Good morning guys! What’s going on today? I’m Lee Godbold with Junk Removal Authority. I’m checking in with everybody this morning. For those of you who don’t know who I am, and just now finding this channel. I built an over $2,000,000 a year Junk Removal Company within six years in the North Carolina Market. co-founder of Junk Removal Authority. We do website, search engine optimization, and AdWords management for junk removal, and other service in industry companies. You can check us out at or for short.


One of things that I want to mention today to everybody. When you get these large jobs, you try and go about it cheap. Just the other day, remember I was reviewing a member of a Facebook group. Somebody posted there that they had 79 concrete pads. They’re looking for companies to get removed for him. He was trying to figure out what to price for that and he was talking about doing it with a sledge hammer.  It’s not smart and it’s not good. It’s not a good use of your time. The upside from using a sledge hammer is far too little. What are you going to say? If you’re going to say maybe a thousand bucks over going to bottom that out. It’s going to take you three weeks longer. It’s going to break your back, and your people’s backs. They’re going to hate their job and you’re going to get the job done a lot slower. The customers are not going to be as happy. You look like an amateur out there. Doing it with a sledge hammer is not a good use of your time. Too many of you are worried about spending a little bit of money to do something right and get something done quickly to expand. You’re worried about saving 100 bucks or a thousand bucks.


Generally, what’s going to happen probably is instead of that guy pocketing the difference. He’s going to sit there and quote the job lower to this Housing Authority. He probably will get the job unless they find out he’s going to use a sledge hammer and they’re like, “No, we are not going to do this because you are never going to get it done.” It might have actually hurt him, but what will happen is he will work a lot harder. It won’t make any money or won’t make as much money. He has a good chance. He could quote. He could rent a bobcat with an attachment, and have the correct tool for the job. I’ve learned a long time ago that having the right equipment, maybe having too much of it. Being too prepared is a good thing. You might go out and get more equipment than you really need. You might want to spend a little bit of your money than you really need I’d rather have my profit to be $500 or a thousand dollars less on a decent size job like that.  Acquire the right equipment and you will be able to do it fast. Speed is what matters, as well as profit. You need to make money, but it’s all about speed. How quick you can get it done, so that you can move on to the next project. What will happen is this guy that gets the job might have spent three weeks doing this job. He’s going to turn away at work.


You have to get it done fast and quick. You have to move on to your next job, in that way you’re not turning away at work. There’s a lot of business to go around. If you can’t get to it quickly, there’s a lot of companies out there that will. Customers won’t choose you. You have to get this stuff done and fast. Don’t sit there and think small, you shouldn’t even be considering going into any job of any size with concrete or a sledgehammer. Get a bobcat if it’s a big job or at least rent an electric jackhammer for $80 a day. Most of the way, save your back with an electric jackhammer, and completely save your back with a bobcat. Get the job finished and move on. It’s all about speed, that’s the name of this game, speed. Rather, do it a little faster. Make a little bit less of money where it didn’t take a lot longer. Call us at 919-617-1975. Check us out at This is Lee Godbold bringing you another small tip on junk removal. Again at, we’re here to help. Everybody, have a great day. Talk to you soon.