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What’s going on guys? It’s a Sunday morning, a beautiful Sunday morning in North Carolina. I’m headed to the office. I got quite a bit to do today. It’s a late morning, but I’ve got quite a bit to do today because I’m going to be picking up the phone and calling junk removal businesses all throughout the country. All next week, talk to them about AdWords Management. It’s a good chance if you’re a serious player in the junk removal game, you’re going to be talking to me this week.


What I want to talk about with you right now is tackle. I’ve been hearing a little chatter about people getting worried about tackle. Tackle has been in the Raleigh market now for about six or seven months. I don’t think we’ve seen any negative impact on our business. I think tackle is just a way for the everyday pickup truck hauler that we’ve been competing against since we started. You’re always going to have the competition with the guys in pickup trucks. Well, people are doing is they’re worried because tackles got “$30,000,000,000” in investment or $30,000,000,000 valuation, or something completely ridiculous. They’re worried just because of that B-word, that big number. There are some big differences between tackle and Uber. Number one, unlike Uber, the service providers on tackle are not going to be better. Somebody that hires Bubba off of tackle, Bubba is not going to be providing the same level of service as Junk Doctors. If you’re a professional company, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Bubba’s going to show up in a truck that isn’t as nice, it is not going to have company logos on it, it’s not going to have good reliable help, it’s not going to be in uniform, and it’s probably just not going to do as good of a job. What you’re going to have is mainly the cheap people. The customers that we really don’t want, the cheap customers, are going to use tackle. That’s just going to be another medium for them to find the best price. We don’t chase price. You need to get to the point where you don’t chase price. You can take advantage of it some when you first start, but you’re still going to appear much more professional. Even if you’re the cheapest of the professional people, you’re going to be better off as far as tackle. Tackle can actually be a good thing for junk removal businesses because maybe it’ll keep the cheap people from giving us calls and wasting our time. The people who don’t appreciate good service. I don’t think it’s going to be a bad thing, but it’s not better. Uber’s better than most taxi companies. The cars are cleaner, drivers are generally more professional, they don’t smoke. So, Uber is generally better than a taxicab company. That’s not going to be the case with service providers, there’s no way.


What are the biggest things? It is the customers. There’s something about coming into your home to do a service. Getting into a car, yes that could be a little sketchy at times, but you don’t want to invite somebody into your home unless you’re very confident that that particular person is going to be good. The other thing is they have no liability insurance. Those providers are not going to have liability insurance because it’s just too expensive for the amount they get paid from tackle. The customers aren’t going to be protected, they’re going to know that, and they’re not going to be comfortable with that. You might get some stuff, or if people take stuff out in the garage, or they take it out into the driveway or something, then it might be okay having somebody come pick the stuff up if they’re not going into a home. Since they don’t have liability insurance, your apartment complex and your other commercial companies that require certificate of insurances, tackle providers are not going to be able to do those. The final thing is people are just getting tired of Apps. Every time you turn around, somebody is inventing an app. Every would-be-entrepreneur out there just thinks they are going to go out there they can build an app and make billions of dollars. The guy that started tackle very well might, because he’s just got a crazy number of people that have invested in it. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I think what you might want to do is really shore up your processes, and your management, and your customer service, and just make sure you’re being found out. Make sure you’re reaching people. Reaching as many people as you can right now before tackle catches, if tackle is going to catch on, is going to be huge. Being on AdWords, having good SEO, being on YouTube, all that sort of deal is probably a smart thing. Get as many customers as you can now, so that’s repeat business that you can get later on. Again, I wouldn’t worry too much about tackle. I don’t think it’s going affect the junk removal industry very much. My opinion is that I don’t think it’ll last very long. Talk to everybody soon.