Hey guys I’m Lee Godbold with Junk Removal Authority. I’m here in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Behind us is the Google Office for Chapel Hill. Shane and myself just had a meeting out here. We got an invitation to Mountain View and tour their Google office as well. We’re learning a lot of great new strategies or some stuff that Google just started. Namely you can actually list your pricing for your services and estimates online as part of your Ad. There‚Äôre additional lines now that you can take. We can really expand those Ads and have a lot more real estate. There’s also some stuff on marketing funnel. We had a great campaign already but we’re really going to be able to take some of these changes and implement to even better campaign. Especially on the display end of things. So, in the past we have mainly done searching. We are experimenting with display Ads now and Google is helping us to accomplish that. Check us out at junkra.com and call us at 919-617-1975.