Are all your customers cheap? Do you think you are too expensive. Lee answers questions about why none of your customers are willing to pay your prices.

Hey guys! One thing I want to address, a lot of you all out there are always talking about how cheap your customers are. You’re talking about, you feel like you’ve got to lower your price to be competitive in your market. The reason you think all your customers are cheap. There’s a couple of them. Number one, the biggest reason is you aren’t going to wear the non-cheap customers. You’re not aimed at your ideal customer. You’re not reaching them. Those of you that aren’t on Google and AdWords. You aren’t doing AdWords and you’re not working on SEO. You’re not going to reach the ideal consumer. Those of you on Craigslist if you have a problem with cheap customers, get the out of Craigslist. Craigslist is full of cheap customers.


Is there business on Craigslist? Yes. There will be people that respond to this. They might dislike it and comment. They might post another YouTube video. I’ve been told people posting YouTube videos trying negate my stuff all the time. That’s fine. No problem with that. There are people that get lots of work off of Craigslist, but it is a customer that you get 99.9 of the time. Craigslist is a huge pain. You stay off craigslist. You get to where your customers that are willing to pay. That have the money to pay what you need to charge. Once you figure out how to get that customer, then it’s a matter of doing a great job for them. Following up with them and sending them thank you cards in order to keep that great customer. Have that great customer post a review and give you a referral. The other thing is you’ve got going on when you think of your customers are cheap is you truly don’t believe that the value of your service is worth it. You don’t believe that Junk Doctors, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? or Junkluggers going out and charging $500 for a full load is worth it. You get in business. I’ve been there, this literally when we started Junk Doctors. It was Triangle Removal at that time. When we started Triangle Removal. It’s completely ridiculous that anybody pays what 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is charging. I’m going to go in and I’m going to be a lot cheaper because we can be cheaper. There’s no way junk removal is worth that. We’re going to go in and do a pickup truck and trailer. We’re going to work hard. We’re not going to charge what 1-800-GOT-JUNK? charges. We can be a lot cheaper and everybody’s going to come to us and leave 1-800-GOT-JUNK?


It’s a couple of problems though. What’s your thinking? Let me get back to what I was saying. You’re thinking that your service is not worth $500 truckload. If you’re thinking that your service is truly not worth, what you need to charge to be profitable or what you are charging, then you are not going to quote the jobs fairly. You’re going to quote the jobs without confidence. You’re going to quote the jobs in a way that the customer can tell that they can negotiate with you. You’re just going to attract people that aren’t your ideal customer. That aren’t able to pay what you need to charge. So, here’s what you need to do. You raise your prices. Listen, you have a convenience service. You are doing them a huge favor. What you got to realize is there’s tons of people out there literally making hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars a year. Tons and tons of money. So much money, you can’t possibly fathom how much they’re making.


Not every customer out there is making that, but there’s plenty of them that are. Find those customers. Those are the customers you want. There’s a lot of good buyers in the $70,000, $80,000 or $100,000 price range, which you need to make it clear that your price is your price. You need to charge high, be upfront about it. Let them know your price. You don’t want to waste your time going out there if you’re a $500 for a truckload and somebody wants to pay you $250. A lot of it is a mindset. If you get your prices up, then all of a sudden you have margins. You’ve got profit margins that will allow you to reach and expand your business. To reach the people that had the money to buy your service. You then with those margins are able to hire more people and to purchase trucks so you can get to those customers quickly. Let me tell you something, that customer that’s got money. Not all the times, but often is a very demanding customer when it comes to “We want it done now. We want it done between this time when it works. We want the people that come here to be professional. We don’t want to feel unsafe around these guys. We don’t want them cussing around us. We don’t want them damaging our property.” We want a professional crew that is going to cost more money to get those people. It is going to cost more money to have enough people to do same-day bookings. It is going to cost more money to be able to have the vehicles. The number of vehicles you need to get the same or next day appointments. You’ve got to change your mindset. You got to just forget about the cheap customers. If you want wealth for yourself. If you want to expansion. If your goal is to get off the truck and build a great business.


If you’re always constantly complaining about a bad customer and cheap customer, you’ve got to first change your mindset. If you change your mindset, then the customers will change their mindset or you’re going to attract customers with the mindset that you want. As long as you have a cheap mindset, you’re going to attract cheap customer. You lose that cheap mindset, you’re going to get the ideal customer that money doesn’t matter to them. That’s what we’ve been able to accomplish for the most part. If we get our cheap customers, then we move on. We say, “No, this is our price. If you don’t want to pay a price, get on Craigslist. Find somebody else to do it. We’re going do a good job for you. We’re not going to damage your property. We’re not going to leak oil in your driveway. We’re going to get to you when you need us to get there too.


We’re going to be on time, but you’re not going to pay Our price. If you don’t want to pay our price, find somebody else. That’s the attitude you need. That’s the mindset you need. That’s the belief system you need. If you get that, your business is going to grow beyond your wildest dreams. All of a sudden, you’re going to have that money. You’re going to have the amount of money to go out there. You’re going to be able to go to a state. You’re going to be able to go out with a group of friends and pick up the tab without even thinking about it. Literally, I can go out with a group of friends and say, “Hey, I’m going to pick up the tab” It can be a $500 or $600 bill and it won’t even bother me.


I’ll write the check. I’ll give them 500 or 600 bucks. Literally, it will not bother me at all. I won’t even think twice about it. So, that was a mindset change. I used to be cheap. I go to Mcdonald’s and I would debate getting a second apple pie so I could save the twenty cents or I would debate getting apple pies. I want to save that dollar. I don’t worry about it now. It literally doesn’t matter. Change your belief system and you will attract the customers that are not cheap. That’s just the way it is. That’s going to be a hard video for some people to swallow. It’s going to take time. Go ahead and start those. Start changing your beliefs, so you attract the type of customers that you need for your business to be profitable and for you to take care of your family. Thanks guys!