This one simple step will increase your repeat customers for sure.

What’s going on guys? How’s everybody doing this afternoon? Listen, this is something we do about once a week. I get my pen out and we signed a bunch of thank you cards right here. Just a. These are all from Amazon. They’re super cheap. This one little step that I do every week and we have done it since we started Junk Doctors. Every single customer we get gets a thank you card. Old fashioned thank you card mailed. Ever since we started, we’ve been doing that. It is amazing the number of people that call us after getting this card. Like “I can’t believe you all send a thank you card.”  It just amazes them.

When we get jobs with repeat customers, we give people all the time. Our guys say, they had a magnet on the refrigerator. It’s amazing. These are the magnets right here. I know this is a best sign or something like that. Simple little magnet you know, right here. A lot of people to stick around in their refrigerator and in my doctor’s office. I don’t even know we’ve done a job for my doctor’s office. I have happened to walk by then, a little break room. I looked in there and there was a magnet. Yeah, one of our Junk Doctors magnets up there. I thought that was cool. It’s the small stuff guys. I get my secretary to write this card up right here. It just says thank you very much for your business. Please let me know if we can ever be of service in the future.” That’s it! Then I’ll take a pen and I put my actual signature on every single one of them. Sign a few hundred of it every week. Everybody has a job over the previous week. I stick my signature on it. We mailed it out, old fashioned mail. A lot of people take these magnets to stick it on their refrigerator. This is one of the steps we do to make sure we get a bunch of repeat business. It’s something a lot of people don’t do anymore. Anytime you can find something that not very many people do. Start doing thank you cards. Those of you who are slow, it doesn’t take the 10 or 15 minutes. If you got bad handwriting. If you can’t spell. If you can’t read and write. Get your wife to do it. Get somebody to do it and just put your signature on it. Mail it out, and over time it’s really going to pay off. We don’t have many customers. It doesn’t cost a whole lot of money. These thank you cards are pretty cheap from Amazon. I think they’re Wilco or Wilton or something like that. It starts with letter W. Put it in an envelope. Thank you card and everything. Get them sent out every week. Every customer you get, gets a thank you card. It’ll pay off for you, long term for sure. We’ll talk to everybody soon.