, you need to control what you can’t control, and if you don’t, it’s going to affect you especially things that you do. You’ve got to quit hanging around with friends that are negative, fire employees that are negative. Warn then ones and let them go. We don’t want negativity to spread throughout your organization. If you can accomplish that, eliminate negativity and narrow your focus, you got to have blinders on. Your focus should be narrow and be doing that, you will not want widespread and pay attention to politics or even news. You want to pay attention to your business, health, relationship including spiritual ones. These are the 4 things you want to pay attention to; health, business, relationships, and religion. Control your environment, don’t let it control you. Get out of the stands and go to the playing field, eliminate negativity out of your life and your business will grow more than you could ever imagine. Always remember that it could, and you’ll get more done n a shorter period of time than you ever have. Control your environment, control what you can control.

Thanks, guys.