There are three ways to start a junk removal business. The most common is on your own, the second is to purchase a franchise, and the third is a brand new concept where you buy a business system, similar to a franchise but with no long term commitment. Which is the best way? Lee breaks each option down in this video

Alright, everybody , I got a special little presentation for you here today. It’s not a normal junk removal. Made it simple a episode. This one’s actually own a why or or what should you do? Should you do everything on your own? Did you start your junk removal business on your own? Should you invest in a franchise or should you partner with a junk removal authority with a business system ready to cover the positives and negatives to all of these now on your own. Oh, we’re not going to come very many positives because the one positive to it that is obvious right out the, you know, right off the get go is the fact. There’s no upfront cost other than trucks, so low start up however, the problem with the starting on your own is you have absolutely no knowledge of what it takes to run a successful junk removal business.

You don’t know how to price price. Your services were jobs and this right here alone, we found, and this is a, this is low, but it generally takes at minimum for our team members once they join, it generally takes at minimum 20 jobs before they can accurately quote a somewhat accurately quoted a job. So they’ll probably, if you throw some money out but the walls and asked them to quote jobs or their first 20 jobs, they’ll probably miss some underprivileged song by 250 bucks. 300 bucks, $300. You get a little. I’ve seen quote said they, I’ve seen full load. Most people miss on a full load, which is $450. Uh, so they’ll miss quotes. And so sometimes they might, they might quote a little high, but normally people are gonna. They’re not gonna feel confident they’re going to be afraid of the customer is not going to move forward. If the price is too high, they’re going to second guess themselves are going to look at it.

They might have the quote originally, right? And then they taught themselves down. And then also what inquiry is not giving confidently that customer goes in for the kill. They smell that blood like they smell the blood and they go right after you. They try and get you to come down on your price and those people, they’re not going to be presenting courage, quote, unquote, quite comfortably because they’re not confident. They don’t have the training and the understanding of how to go, uh, go forward with this right here. If you don’t know how to price, this is what I can guarantee. This is a conservative estimate over those first 25 jobs you’re gonna miss on, they’re going miss on an average $100 per job, I can guarantee you some. Are there moments by three or 400? Somebody might miss by 50, uh, they might be high on one or two, but on, on, on average, they’re going to miss it by about a hundred bucks. So that right there, I’ll put them right here, that’s $2,500 wasted. I go with it on your own.

You don’t know how to market and you don’t know what works and doesn’t work. So this problem, it’s twofold. You don’t have to walk in and you don’t know what works. And doesn’t work. The reason this problem is twofold is, um, one, if you’re not doing the right marketing avenues, you’re going to miss out on potential sales. Two is you’re going to spend money with no return on the stuff that doesn’t work or limited return.

This alone right here, this, this one problem right here, I, it’s hard to put a price on this. Twenty $500 in quoting jobs wrong. A Jew that’s within your first month of operation, you’re going to miss out on your. Or it actually might be two months if you don’t have to advertise it right, you might not have 25 jobs in a month. Um, the, uh, this problem right here, it’s hard to put a value on it. I’d say, between missing potential sales and spending money with no or limited return. This right here is going to cost you somewhere in minimum 20 k two or say, and this is just in your first year, 20 k to 50 k actually, let’s go. I’d say 75 k almost somewhere in there. Because what that’s going to cost you and your very first year either ms dot sales, you might not go out and see a lot of you are going to be gun shy and trying some of this more stuff.

If you’re, if, if you’re, if you’re not, if you’ve got the money to invest in either a franchise or a business system and you’re choosing to go on your own, you’ve pretty much proven that you’re not going with a more sure thing, that you’re a little hesitant to pull that trigger to invest money. You’ve done your research. You should have researched this franchises. You should have researched aj  or a business system. The advantages are huge for both of those avenues you’ve chosen to go out on your own. And unless you’ve owned businesses in the past, successful businesses in the past, um, then, uh, the chances of you knowing how to market, having the connections to do well, knowing how to expand and grow your business are extremely low. So you’re writing here, you’re gonna, you’re gonna, you’re gonna. Be Slow to invest in stuff that works and you’re also going to get sucked into stuff that does not work.

We’ve done it. I remember we were the ones we started on our own. We had to, we were 20 years old. Um, I was not no longer living with my parents, but might as well being because I was living in one of their rental houses, paying next to nothing around. I think, uh, I was paying $3 a month for rent and that rental house and you know, before that they were getting $1,200 a month. I think they stuck me in that vein, just get me out of the house. Um, but, uh, we had no expenses, was not married at the time. I had a girlfriend, uh, you know, parents still supported her, um, you know, so there was absolutely no expenses on random, but I had no income. I was making 15, $20,000 a year and then have that. I was spending the animal racing cars.

I used to race cars. So I literally had no money at all beforehand. Um, didn’t have any debt. I was debt free, but I had. I had no money at all, so I had to. I had to crawl when I got out of racing, I had to crawl and scrape my way, doing it on my own. If you’re in that situation, that’s the route you got to go and there’s a little bit of a hybrid approach to this. Now, the raise in business that I’ll recommend to. Those of you that I wish I wish a jerry was in business when I started because instead of doing $2,000,000 a year and you’re fine and we’d probably be at $4,000,000,000 a year and year five or something like that, some, some number higher, 2,000,000, because I can guarantee you our first, second, third, and third year would have been a lot better than they were because it took us at least three years if not for.

And we’re constantly learning now, but those first three years we were always learning. We’re quick learn not to brag, but we learned, we learned pretty quick and we experiment and we spend money on stuff that a lot of y’all would take. The chances on, and that’s how we learn, you can take advantage of the money we wasted by partnering with us. That’s right here at [inaudible] to 75 K, you’re going to miss that right there. That’s our business package right there guys. Just that right there. These two things right here are more than our business packages cost and uh, and that’s your first year. So in your first year compared to the business system compared to do it on your own. I can, you will, definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely, uh, within that first year exceed the amount of money you paid for us on a business package. Okay. You don’t know how to talk to a potential customer and close the sale.

So what we’re gonna do is we’re going to teach you, and we’re going to, or a city either. We’re going to assist you with the star if you bought any of our business packages at minimum, includes three months at Cam, customer Acquisition Management Cam. That’s a combination ad words, Seo, gathering reviews, print advertisement, and, uh, any other web advertisements, TV commercials, radio, whatever’s appropriate for your particular market. TV commercials radio. Generally, not to your larger, but whatever the appropriate to your particular market. We’re going to research, we’re going to tell you what’s going to work already implemented. If you want to continue working with us after that initial period, which you will because it’s going to be working so well, then, um, then at that point you would continue to pay. However, um, we’re going to get you in there where he gets you a cuffs a few months of, I can’t, at least a few months of cam included and they’re ready to teach you how to close that sale right there.

We’ll teach you how to close the sale. So we’re going to be getting you calls. We’re going to be getting new potential customers because we know how to market. We can. We need to do it better than anybody, better than anybody, better than anybody. We know how to walk. So a mortgage out with business. So the they were going to teach you. I, once you get in that call, how do you lock in that deal now? And that’s what so many people struggle with. That’s the reason you hear these guys. And these guys don’t do ad words and their sketch found outwards. It’s because when they get a call, they waste it. It’s gone, it’s gone with the wind. If they just see that money they spent on that, or there’s hundreds of thousands of dollars, but he’s got a little $100 bills just floating away in the wind.

They don’t know how to lock the deal down, they don’t want to close it. That’s what we’re going to show you. I did a little brief video the other day. And uh, that right there alone is gold. So that video I posted the other day, uh, is, is, is just a preview of what more we can offer you to get you from. A lot of people are like one out of every four, one, every three or four customers that call them they’re booking. Those are basically the customers that aren’t paying attention at all. So in any idiot could, uh, could close that deal. What we’re going to do is we’re going to help you get from booking one out of every four jobs if you’re doing it on your own to bookie at three or four calls to booking about three out of every five calls or three of them before.

So if, especially if the owner’s on the phone, and this is more of a natural salesperson, three out of every four, I can book three out of every four calls on average, um, three at very fort legitimate calls. So you’ll get some illegitimate calls from salespeople and all that kind of stuff. But three another, 300 for legitimate calls I can, I can book and it’ll average are people can do three out of every five. We’re gonna show you how to lock that deal down. That right there. That’s again, that’s tough to value a, I’d put it somewhere between, through, for your first year program, 20 cap and I’m going to give you more. And he really, really, really more so. I mean, if you’re booking only one out of every four customers and you manage to do $80,000 or let’s keep. Let’s keep it around.

It’s gonna be tough for you to 100 K in your first year doing it on your own. Let’s say you managed to do 100 K in your first year and I say that he had prior business experience might be able to, but if you do $100 first year we would have gotten you more. I guarantee it, but let’s say if you do 20 k a t or if you did 100 k and you’re on the closure in line of one every four, that means if we get you to 300 refine, that’s an additional. Maybe you’re at least gonna double that 100 k probably so many potentially. Anyway, so that, that can be that number to be much higher. But let’s, let’s put it at 20 k just just for the heck of it. So right there alone, you’re at minimum a $42,500 at minimum. And then Isabelle, oh, you couldn’t be well over 100,000. I’m just, uh, just, just from those couple of items right there, you’re going to be exposed to a greater liability.

Wow. You might not get the right insurance, you might not realize the situation where you need to have your guys step back and get a form signed, a liability release, whatever. There are certain situations where you’ve encountered people that have attempted to sue us and, uh, we’ve, Laura, there’s, luckily we did it right, but we easily could not have done it right. So, um, uh, you know, that could have, definitely, that could have been an area where we were really exposed to a lawsuit. You’re losing a lot of that right there. You’re, you’re, you’re losing a lot of liability when you partner with either franchise or go with Jerry business system. You won’t have mature earlier. And everybody was cheerleader.

That right there guys, it’s not only won’t have a cheerleader, it’s also somebody that’s gonna help you after your. If you have a couple of good days, it’s going to kind of help contain your emotions. So you don’t grind a buying spring, which is easy to do. So if you’re working with us, depending on which package you do, you’re going to have a minimum six months of consulting work with us. And six months is the most critical point of your business. You’re going to have some days that you’re slow, you’re down. You might just shut it down. You say, I’m just going to find something else. If you’re doing it on your own, it. The problem is also doing on your. And you haven’t made a commitment. You haven’t. If you go out and you spend 25, 50 or $100,000 on a, on a business system or franchise, you’re going to be much more likely to follow through.

There’s hundreds of successful gentleman will companies throughout the country. We have a pro that has proven that it’s a market that, that not anybody, but people can be successful in across multiple markets. And it doesn’t really matter if you’re brand new. Competition can be beat. Uh, if things are done correctly, if you go out and you just going to battle, if you’re a Dabbler, if you’re, if you’re just going to, she couldn’t deal with dental. Download this little dabble that, uh, then the likelihood of you failing is tremendously. But if you go out and you made a commitment, you’ve committed yourself, you said, I’m going to do this. I want to take a chance. I believe in myself to be able to carry this all the way through. I believe that there’s 25, 50 or $100,000 or whatever I’m spending. I believe that I can spend that money, I can follow the material and I can make myself a success.

If you believe that, then, uh, and you’ve made that commitment that you’re going to be much more likely to succeed because when the, when things get tough, when the going gets tough, you’re going to keep on working. You’re going to keep on getting out there, meeting people. You’re going to keep working on your website. You’re going to keep doing everything you have to do to get the word out to succeed. If you’re dabbling are going to stay at home. But the thing of popcorn, you know, watching TV and, and laid around getting fat, unhealthy and getting broke. So make a commitment. You got to make a commitment. Guys, if you want, if you, uh, if you want to succeed, you’ll be too slow to grow,

meaning there’s going to be some numbers and some scheduling stuff and there’s gonna be stuff happening in your business. We’re all signs are pointing. Go, go, go, go, go. Let’s go. And you’re going to be hitting the brakes. Respect should be hitting the gas like a, like we’re not racist. You know, one of the things that are racers do in an accident, uh, more times than not, you’re going to accelerate through the crash. So you’re going to know you need to accelerate your good nascar driver. Uh, let’s back it up. Not necessarily of the guys racing with wouldn’t do that and hit a break and they get in trouble. Good Nascar racers accelerate through so they see no decides. They see the path and they work their way through with our guidance. We can help you accelerate through those, through those challenging periods, accelerate through the potential crash.

Um, what will happen here is all sides will be saying, go, go, go. And you’re going to hit the brakes and you’re gonna. Be worried. I don’t want to spend that money and let extra truck. I don’t want to hire those people. I don’t want my payroll to go up. I can’t. I don’t want to hire somebody in your answer. My phones. I don’t want to hire somebody to manage my books. I want to keep doing it. A load and you gonna stay slow. You’re going to work nonstop. You’re going to be stressed. You’re gonna be. You’re going to be amory. Your wife’s going to hate you. She might divorce you. Your kids are gonna. Hate you. They’re gonna. Quit hanging around you. Yes. Maybe I’m over exaggerating this, but maybe not. You’re gonna. Be Slow to grow. We’re going to be here in your operations manuals and all documenting this to tell you this is what you need to look forward to grow, but we’re going to be there right there.

When you’re working with us, are you still working with some consulting and providing care and we’re going to say, buddy, let’s, let’s get rolling. Guy. Man, you know your. Your schedule is full. You need an animal to your schedule. Almost full. You need to add another truck, um, you need to hire somebody. Why? Why are you spending time bookkeeping when you could be out getting sales, getting more business? That’s what a franchise system, the right franchise, not all franchises, let’s not grouping them together, but are right a good franchise system or good or, or, or, or jerry work with Jra. That’s what we’re going to provide, or good franchise is going to provide that. Doing it on your own will not. You’re not going to bug. You. Don’t have top level support.

Many business teachers tell you that you do not want to be the smartest person in your organization, at least not for. You. Don’t want to be the smartest marketer. You don’t want to be the smartest operations guy, the finance guy, uh, so on and so forth. You want to have people underneath you that are better at that particular function that you are. The one exception to that I might add would be sales always for as long as possible. Stay the sales manager. The owner needs to be the sales manager unless you’re just just a, a nap. So introvert and not actually I, I had, I overcame his. I’m introverted tendencies are probably hard for somebody on blade, but I did, I was a bit of an introvert early on and I had to work, work through that. So, uh, understands was sales, but everything else, you should not be the smartest person within your organization when you’re, when you’re small, when you’re just doing a 100 k or 200 k or fiber Mckay, when you’re small, you can afford top level town.

It didn’t happen, you know, uh, with us, you’ve got top level talent. You’ve got to, you’ve got top level, you have operations behind you. Uh, you know, we had this built successful junk removal business has been in the business. Good little while. You’ve got marketers behind you that have, have, have, have proven, they know how to market a junk removal business. You’ve got finance people kind of behind you that have been there and done that and kind of give you some advice. So what you need to do, you’ve got so much support in a franchise system or in a business system, the right franchise system or the business system that it beats the hell out of doing it on your own. And I’m a guy that’s done that, did it alone and I’m sitting here and telling you don’t do. If I could get out of it, if I had the money without question, I’ve done one of these two things. Nobody had Jra. It’d been a franchise, a franchise, a franchise. I can’t remember exact the exact number, but something like that. You have a like a. it’s like a 75 percent better chance of succeeding in a franchise than you do going on your own in general. Not just trump, but in business in general.

Don’t quote me exactly on that, but it was a very high figure. I recently read it. You won’t have to deal with certain customers and you won’t have access to national contracts

right there. Guys, I’ve shown you just on a couple of items out here at the top, the value, our business packages are $25,000. $50,000 or 100,000 right now they are on sale. Each one of those price points. People will go a at least by 25 k. So $25,000. $50,000. Seventy 5,000 guys right there. I’m almost uh, uh, right here. Just closing the sale. And you’re right, that’s your, that’s your basic package right there. And um, so, uh, without a doubt I can tell you going, get on your own house. You know where the problem is, is the good thing about going on your own is also the bad thing too. So I mentioned commitment before you, you’ve got no commitment, there’s no reason you have to succeed. Let me text him something I’ve always done. Well, not always, but recently started doing it. My success has just gone up.

My productivity has gone up, is I spend like, I don’t keep money in the lead role, baby, invest, invest, invest to grow, take a little chance, you know, uh, where do your research determine it’s a good investment and to let it roll and it might be held. Going out and getting a new car, going out and buying an airplane. I bought an airplane. I bought a car. A do not have to have a, my wife had to have a brand new vehicle, nice vehicle. Did I have to have a brand new nice truck that I have gone and get an airplane? No, but that airplane allows me to get a hell of a long were done on bitten for business. It allows me to get more places, meet more people that, those new vehicles, uh, makes us feel good. You know, there’s something about driving a new vehicle.

I’m a very confident person. Extremely confident. But if I enrolled with a nice vehicle and I could roll around with paper, like, yeah, that guy is successful. He’s, you know, he’s knows what you’re doing. It’s gonna make. It’s to make you feel great. It makes me feel great. Will make you feel right to, and don’t deny it. It is a. and then provide with your wife in a great car. You know that that pays off later tonight. You know what I mean? So a and w which helps you out if you, if you getting a little later at night, then it’s going to help you out, uh, you’re going to be a much better entrepreneur or business owner. Again, I’m shooting you straight here guys. You know, I’m not sure not sugarcoating anything. You don’t have the commitment and that’s the biggest thing. Commit my entire thing.

Commit to your success. Take a chance, invest money. If you do that, you’re going to be much more likely to follow through and make things a success. You have a little more loose when you dabble, you get crushed because you have nothing to lose. You can just go off and get some other job. Can you start landscape and you’ll try a million different things and never hit one on one. That works. And the problem is, is any, maybe any number of those businesses that you tried out could have worked, but you didn’t have the phone. You didn’t have the gumption to follow authority. You couldn’t. You couldn’t keep working hard when the going gets tough. When you commit by purchasing a franchise or investing in a business system, be it a junk removal, landscaping, parties, restaurant, and I’m like, who the hell buys 40 years from now?

Hey, chick fil a restaurant, whatever, uh, whatever it be, when you have to put money up front, harder money up front, you’re going to follow through. If you’re going to dabble, you’re going to get crushed. Most of you’re going to get crushed. A, you’re never, I won’t say never, but the likelihood of you building a substantial business that’s worth a lot of money is it significantly lower when you’re going in on your own as far on anything but especially junk removal then if you’re with a franchise, but Jerry business system. Alright, so now let’s, let’s evaluate franchises. The problem that one of the main problems is with the franchise journaling. What you do is you’re investing in name recognition. So I’m chief flight, great name recognition, bojangles, Brittany, and recognition. Uh, let’s see, um, ars rescue, ruder, great name recognition. You know, I can just a mosquito Joe, and you know, it’s starting to get decent name recognition. Not quite there yet, but you know, some, a lot of those companies like that, that got good name recognition with junk removal. Um, the, uh, the only one that really has national name recognition has got junk.

They’re so that the only way you’re buying and got junk franchise is, um, uh, if you bought an existing one and any and most franchises are successful that are still in business now they’ve made it through the downturn in the economy. They’re still running now they’re successful and a good guy, junk franchise and minimum’s going to be Amelia knowledge. If you’re going to go out and you’re gonna buy a decent got junk franchise, you’re gonna be spending a million bucks. I’m, are you going to do better with that guy? You franchise. If you grew out and you spend a million dollars a, then you are. If you’re going to invest in a Jerry business package, hell yes. Hell yes without a day. But if you’ve got a million dollars to invest in a business, you probably already and, and there’s no tracking available. You’ve probably, you’re probably already getting ready to do a franchise or do a Gera businesses.

You don’t be thinking about doing it on your own. Uh, got junk. If you could buy a guy, if you have the money to buy God business, they’re cash cows. They’re absolute cash candles. It had we been able to bind, got junk franchise. Say God jump was not in the Raleigh market when we started. If we could evolve that, got junk franchise, we would have probably got into $2,000,000 a year in sales by like the third year or the second year, second, third year rather than the fifth year. And we would have probably worked half as hard. A got junk, hasn’t figured out. Great business, great business first to the market. They took advantage of it. They exploded the guy on tv, they got on Oprah, Dr Phil. They got on hoarders and each channel people know who got junk is if you can buy a franchise to do it, if not the only other ones even close to having national name recognition or catchy name. Anyways, college hunks, I don’t think John King does, but college probably does. I don’t think John Keene does only juggle odor does only stand up. Guys does, uh, just junk, junk and genius. Uh, what is it? One, two, three. John, um, she’d. There’s so many amount there. I can’t remember. Those guys do not have national name recognition. You’re missing out on that. Would you observe a local franchise? You’re locked into a long term deal.

Are you locked into longterm royalties of seven to 15 percent now? So it might be a bit lower. I think someone had like a flat fee that they charge you 500 bucks a month or something like that. And that’s it. Guys. Any franchise out there that is charging you $500 a month, you’re wasting $500 a month. They’re providing nothing to eat. They are. What they’re doing is they’re saying, oh, we helped you get set up. You pay even though you paid us an initial franchise fee. We’re about hitting. Yeah, we’re going to be busted. Yell for $500 a month just because we can. Just because you were naive enough to partner with us because we had a lower initial cost, you didn’t think about the since we had a lower initial cost and we’re still walking into royalties that, uh, that, you know, probably not that flat feet, probably that flat fee ain’t worth a damn. We’re probably not providing you a whole lot. We’re taking your money and we’re running almost, um, so, uh, in any way, but the most legitimate ones have a role to have seven to 15 percent the issue with royalties in a junk removal business and that doesn’t count your initial training and instead of all that was included in your initial franchise fee, that is just your ongoing support. The call center, which a lot of these places, this includes costs interphase. Generally you’re not going to be at least 10 percent. There’s your call center. So we’re between the call center answering calls for you, assisting with improving your marketing, providing the website. Yeah. They probably provided $10,000 worth of value when you get to $500,000, did they provide 50 k worth of value?

Maybe. Maybe when you get to $1,000,000 in sales, did they provide 100,000 dollars worth of a support? Then it starts to say, Nah, probably not. So if you’re going to grow your business big, if you’re be a million dollar business a year business, probably franchises penalize you for growing. You get penalized, you pay more for growth. And um, that’s a huge issue with a royalty, a royalty structure. You also miss out on the buy local movement.

So with the franchise you’re going to be used and viewed as large national brand. If anybody does any research on your company, it becomes apparent that it is a franchise. So just by going on the website, you’ll see information on my 800 number. Know she see local, uh, you see franchise information, it becomes apparent to franchise. It looks a lot larger and there is a movement where a lot of people want to buy from locally owned companies. I know us at young doctors, we get a lot of business because we’re locally owned. You missed out on a lag when you go with the franchise, you’ve got to do it their way.

So one of the advantages, but do any jumping little a franchise, there’s also a disadvantage. You have to do it their way. Generally they’re going to be a lot less like you’re going to be difficult for you to add an additional service if you find a service that pairs well with your junk removal business or maybe one that doesn’t. If you want to go out and you want a in, you want to integrate your um, job of a business for the cleaning service you want to start or a handyman repair service or snow removal in the winter or landscaping. If you want to combine these stories together and cross market, you’re unable to leave that. A lot of times with franchise you’ve got less control because it’s technically not 100 percent of your business. They got less motivation to do well compared to Jra. Why?

Because I got ya. They’ve got, they have 100. Gotcha. You sign that contract. They, they, they have control in this relationship between the franchisor and the Franchisee. The franchisor has control, there’s a lot less recourse the Franchisee can bring upon the franchisor so they’re less motivated to improve their services and do a good job when the services they’ve already already provide. If you partner with us in care, ready, you know, we, we made a little money on that initial business system. The key though is to get you in and have you continually use our consulting services in our camp and then on our call center and, and you know the other officially the APP or in developed. The problem is, is the, there’s no commitment on your part, no commitment on your part to continue using that like in a franchise. So that’s the one.

That’s one of the issues we have with this business system. It’s a lot of the advantages go to you, the potential business owner. We don’t have you, you know, we don’t have you in the palm of our hand where we got to go out and we have to constantly be improving our services and we have to make sure everything we do is working. We have to make sure you see value in every thing we do. That’s not the case in a franchise. There’s less motivation that God ship for that seven to 15 percent on every dollar you sell, and then note some might improve. Somebody’s prefer a while become stagnant, so might take your money and not do crap for you. So that’s one of the issues with the franchise. You got to pay them more to expand geographically, so most juggle multiple franchises are done by territory.

If you want to expand and it in a nearby city or even a city that’s anywhere else, you’ve got to buy that additional territory. You have to pay that. And then another additional franchise fee. It could be reduced from what you’re written originally pain, but maybe not a, but anyway, you have to buy the permission to do a job. Now there’s also, let’s say like we get jobs all the time or normal service areas, 50 models, but if somebody calls us in their 75 miles out and they need us to do a job because nobody else in that market doing that, but tell them, sure, we can do it, but it’s $500 minimum or it’s a $700 minimum, whatever, or it’s a really big job. It’s five logins. Yeah, will come. It’s a $2,000 minimum. You’ve got to pay $2,000 up front before we even get there.

Whatever it may be. We’ve gotten that flexibility to do that. In a franchise, you’re not able to. If you don’t own the rights to that for. You can’t operate a weekly. We get jobs weekly from people on that call us because they called one 800, got junk, got junk, does not go to a particular area, a booming, a growing area, big time growing area because they had not bought that particular territory from one 800 got junk and literally it’s like 25 minutes from their office is 25 minutes this particular area and we get at least a call a week on it. Um, it’s Johnston County, North Carolina, but we did

8,000 $8,100 million of business last year in Johnston County. I’m not positive on that, but I, you did. And that’s because in most, a lot of that came from, not all, but a lot of that assemble was jobs capable. People that searched out got junk and I’m a god job doesn’t do it. So they either referred it to us with, they said do a google search that even pops up. Well guess what? We get the best camera in the business. We’re gonna pop up number one, and there will be first they are on ad words. We’re going to be within the top on the maps, everyone. We’re within the top three, a sea organic lead, depending on what market you’re in, in Clayton. I think we’re one, one, one. So the Johnson County or North Carolina where first one, the ads were first with a my apps or first organically. So who are they going to choose? Your right junk doctors. So he got to pay more to expand. Um, when you were part of a franchise system, you got to sign a noncompete.

Wow. So let’s say you’re in business. You buy a coach glitter me not wherever that franchise has a cluttery not franchise or whatever, something clutter. Anyway, I said I’m in the business in the national name recognition, but clutter, whatever, clutter fighter, whatever. Um, let’s say you go out and you buy that franchise and you’re operating and you’re like, man, these guys really helping me out and wasting money. You can’t close down the franchise. I said, open up your own. Uh, they’ll have a noncompete you sign that says for a period of three to five years, you or something like that, you won’t be at the junk removal business. Um, so you can’t, you miss out on that opportunity if you were in the franchise and all of a sudden the got junk franchise comes up for sale and you have an opportunity to buy it. You can’t, you signed a noncompete, you sign your life away, guys, you signed a noncompete and saying you can’t do what you want to do and you like yourself into royalties, which caps the amount of money you can make. So franchises are better than going. Get on your own, a good French. It’s better than going out on your own because it’s continued so long to get up to speed. And you know, it’d be your third, fourth, fifth year in operation before you know, what a good franchise can provide you or what the Carey business system can provide you. So franchises are better than going on your own. Uh, but there’s disadvantages. The Jerry business system. So now let’s cover

the JRA businesses. The reason we did not franchise jumped doctors because we wanted something different. We want something to say, man, people are going to go crazy over there. Go see the value in there. Really, you know, there’s so many junk removal franchise franchises out there and none of them are really better than the others. Wanted something that was different and was clearly better. And I know we hit it all one with Jra. So this business system, the reason you shouldn’t invest in a business system, you are a person, but you have to learn it the way on your own. There are people like this. You need to know thyself. I can’t remember which philosopher, philosopher said that. No, that self, uh, you’ve got to learn. If you’re a person who had to learn things on your own, a business system, a franchise isn’t going to be the way to go. You don’t need to do it. Do a good to go on your own route, not invest with a business system. We’re franchise. Um, you don’t have the cash for the system plus three slash six months operating expenses.

So this one, you could either go it on your own, so, so listen, if you don’t have that initial call, that initial cash for the either the purchase, the franchise to do the business system and you don’t have three to six months operating expenses, that doesn’t mean you by default have to go with on your own. If you’ve got a decent job, if you’re making 50,000 plus a year or 50 being hold tight, appealing your morning where you’re at, but say if you’re making, if you, if you have a job, you’re making $75,000 or close to 75,000 plus simply work, save up the money and all to build up that initial investment for either the business system or the franchise. If you can, you ought to be a few. Made $75,000 a year. You’re, you all to be able to save, 20, 25,000 a year minimum, probably more like 30, 30, 30, 5,000 if you, especially if your spouse works too. So within a years time or just over, just just over here, y’all be able to go in with a business system or a franchise. Now, if you’re only making 20, $25,000 a year, 30, 30, 35, 40 a, you’re probably not going to be able to accumulate that amount of money quick enough if you don’t already have it. But keep in mind that amount of money quick enough to go with a business system or franchise and at that point you likely will want to go it on your own. And some people I know a bunch you know, is you don’t want to grow your business big.

You don’t want to be big for some of y’all, some of y’all are afraid to give Derek. You’re afraid to lose control. You’re afraid to have to hire a lot of people. You were afraid to become a have to be a manager of people. You’re afraid that you’re not gonna. Be able to train people and do the job as good as as, as you could do it or you’re afraid just to invest the money to hire somebody you’re afraid to invest. The money to purchase another truck, you’re and and you’re not going to make the investments necessary and advertising and marketing and getting the word out. You’re not willing to do what it takes to make it big in that case. And there are people like that. This is a legitimate reason if you do not want to build your business big, don’t invest in a franchise and sort of adult best injera business system, especially the J. I mean both of these, but the jewelry business system, we are big.

Mine were large minded. You know, we, we think big in everything we do and the way we approach business. The first five years of junk doctors, we made a decent salary throughout that with all the business prophets have always been reinvested and that’s how we think now. Our salary has. We’ve gotten a, a 15, 20, 20 percent or plus raise every year. Our salaries have gone up to a very fair, if not a little high for, for, for what we do, for the route we do, but most of our profits are reinvested. That’s how we think and that’s how we’re going to recommend you approach it as well, at least for the first three years of your business, the first three years of your business, you need to be growth, growth, growth, and really the more light than the first five or six. This is the first year in jumped doctors where we are beginning to just go after the maximum profit.

We’re still got a pretty healthy growth rate, stood out pretty healthy growth rate. It does appear. It’s subsiding a bit dark demolitions going up. Our demolition work is going to make up for the. I’m a little bit of reduction in growth rate on that sixth year of the junk removal business. We’re more profitable than we’ve ever been done over these past six years because we’ve learned so much along. The investments now are going into Jra, going into Jra, so we’re still thinking growth minded. Like I said before, we’re getting rid of that money and getting that money. We’re investing in. Get rid of it. That keeps you, that keeps you motivated, that keeps you a little scared and that’s what you want to be. When you start building up that cushion, that nest egg as people put in, problem with cushion and nest egg is you get to feeling pretty good about that cushion.

Then next day you don’t want that. You want a little desperation. You won’t be a little bit desperate. And uh, when the one of the keys to making it big and making crazy amounts of money is staying desperate. So many people, they get to a certain number of $100,000 to a million dollars in the bank. Whatever that number is. Some people might be 20,000, 20,000, 50,000, $100,000, million, whatever the number is just a fake number anyway. It doesn’t mean you end up mean anything. Whatever that number is though, they hit that number and you start, you’re waking up a little later, you’re going to bed a little earlier, you’re working a little less, you reading a little less, you’re watching more TV, you’re going to the bar and drink a few more beers. Whatever you’re doing, you lose that edge. You don’t want to lose the edge and some of y’all don’t want to get big because you want security. You don’t want to feel like I’m that age when you get people worried when they get too large, when they’re making investments that they’re going to lose what they have and, and that they’re losing all their security. Nothing’s farthest from the truth. If you’re a one man show or a. If your business relies on me, what happens if you get injured?

What happens if you get injured? What happens if you want to go vacation? Um, you know what happens if you have maintenance problems? You only have one truck or something that you’re running. If you have a truck maintenance problem, you got to get rid of truck guys. We can have, with the number of trucks we have now, we can lose a truck and it might slow us down and kind of complicate things throughout the day. But we’d have a truck now for maintenance and we have enough people and enough other vehicles we can make up the difference losing one vehicle and will kill. So there’s two vehicles we could still manage to make it go, and if we lose three vehicles, then what the hell is going on? Now? We know we need to go to church or something or something wasn’t right and uh, at that point.

So you’ve got a lot more backup options in place when you get larger. This is a limiting belief. This is your Mama. This usually daddy telling you to go get a job, get some secure getting career job, invest in your four, zero, one k, you know, and, and, and just be happy for what you got, what you got. It’s a limiting belief. Guys. Go after the big. You want to be big, get big. You know, there’s a, a bunch of people out there, there’s plenty of money in this world. There’s tons of money in this world. It’s just a matter of thinking large enough and taking the necessary steps and hooking up with the people that have done it. Study the people that have done it, worked with the people that have done it, and you yourself can grow to be just as large. But if you’re surrounding yourself with people that have not achieved the level of success you’re going after, you’re going to have that small thing that you got to be thinking small. And at that point you don’t want to get big. If you don’t want to get big your mindsets all if you need it, forced you to adjust your mindset. They need to invest with jade or, or do have a franchise. But if you’re not gonna just franchise, he’s not going to think big and you’re not going to adjust your feet. And how do you think going on your own? Don’t give up in a couple of years and you’ll be out of money. So it works out better for everybody. At that point, you were afraid to invest. I might even list that as part of being big. And the other thing is got junk franchise is for sale and you can afford it. You can afford it.

If you can afford a got junk franchise and it got junk franchise. Remember the ever selling they are selling new ones I’ve used, got junk, successful franchise comes up for sale. You got the money to buy it. Then by successful golf franchise is going to go for about a million dollars or more over if we sell jumped doctors, we would value jumped doctors at somewhere between 1,000,000 or one point $5 million a that’s done a, your business is worth somewhere between three to five times your net profit after you pay yourself and you know, any other managers after that has been paid for whatever you do, you get paid a, it’s worth somewhere between three to five times profits and plus whatever the value for more value the equipment you have. And if you had a building, anything like that. So we’d be valued somewhere between one to one point 5,000,000 and a decent got junk franchise is going to be valued a billion plus.

Um, so if you got the money, if you got, you know, to go after that, you can. The nice thing about an established got junk franchise says you will be able to go out and get actually get a business loan if you have these credit or not. So if you have, it’s not an emphasis. Certainly credit you need, okay credit, but if you have experience running a successful business, which if you have a million, if you’re able to buy a million dollar business, you’ve been successful somewhere, so if you have a little bit of managerial experience or you’re bringing on somebody that does, you have okay credit and you have a down payment, you could buy a million dollar business by putting in three to $500 down so you can find it. You can put 30 percent down and finance the other 70 percent. It would probably still be a good investment for a decent contract business if one comes available and you have the capability of buying it, you have the resources to buy jumbled and uh, and you won’t regret it.

Okay. However, not very many of them get sold because people are happy with the one in Raleigh recently sold about two, three years ago. I never heard of them. What price? It wasn’t for that. I believe it was the same owners in Raleigh and Charlotte and they sold both of them wealth. They’ve been businesses tonight. He’s that guy. I’m sure he made our ride with it because, uh, he, he, uh, he started pretty soon, pretty early on in the gap, got jumped Dale, so I’m sure he, uh, he, he did very well. Okay. So the Jerry business system, there are three packages and one’s $25,000. This is current. These are subject to change at any point once 50 years.

K, 100 k, the 25 k is bare bones. That’s basically operations manuals. You come to us on your expense and you go through a little bit of training. We provide six months of consulting, three months of Cam and a whole list of other stuff. The 50 k one has us coming to you providing a year’s worth of consulting and covering pretty much every expense including legal fees, logo, almost a initial truck inventory, initial office inventory. Almost every single expense other than vehicle related and building relating is included in the 50 k package. And have 100 k package just, just quadruples everything again. And this 50 k frankie almost, or at least doubles it. So, um, those are three packages right there. I’m going to tell you, you’re going to waste within the first year you’ll recover is 25 or 50 k if you, if you went out and you didn’t care a business system versus, or you tried it on your own if you have no, no real limited prior business experience and generally even if you had business experience first year, you’re gonna make this up first year right here, going like that up, uh, within the second year you’ll make up that 100 k and that hundred k is going to set you up for massive success in the future.

So you’re going to have, if it is 100 k includes one year cam so that you do one year of camp, you’re going to be kicking ass in your market as far as on the web. You’re going to appear well on yelp. You have lots of reviews going to be high organically. Uh, you know, that that’s huge. You get three years of consulting, um, and again, that’s just included in the initial franchise fee and they are not franchise, not franchise fee initial that business. When you buy the business package, all that is included. Those are our three packages. I’m excited to work with everybody. I’m old now. If you cannot afford either a franchise or a Jra business system, here’s what you need to do. And this is what I would’ve done if jerry existed. Um, and, and when I first started and I river, we had to figure out who, you know, we didn’t even have youtube videos, but no, nobody was doing youtube videos on how to start this deal.

Um, you know, we, we were in the dark, so y’all have a bit more of an advantage than we do. You know, you’ve got to me and a few others out there that are a given some pretty good information for the most part, not some information you probably won’t ignore. Uh, some problem that youtube videos you have a store through what’s good stuff and what’s bad stuff. There’s so many people telling you different things. I’ll let my tea, I’ll let our $2 million a year in sales speak for our expertise. I’ll let the facts be known that I hadn’t personally haven’t been on a job other than just checking in on it in over two years. Um, I don’t run. I do very little day to day operations now that we’ve got people in place on a junk doctors. Most of my focus is own JRA.

I’ll let that speak, uh, for our expertise and, and hopefully you can see that we know what we’re talking about and I know what I’m talking about because of that level, very few people have brought a, a junk removal business to that level of success, especially not offering a non franchise. So some people figured it out. We figured it out and we’re doing really doing better than franchises. Um, you know, around here, uh, you know, we do that every bit as much a business has got junk, man. I think we do more than anybody else in the, in Raleigh and Greensboro markets, but right up there in the Charlotte market. Um, so, uh, the, what you would do if you’re doing it on your own is, is I would front off the Bat, I’ve purchased about three hours of consulting with us before and $50 and will come.

I’ll cover a lot of the basics with you. Um, you’ll, you’ll speak with me and we’ll cover a lot of the basics on getting started. So that’s for 50 upfront. And then what I would do is I’d invest in Cam. So, uh, with Cam. So you going to start out in that very first month is going to be about 3000. It’s going to be around $3,000, depends on how aggressive you want to be, but generally about $3,000 that first month. If you don’t have that 30,000, you go and get it. You put up, put on craigslist ads, thumbtack, home advisor. You just take flyers out or not have advisor, but a Craig’s list and thumbtack. You put flyers out and you let everybody know. You do a facebook blast into a junk removal. You do everything you can to get your name out. We started on craigslist, but you, you do everything you can to get that money saved up.

As soon as you have that three k, you contact us and uh, and well, it could be a little more. We have to tell everybody because if you don’t have a website set up, you’ll probably never have a decent website. If you can’t afford the three K to start with, so we’d have to build your site. Um, and that’s generally a full site. It’s going to be about five k. If we do a, a simple landing page site, that’s going to be about $2,000 right up front. We’ll get you on ad words for that initial 3000. So right there you’re your five k for, for getting the site down and the first month and actually the cam or your first month is just ad set up that average management. So that starts getting the instantaneous business. You keep doing your craigslist, you keep doing your flyers, you keep just do, you do it as much as you can to get the word out about your business.

And the ones that stone you didn’t go into full blown calphalon cam or with your seo and build your business up. That’s what I would do. That’s a back door into the JRA a web. Without having this initial costs, you’re going to be a bit of a disadvantage because you’re not going to have operations manuals. Um, you’ve only got three hours of cam that’s not near our consulting. That’s not nearly enough. Uh, you’re going to have that ongoing cost of Cam. Whereas these guys, when they first started out with at least the first three months, um, you know, they, they’re having to pay for it until they get into a six month or three months, three months, a year. I’m on those. So that’s the back door. And you can take advantage of their expertise, but you can do it kind of on a budget.

That is the way I would do it if I was first starting out. That’s the difference between doing everything on your own, a franchise to doing the Jra business system. I can’t stress it to everybody enough. If you have a way to do a franchise or do a business system, a, you need to go that route because, because you’re going to do tremendously better than going in on your own. And, uh, the business system and you know, I think is a clear clear belt winter. I mean not obviously I’m the president of junk removal authority, so you know, y’all, y’all can take that for what you, what you think, but I can say I 100 percent believe that’s the reason we created a general authority and started this business system is because, um, we think it’s the best deal going out there. You get all the expertise, you get all the support, uh, if you don’t want to use our services, you don’t have to use them.

You don’t pay for it. There’s no commitment at all. Franchise. He got a longterm commitment doing it on your own and it takes you forever to figure everything out. A hundred percent with all my heart. One hundred percent believe that a business systems going to be everybody. What the is as much good as possible. Do a tremendous amounts of good for the money, especially in fourth amendment. Uh, it is truly your best option. Our phone number is nine one nine four, six, six, nine three, two, two, nine. One nine, four, six, six, nine, three, two, two junk removal is the website and you can always email me, [email protected]. Appreciate everybody watching this video. Hope, hope you learned something from it and looking forward to talking with everybody. Thanks guys.