What kind of progress are y’all making on this Sunday? Lee talks about his Sunday today and how they are looking to get a warehouse space large enough that they can open on Sundays.

What’s going on guys? It’s Sunday, Sunday afternoon here. I’ve been in the office this morning about 10:00 o’clock. If you look behind me, we’ve got a couple of guys in here doing truck maintenance every Sunday. We’re staying busy. We’re doing something. We can’t run our trucks unfortunately because we don’t have a large enough warehouse space to have our own transfer station. All the landfills and recycling centers are closed. Our vehicles and the capacity we have to hold stuff is full after Saturday. We haven’t been able to run Sundays. We are kind of looking to either build a warehouse here or find a warehouse spot where we can actually run on Sundays.  We are always staying busy. Always doing something.

I’m getting some bookkeeping stuff wrapped up that was placed on my desk. Little issues we had, here and there. Our bookkeeper needed me to work through. I’m looking into some changes. We’re going to make it in our Charlotte location. I’m trying to find a new office for Charlotte. So, always staying busy and you all need to stay busy every day. Work on your business and family. You got to work out in. Work on your physical body. Work on your spiritual belief every single day. Sundays, no exception. You shouldn’t take off work on Sundays. Bible might say to take off work on Sundays. You got to stay busy every day because I’m working every single day. So, if you’re taking Sundays off, I’m getting 52. I’ve got 52 more days per year that I’m working and you’re not. As you’re taking Saturdays and Sundays off, which is tough to do at junk removal and it’s even worse. You know, that’s over a hundred days.

Over the course of a three or six years, I’ve worked in an entire year. Over six-year period, I have another year on people that a take off two days. So, stay busy every single day, keep working. Keep improving on your business, constantly be improving.  One of the keys is to make sure you’re not just maintaining that you’re trying to figure out ways to improve what you’re doing at all as well. Keeping trucks maintained too. That’s what these guys are doing, they come in every Sunday. All three of our locations, we get guys that are coming in every Sunday to work on these trucks. Getting tires patched and oil changes done. Just driving them and checking the brakes. They’re trying to figure out if there’s any issues that are about to happen that could cause us to break down. That we might be able to fix before it actually happens. It saves us on the tow bill and keeps us from having a downtime and having an unexpected breakdown. Generally, can deal with breakdowns a lot easier if you know it’s coming. If you have a little time to plan, it’s when they happen during the day where you’re left scrambling that makes things very tough. So, let’s keep busy on this Sunday. Those of you that are lucky enough to be able to work this Sunday. I hope you all have a great day and make a bunch of money. We hope to be joining you soon. We will be able to operate on Sundays once we get a warehouse that is large enough where can have our own little transfer station and have a lot more capacity. Talk to everybody soon.