Too many people experience analysis paralysis. Research something until you know it reasonably well. And then get started! You’ll never be perfect especially before you get out there and do it. And don’t settle! Build something sustainable that will last!

Good Monday morning, everybody. Hope everybody’s doing wonderful today. You got a real busy week scheduled up coming up. So, Hey, what don’t want to speak on today is this past past few days, we’ve had a gentleman that has purchased one of our business packages out of Huntington beach in town. Got Getting him trained up. So I’ve got some more work to do. What I want to go, what I want to say is we did this. This is our first package. We saw. We have another gentleman out of Denver coming in tomorrow that also ball the ball package also bought a package as well. We got to, we got a gentleman, in Virginia in Milwaukee that are very interested in hopefully, hopefully we’ll go ahead and get one purchased here soon. So, um, we did this first one knowing we set it up best that we could and we set it up to where we thought and a tenor or you know, when you set up in a temporary and we thought this would work great.
And you know, but we knew we learned a tremendous amount of work pretty well. But what we realized is when we did this is that we actually need to set it up where they’re mostly trained as far as on using invoicing software, quickbooks and we use to go, uh, answering phones, having good truck knowledge already. How we quote jobs. Basically we’re going to put a training regimen together that they have before they actually visit us. And then when, when, when business, when, when the package customers come in, we give them a lot of time on the truck and um, get them a bunch of time on the truck where they’re learning on quoting jobs. They’re learning how to move stuff throughout homes. They’re learning, you know, we’ve got time to show him some maintenance, uh, some additional maintenance information on, on the Isuzu don’t trucks because there’s some specific stuff on Susie’s people need to know.


If You’re Not Going To Start Now, When?
So where I’m going is, is a lot of y’all are afraid to get out there and try something until you think it’s perfected and what you need to do is you need to get it good. You didn’t get as good as you. Pretty good at the start as you can, but you’re gonna learn so much once you actually get out there and do it. I remember when I used to race cars, I was, I was always concerned I’d read these. I’ve read books about the best line to take into a corner. This is, you know, you didn’t have simulator back then, so you couldn’t get any information off simulators to hell. Now with simulators you can get out there and you can learn how to drive before we’ve even gotten into car. But back then you know, and I was young. I was 16, 17 when I was reading these books. I was reading these books on, on, on, on, on entry points into the corner and wind to pick up the gas and when to get on the brake and should use left brain, left foot braking or should use, right foot breaking and how hard to jab the gas. You know, on a, on a race car, you don’t know. Somebody would think you might just jab the gas and on very, very few tracks you might, but normally, especially on short tracks, you ease it in you, you consider like, yeah, on a given between your foot and that in the throttle pedal and you ease in that throttle. Otherwise you’re going to break traction in the back or if you’re pushing, if you’re tight, the front end’s going to try and split up the coroner. So somebody finally told me, he said, man, you’re researching the hell out of this thing. You just got to get a car to do it. I kind of think it was like, hey, exactly right.

So I got a car. I got out there and I learned it was nice knowing that knowledge beforehand, but you’re all going to get split. So good. You research it, some you do, you take your best, Your Best Jab at it, your best shot at it, then you get out there and do it. And that’s something we’ve always been willing to do with demolition. You know, we, we, we learn what we can do. We watch youtube videos and then we got out there and did it, you know, and we didn’t have any prior training, prior knowledge or anything like that. I’m at at that point now you should get training if you can. We didn’t have an avenue to get training. Um, but you know, you should get training and then you should get, try and get as good as you can, but then you know, but don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t get so focused on you need additional training, needed additional training.

Hell that you never actually get out there and do it. So those of you who got drunk removal businesses. You’ve been researching. You research and you research and you research and some of y’all been researched in two years, three years, four years, something I’ve been thinking about going out and starting your own business for five or 10 years. You know, you’ve got analysis paralysis here. You’re not moving. You’re afraid to move guys. You’ve got to grow up here. You gotTa, you gotta get some balls, man. You got to get some big old balls and you got to get out there and, and, and you got to take a shot. You got to go for it. You know, get training learned from those that have done it already in whatever industry, whatever business you go on, read books, all of y’all, I, every single one of you to be out there reading at least a book or two a month at least a book or two a month.

The average American reads like one or two books a year and a, a lot of y’all are written any books at all, you know. And then the average CEO of a fortune 500 company is reading over 50 books a year. And y’all want to know what’s the difference between you and that and that CEO that’s making 10, $20,000,000 a year that seen either reading and they read no damn romance novels like, like half, like half of y’all maybe not watching these youtube channel, but I think half the books in America written or read a property romance novels. They ain’t reading that shit. They’re out there. They’re reading self improvement stuff. They’re reading about the economy, they’re reading about marketing moves about finance, about how to leverage and their reading stuff relevant to their, uh, their particular industry and the and they are becoming just a extremely knowledgeable, an expert.

They’re becoming an expert in whatever they do and, but they’re always learning. Even when they are an expert, they’re always learning. They’re always studying. So you always have to have that, but you also have to get out there and do it because you’re going to learn a, you’re going to learn more by getting out there and doing it than reading that. You need that, that knowledge, that reading knowledge. Because there’s a lot of times if you haven’t gotten that knowledge, if you haven’t read, you won’t recognize situations when you get out there and actually hit it or actually doing it, that, that where that applies, the rating is going to get you to the next level. It’s going to get you that extra 10 or 20 percent, but getting out there and doing and it’s gonna get you about 80 percent learn, get out there, get started, get, grow.

Some, grow, some balls, get you know, take a chance and get going and, and, and don’t worry about the money. If you’ve got the knowledge, you feel like it’s a good industry spending every damn dime you got to get into it. You know what I mean? You know some of y’all, somebody else so damn afraid of losing your money. It’s, it’s ridiculous. You know, money. Money Ain’t meant to be hoarded. A lot of y’all, you’re, you’re getting kind, kinda selfish. You’re hoarding that money. Money is meant to be spent. It’s meant to be invested. It’s meant to grow. It’s meant to hire people. When you get out there, you’re being selfish. You hoard your money if you’re really, if you’re running a single truck operation, you’re being selfish. You’re sitting there, you’re afraid to spend money. One year you’re building, you’re building something that you.

It’s not, it’s not sustainable. You’re going to have physical trouble problems at one point or another. You’re going to. There’s no question about it. If you’re 25 years old, you know there is at some point in your life, probably sooner rather than later is as hard as you have to do this job where you’re going to have physical issues. You’re not gonna be able to have an income. You’re putting your family in jeopardy because you don’t have a backup plan because you’ve been selfish to not invest in more trucks, to not invest in marketing, to get you more business, to not invest in, um, uh, getting off the truck and getting people, getting a business that runs without you, that’s going to give you an income so you can support your family. Even when you’re hurt, you’re putting your family in jeopardy, you’re being selfish.

And then when you hoard the money, you’re keeping it out of the economy. You’ve got people, you’ve got potential people that could be working for you, you all to be giving them money and growing your business. So money to me is something to be spent. It’s something to be invested, not hoarded at what the hell’s the point of money if you’re not, if you’re not going to spend it, you know, people. People talk about what was that book written in the millionaire next door and everything about saving, saving, saving. What the hell is what we’re while have a million dollars. If you can’t actually spend it, if you’re not actually going do good. If you can’t get out there, you know, those of you that sit there and like you know, enough is enough. It’s bullshit. You know, you got a lot of good you can be doing, you’ve got a lot of people you could be hiring and then once you start making a lot more money, you know, who’s, who’s got, who’s got a bigger, who’s able to uh, donate more to charity, a rich person or a poor person that’s not always saying that rich people donate more to charity than a poor person or a middle class person, but a rich person can do a hell of a lot more good by accumulating as much money as possible and the only way that’s going to happen is by investing.

And then they take that money and, and they, they, they can donate it to charity, donated to projects, they can build their business more which hires more people, you know, that’s that, that’s the entire deal there. But it all starts with getting started and not being scared. And those of you. So we all get older, people get older and I mean I understand this. I mean I, I wouldn’t want to lose what I have now. What I’ve built now. If I did though, I mean I know I could just double back, you know, like I said, it knocked me on my ass for a couple of weeks and then I’d build it back. But those of y’all that you get into your thirties and forties and you get afraid, it’s like you don’t want to grow anymore and you get constrained and, and, and, and, and that’s just a mistake at 40 years old, but most of y’all at 40, if you’re 40 years old, most of you all have not even lived half your life and you know, you get content, you know, and I understand, I understand this even at 28, you know, I’ve had a lot of setbacks, but I just keep going.

I mean I just keep punching a punching and punching him. If I have another 10 years of setbacks, I’m gonna keep. I’m gonna keep going. You know, I’m, I’m, I’m a ran that wall to the bitch comes down. You know what I mean? So y’all have y’all settle. A lot of y’all get with a spouse that makes you settle. That’s always, you know, she’s spending time with me. You know, you care more about your business than you do, you know, you do me and, and, and shit like and shit like that. And they’re there. You need to find a good balance. I mean, you know, there’s, you always need to find a balance throughout your life, but don’t let a spouse, a parent, a friend. No, don’t, don’t let that individual drag you down and make you crush, crush your dreams because chances are you have those dreams before you.


Chasing and Working For Your Dreams

Well maybe not your parent, but chances are you have had those dreams before you ever met. We met your spouse so you’ve had the dream is longer than you’ve had. You’ve had the spouse. When the spouse gets with you, they need to understand they’re getting with your dreams also, they, it’s, they don’t have the right to crush your dreams. So I know a lot of y’all have been at, I’ve been just forced to settle. Screw said fuck is. The photo was settling. You know what I mean? You don’t go after it and have good time to take a chance. Get out there and do it and your life is just going to be so much more fulfilled. Yeah, you’ll have a shit ton of setbacks. I mean, it’s gonna happen, but I’ll tell you what, you get to the point where just bother bothering. You know, I was like, shit, throw, throw more at me, you know, give me all your got and you know, I can take it, you know, it don’t bother me.

The first 20 setbacks are probably the toughest. Then after that, it’s like the hell life goes on. Life continues on when you still have a hell of a lot of fun. I mean if I was broke, I’d have fun now with, with, with more money. I have a hell of a fun. When I got money I get on there and have an airplane. I can run a boat. I don’t buy a boat. Uh, I don’t have enough time right now. I’d love to have a boat, but shit, I want to, I want a big damn bug when I get one, but you know, I get up there and rent a boat, but you know, I can, I can do it. I won’t go if I want to go sky, sky dive and I don’t do that anymore. I did it once, you know, but you know, there’s, I got the money to go out there and have a blast.
But if I lost everything I have, I still have a way to find, to have fun. I love life. And, and those, the old that just some, some people just, they don’t, they don’t take chances. You know, you’ll get one of these live lives. One of the most, one of the greatest things is ever happened to me in my life is the fact that my dad and my dad has been throughout my life, has been my best friend. You don’t have any times, you know, we’ve been been at each other, but he’s always. He’s been my best friend throughout my entire life. And he did something also to expose me to aviation from an early age. I got exposed to people with wealth. I got exposed to older people and it made me realize everything somebody older people always talk about is how short life is.


Live Your Life, The Best Way

And it is, it is extremely short. You live at one time, hey, maybe I don’t. Maybe we will. Maybe we come back. Hell, I don’t know. But, you know, no, you live at one time and make the most of it. Have a hell of a lot of fun. Build something big and take chances and do as much good as you can and create a legacy. You know you’re not. Does he own a single truck operation? Those that are are solopreneurs or whatever. You’re not building a legacy shit 50 years from now. Ain’t nobody gonna know who the hell you were. So, you know, build something great, build you something sustainable, building something do you can sell, build you something you can pass down to your family, build you a legacy. It starts with starting though. If you don’t get ever get started, he never going to build, so if you don’t lay a foundation to a house, that’s the very first day he started laying the foundation. If the foundation doesn’t get laid, the house doesn’t get built, or if it does get built without a foundation, it falls down at the first sign of trouble. So get out there, get started, grow a pair, take a chance, build you a hell of a life, build your legacy, build you something that you can pass down to your kids and be remembered for. That’s what I’m going after. Are you?