Hey guys! quick check-in here on a Tuesday afternoon, it is about 6:00 P.M. Just got back from work. I’ve been doing too many videos here recently and I apologize for that. I think after several months of putting this stuff out and people getting to know us and all of us coming to the Pay per Job program and everything. We’ve just had 15 leads come in over a couple of days and it’s taken time to get those called back. A lot of them have converted so we’re up to 12 cities now on Pay per Job. So, between Pay per Job and managing an AdWords campaign or two, we’re at 12 cities and this time last week we were at about 3. I’ve been very busy keeping up with that.



One thing that I’ve had over the last couple of weeks and I’ve just kind of made a commitment to doing is making sure I’m busy. I’ve always wanted to stay busy all throughout the day. But sometimes when at work, when you get to a point where you can stay busy. You can probably learn some stuff and you’ll get some stuff done but you’re not at your maximum production. At that point I’ve made a commitment to stay busy throughout the day. But if I get to the point at work where I’m no longer at maximum production, I’ll come home and do something like spend time with my wife and work on the relationship there. I’ve got this airplane we’ve been restoring. I didn’t use to be somebody that really liked to spend a lot of times on mechanics. I’m a huge believer in the capitalistic system and whatever time you can spend in doing your job is the best.



The most productive time is the time you spend on your job, and you pay other people to fix stuff. For example, this airplane. A couple months ago I might have hired somebody to come in and fix this but I’ve learned to appreciate working on this kind of stuff. I never used to but my dad did. My dad very much appreciated working on stuff. I was never really one to appreciate doing this kind of stuff but I’ve gotten to the point now that I actually like doing physical work. Maybe that’s because of my job, I hardly do any physical work at my job. A lot of its office work and it’s on the phone. I spend 80% of my day on the telephone. I mean, I’ll make hundreds of calls in any given day. The fact that I am no longer physically active like I was several months ago before JRA was still, even though it wasn’t on the truck, it was a lot more of running around, doing quote jobs, working on trucks and getting parts, and doing sales calls. I was active doing sales calls because it was in-person sales calls a lot of times, whereas JRA is always on the phone. I’ve begun to really appreciate working on this and once we finished up on this airplane, we’ve got a 71′ Firebird Formula 400 that dad and I are going to start doing. It is well, so I’ll just stay busy.


I’m either working on my relationship, business, or hobby like going flying. There’s going to be no down time. I’ve never been one to have downtime. I’ve never been one to sit around and my wife would sometimes want to sit around a little bit more than I do, but I always want to stay busy. I always want to be on the go. I always want to be going someplace. That doesn’t always mean that you need to be working on your business though because when you get to the point you’re not as productive at your business, you can take some time off. Put some time on the hobbies, put some time with your wife. That increases your productivity tremendously later on.


The first thing you got to do is you’ve to get off the truck. Those of you who are on the truck, you’re not being productive. Yeah, you’re getting jobs done and you’re physically doing something. I know some of you all going to give you some flack of this. I don’t really care though, obviously, because I keep saying the same thing over and over. If you’re out on the truck all the time, you’re picking up junk guys, it’s not how you build a business. I mean there’s nothing wrong with it. We have 35-40 people that worked for us that pick-up junk. It’s a great job, majority of them are great guys. I won’t say it’s necessarily their dream job. Some of them really like it but they’re still figuring things out. But you as a business owner, when you’ve gone into it and you want to step up to the next level but you don’t have the freedom to buy this airplane and have the time to work on it. If you take time filling the truck and you take time to do this, you’re missing out on income. I spend all day Saturday working on this airplane and those of you on the truck, you can’t give up a Saturday. Our trucks average on a Saturday between $1300 to $1500 on each truck, so you can’t take that off. You make more money per job when you’re on it, but you’re truly not being productive.


You need to really be working on building something. On building a business that’s sustainable outside of it so you can enjoy hobbies like this. If you get to the point where you say, “I’ve got to work a lot.” You get these people all the time, these motivational speakers whatever, and they are right. You have to work hard and this is not a 40-hour week job, this is a 60- or 80-hour week job. But if you get to the point where you’re not being as productive. Stop what you’re doing if you can, if you don’t have a commitment. If it’s something that you got to get done but doesn’t have to right now, take a break. Work on a hobby, go spend some time with loved ones and then after they’re asleep at 12:30 A.M. or 1:00 A.M., go to work. I did that the other day, I came home at 1:30 AM on a Friday and I couldn’t believe it. Somebody called JRA at like 12:30 AM, they’re out of Houston so it is like 11:30 P.M. their time and they were interested in using our call center. It’s 11:30 P.M. and you get a phone call. They blew their mind when I picked up and talk to them. They couldn’t believe that somebody picked up and talked to him at 11:30PM and it was me. He said, I can’t believe you’re answering the phone especially this time of night. I enjoyed that phone conversation, I thought that was funny. Sitting there working in the office and all of a sudden, the phone rings past midnight and I get to bed about 2:00 AM or whatever. But that Friday I had about 10 hours of work in and I hit a bit of a wall so I quit work and I went home. Spent some time with my wife and we just had a good time. Then I went back to work after she was already asleep. Just always stay busy, stay moving but it doesn’t always have to be on work. Make each area of your life productive. Make each area of your life successful. Don’t neglect any area. It’s very hard, I struggle with it. I’m not going to sit up here and tell you all I’m perfectly this, I’m still figuring it out too. Always calibrating and that’s what you got to do. You always have to be making changes. Don’t just get set in stone that this is what you’re going to work on. This is how it’s going to be and all the other stuff be neglected. Always be improving, always be tweaking both your business as well as your life and you’re going to build something really special.


Everybody, have a wonderful evening. Those of you on the truck, hope you’re still working at this time, making great money. That way you can make that money, you can invest in people, you can invest in more advertising to get more business and get help. Then you get off the truck and really build yourself business. Talk to everybody soon, 919-617-1975. We’ll see you all later.