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Okay, so this is Lee Godbold with the Junk Removal Authority on Junk Removal Made Simple. What you’re going to do in this video is present great information on running a Junk Removal Company regardless or you’re partnering with Junk Removal Authority or you do your own thing.

The Humble Beginnings

A little background, my name is Lee Godbold. I started at Junks Doctors Junk Removal hauling in 2012. We had a pick-up truck and trailer with my partner Christian Fowler. We’ve since grown it to last year, we have $2,000,000 in revenue with 10 trucks. We’ve gone from the bottom with the pickup truck and trailer not even a dump trailers, just pickup trucks and trailers and we were up to 10 trucks now. Nobody else to my knowledge on YouTube is coming out here and talking with that kind of revenue numbers. Were based on the North Carolina and expect to exceed $2.5 million this year just on Junk Removal not including some of the other services or any revenue from Junk Removal Authority. We started JRA instead of franchising Junk doctors who began the Junk Removal Authority as a consulting and support service for the Junk Removal industry. Now what does that mean, what we offer people who are considering a Junk Removal franchise is an alternative. You can go with us, we have complete business package that takes you all the way from the idea to completion in two months. It includes a website, your own business name, logo and get your business set up and helping you hire. We’ll be on site for three days helping you hire and train new team members and set up your office and then you’ll come to us and he’ll actually get to run doctors for a day. You’ll see how multitrack operation runs and you’ll know on the very first day of operation what it took us three years to learn. Now the neat thing with JRA compared to going with franchise is there’s no long-term commitment we offer a call center on going consulting services and we’re developing an app it’s going to make a run in Junk Removal company 100 times easier and we got some other neat services that we offer but you only pay for them when you use them. Like the call center for example, if you want us to take all your calls and take all your calls answer it in your business name. If you want us to just take calls that you miss, we got you covered boy answer that call that you miss to make sure you don’t avoid that sale. And if he only wants to take calls on after hours and holidays were here. We allow you to have a life outside of your Junk Removal business something that I personally, it’s been tough since we start, I’m not complaining, but it’s been tough because when our office is closed calls for my cell phone and they got to be answered. If you don’t then there’s a good chance unless the previous customer was happy with you already or somebody that you were referred to there’s a good chance they’re going to go right down the list on Google or whatever they are looking and find somebody else that does pick up the phone JRA is a great option we’re excited about it you know you don’t have a national name and that’s a good thing. Very few Junk removal companies actually there’s only one, 1800 guy John is he only Junk Removal company that has national name recognition there so loud that they’re not selling more franchises. Junk Removal Authority lies you have a local name you can advertise to your market as being local and that’s huge it’s going to get you a lot of business from it, we get a lot of business from it. We’re going to give you the same great support if not better upfront without a long-term commitment so instead of going with a Junkluggers, Stand-up guys Junk Removal or Just Junker or any J-Dog Junk removal or any other 10 to 12 junk removal franchises that are out there. You can have your own business that is hundred percent yours. Hundred percent in your name that can be applicable to your particular market and really bring in that local audience, the local market who really wants to support local businesses so that’s JRA.


This very first video we are going to a lot of these videos, were goal again is a lot of great information to you. This first video is why start a Junk Removal business we are going to do a little picking the truck, what type of truck you should have your name, how to advertise and market, dealing with team members employees if you want to go multi-location, how do you do that. We’re going to give you a lot of great free information, you’ll be able to watch these videos and learn a tremendous amount you’ll be able to start your business your own company even if you don’t partner with JRA, a heck of a lot better position than we were when we started. Just check out this video were dropping out and as many and as quick as we can so we give a kind of a good library of videos built up. And we’re just consistently doing this and talk about current events and stuff that’s going on with our business as well that you’ll be able to apply if that situation comes up in your business.

Starting A Business : Why?

Anyway, one of the reasons to start a Junk Removal business, why does anybody start a business? The very number one thing is they make money. You’re not going to start a Junk Removal business or business in generally normally if they don’t make money. The nice thing about a Junk Removal company is they make money pretty fast. You know you can expect to be breaking even within six months if not sooner. If you’re holding the truck, you’ll be profitable right off the start and you’re not going to be years generally without earning money if it’s done right.


The nice thing too is they make money with low or at least relatively low startup cost. Now if you don’t go jump removal authority you know you’re looking somewhere in the neighborhood anywhere from $3000-$20,000 to start a Junk Removal business. Below minimum $3000 that’s going to put you if you already have your own pickup truck and you can just go out and buy a trailer we recommend a dump trailer you can buy used ones that can be on your cheap end. If you have to purchase the truck either a pickup truck and a trailer or a dump truck then you’re going to be closer enough to rolling up to $20,000. On $20,000 you get a used truck for around 20,000 while were talking about doing what we encourage you to do is actually put a down payment down on the new vehicle. If you’re able to or if you have to credit, go ahead and get a new vehicle. Junk Removal Businesses make money, one of the things you don’t want to have to worry about when you’re first starting is downtime for vehicles. Unless you know how to work on your trucks you’re familiar with Isuzu trucks, so you know somebody who does it can take several days for a mechanic to start working and get your job completed. The Isuzu parts aren’t easy to come by. Even if you decide to go with the pick-up truck and trailer out, downtime kills you. You’re going to make money with Junk Removal Business if you’re committed. If you’re able, go ahead and purchase a new one, place a down payment that way you’re a couple of years out generally. Unless you’re just doing a repair from abuse or a few years out before you actually have to start consistently spending money on anything. other than non-routine maintenance. You’re going to be somewhere else on average let’s say $10,000 on the start if you’re solely spending $10,000 at the start you’re probably going to be on the truck so you’re going to be pretty profitable right of the start. Now, for those of you that have been in the corporate world or had another job basically, you save up a fair amount of money. Looking at this, you want to get this Junk Removal Business kick started right from the back. You want to know exactly what you doing call and you want to invest a little extra more in marketing and branding advertising on the Internet in order to get more business. That way, you can get higher revenue figures in a short period of time you’re going to be a higher. Part of a Junk Removal, if you do partner with junk removal Authority it’s $75,000 upfront normally we’ve got that old sale for $25,000 right now as a heck of a discount just for a limited time only. $25,000 we’re trying to blow out a few of these units and get everybody rolling on you can always call us right now as junk doctors number.


So, you got low startup cost another thing that’s a huge benefit is low technicality.  Why is this Huge? That means there’s a couple of reasons, number one the business isn’t going to rely on you a lot of people that go out they start an HVAC company of plumbing service or a roofing contractor. A lot of times, the business can rely on the owner especially at the start. Now you’re going to be very important in storing a Junk Removal Business. Don’t get me wrong but it’s something that with limited training you can get people that are capable or got a brute strength. As long as they get the strength you can find people and with limited training to know how to move items throughout homes. They can fairly easily learn how to quote the jobs, how much space where they’re looking at. It’s going to take up in the truck. It’s makes hiring easier because you have a wider pool of low skilled workers so if you’re hiring for HVAC and all depending on the market, that could be kind of expensive because there could be a lot of several companies fighting for that high skilled workers. With Junk Removal all you need is strength, it’s a great job for college students, people recently graduated from college, people in between high school and college. Then you’re going to find people kind of in between jobs you’re figuring out what they need to do. It’s a great business for them to come typically we can forget as many applicants as we won’t and hire more than the amount of people we need. You’ve got to be selective when you hire and do a lot of interviews, it’s going to take some time but there’s not like there’s a shortage of other Junk Removal type of worker out there.  You can make a difference, everybody wants to earn money but you also want to feel like you’re providing a needed service. With Junk Removal you can do that and you control how big of a difference you make. Right off the bat, you’re taking care of a service that people hate to do. It’s hard, labor-intensive and time intensive they have to have a truck they don’t currently have. You’re providing that service for them, right of the bat you’re being helpful and you’re getting paid pretty well to do that. On the other end, you can make a much more larger impact on your local community by making sure you recycle and donate a large percentage of what you bring in. You can partner with charities out there or thrift stores. You know any number of stuff today and recycling centers obviously which you can actually don’t put them and com off a recycling as well. Partner with those charities that saves you disposal fees and then you can take that stuff that’s somebody’s getting rid of some I paid you to get rid of. And you pass it on to a charity who will then turn back into the community where the stuff isn’t going to get wasted or is not taking up space and landfills and all that kind of stuff. It’s going to somebody that likely truly needs it. That’s great way to really provide a benefit to your community and going off on the other stuff like some other people you can also resell the stuff they get especially the start when we first did some resell but as you get busier. you’re probably go away from that mode. Now there are some companies and individuals out there that they just love doing it. It doesn’t turn me on I’m going to get off to selling a reused furniture items so we just passed them all to the nation center. What happens is you get to a point that it takes so much time it’s really not worth the money or the effort and time for the amount of money you get for selling the item. It’s also hard to scare her business model because you have to find people that know what stuff ‘s worth. It’s a model that some people do with good success. It’s not what Junk Doctors does, I can’t speak a whole lot on it.  I will tell you, as we get larger, we might potentially do something like that it would be probably large enough now if you want to do you need a lot more space. But what some people or companies do that have 1 or $2 million for the revenue is I’ll have a large warehouse where there is the stuff up. Once quarter or once or twice a year or whatever, they’ll do a large warehouse sale and they’ll move that stuff of all at once. That’s probably the most efficient way to get about it.  Someone is going to take that money actually donated to charities, they are still doing good they’re still donating which makes the customer feel happy and then they’re getting the tax write off as well.


The Potential for Business Expansion

One thing that I just mentioned ago was scalable. Junk Removal companies are scalable. If you want to expand into multiple markets and if you want to add more services then, it’s a fairly easy business to do. One of the reasons being is that low technicality. Once you get your systems in place and you get your people trained up, if you want to expand to multiple locations, then generally find somebody that’s been with you. You give them the extra responsibility of at least partially particular location you’re currently running at. Then you go out and start working at another location likely within the couple of hours of your main location. It’s something that can be built on, even if you just want to do regular in your current area I mean if you could expect 50% plus growth year after year. And a lot of times or years you know with double a lot more years. You expect 30 or 50% plus growth year after year for at least your first five years in operation. Even after that you’d likely expect 20% growth, we haven’t reach year 10 but you know our girls last year was the first year that our growth didn’t double its first several years we had ducked. We went from $1.2 million in 2016 to right $2 million in 2017. We are still almost there we don’t know what expect this year but we’re expecting about around $2.5 million but it very well be more. So, it is a scalable business and also that doesn’t rely on him to come up we were talking about before. You just get the right people in place you manage them and then you’re golden.


One of the other large reasons to start one is its recession proof.  I’m going to put proof in quotation marks. Because that doesn’t mean the business won’t change, generally your business will change you’ll get less residential jobs and you’ll start doing more work for like foreclosure banks. You know the bank will hire either foreclosing on the home move everything inside of it. When he first started, we got a fair amount of those foreclosure jobs. We don’t get near the number anymore and we also started in the Raleigh Market. Which the Raleigh market did not get as far as lot of other areas in North Carolina and certainly a lot of other areas in the US and Canada. Your business changes but there still lots of business to be I had out there as well.


These six reasons right here make Junk Removal an excellent business to be our next video is going to be on how much money can you expect to make then next week we’ll cover typical expense percentages when you first start if you’re on the truck what can you expect to make if you’re off the truck what you can expect to make and that sort of deal. And then the following video we’ll likely do an advertising and marketing, I know that’s a common question that we get all the time, how do you expand your business. Oh wait, you know I need to call us at +1 919-466-9322 or you can email me [email protected]. Now, the doctors are shortened to [email protected].


Hope everybody enjoyed this video, this is actually probably one of the least informative were going to put out looking forward to giving everybody great information and help them to grow the Junk Removal business.