Staying around the same ol people and doing what they do means you’ll get the same results you always have. Get around people that have what you want and help as many people as possible to bring your junk removal business to a place it’s never been.

What’s going on, guys. It’s Lee over here from Junk Removal Authority. I’m down here in Lakeland Florida at an airshow. This is a great hobby right here. That’s also what I used in a lot for business. This is an expensive hobby. What’s neat is you get around and you put money. This airplane right here is a $300,000 airplane. Get exposed to stuff. Get around people other than who you’ve been hanging around with, your friends you’ve been hanging around with, and all that kind of stuff. You can acquire stuff that you never thought you could acquire before.


I’ve met with Dennis Miles from Sun Services yesterday, trying to help him out grow his business. He’s been in business for 10 years. We kind of just got together. We weren’t really consulting call, we kind of just compared notes, and see what he did, what works for him, and let him know kind of works with us. I gave him a couple of tips about contacting professional organizers, the National Associations of Professional Organizers. Contacting them, calling them up by cold calls. We will be here throughout most of the week. We actually taped that interview, so we’ll get that interview posted up. Follow him, that’s Dennis Miles of the Sun Services, and we’ll be checking everybody real soon. We’ll expand your horizons – if you’re always around the same people, you’re never going to move yourself up. Get around people that have done stuff that you want to do yourself. That stuff rubs off on you. You start to see how they think, start to acquire the stuff they’ve got. You got to have some sort of motivating factor. Money is not enough of a motivating factor. You got to have something else that you enjoy doing, some other reason to really push yourself expand your business. When you acquire money, you just got to help people. That’s all it is. It’s just a matter of helping as many people as you possibly can. And how do you help people? You got to get exposure. You got to get people to where they know about your business. The only way for them to know your business is to market, is to getting out there to give people your business cards, the yard signs up, market online. Do whatever you got to do to let people know about your service. People know about you, they are going to use it. Junk removal is a service a lot of people want. You just got to make enough people aware of it, before they’ll start using it.


We’ll check back in soon. We’re here through Saturday, but i’ll still do trash talk episode daily. Also, we’ll get the Dennis Miles recording posted. I might be able to get that today, or tomorrow. Talk to everybody soon.