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What’s up guys? LG here at Concord Regional Airport. Just leaving Charlotte. You look back there, that’s Joe Gibbs Racing plane back there. This is how we get from Raleigh to Charlotte locations.


Travel different business meetings, national accounts and all that kind of stuff. Not by jet. We’d love to have a jet. We got a single-engine plane up here. You’re not going to get that by thinking cheap. We’ve got the single-engine plane. We’re not thinking cheap now. We’re looking to upgrade to something else. Moving forward and every time you get something, adding another truck. You need to be looking to the next truck you’re going to add. Always be pushing forward and trying to acquire something else. Otherwise, you get bored. If you want to put it on autopilot, that’s very appropriate for being at the airport right now. If you don’t put your business on autopilot generally get bored and that’s when you screw up. Don’t be thinking cheap and always be striving for the next thing.