You are your happiest and have the most energy when you are chasing something. Always be striving to improve. Don’t settle!

Good morning guys. Just waiting on. I’m a little bit early to a meeting I’ve got here, so I got a little bit of time. Just recorded a Junk Removal Made Simple episode on the worst mistakes we ever made running our junk removal business. That’s really great. My hope on it and my goal is that when you all watch that, you’ll avoid making those same mistakes we made. I’d love to know where our business could be if we had avoided those mistakes early on. So, a personal mistake that I’ve made from time to time and I’ve always gotten over it. I found that that’s been the most depressed because I wasn’t really depressed, but my spirits were the lowest when I settled.

So, there’s been a couple times where I’ve reached a certain level of in business where I didn’t have to be on the truck all the time. I had some freedom to do what I wanted to do. I was making a decent amount of money. I started to settle. I started not to improve the business. I started not to push as hard. It only lasted for a month or so, but over just that one month I noticed a decline in business. I noticed I was sleeping in later and I really wasn’t as happy. We went to the beach more and I did a few other things and all of that, but I wasn’t as happy as when I was pushing hard and I had clear goals and all that sort of stuff.

So, settling is one of the things that you’ve got to avoid. I remember my grandfather, and I’ve seen several older people do this. I’ve had the privilege of being friends with a lot of older people. Growing up, I was in aviation through my dad. That was typically older, most people were older that were in it because are people that could afford it. So, I was around with a lot of it at that time, 50 to 60-year-old that became 70 and 80-year-old. Many of which have passed on at this point. I’ve seen a lot of those guys, a lot of them had a lot of money being involved in aviation and a bunch of money. Those people, they always had goals. They always had a project they were working on, always improving. Always chasing something. I’ve seen others and my grandfather was the same way.

My grandfather had goals and ambitions at one point, but then he gave up on. I saw it as soon as he started watching TV and he wasn’t working anymore. He wasn’t striving for something. He was retired. I mean, you could just see him go down the hill and it started at that exact point. Some people may say “Maybe he’s health went down.” He quit engaging his mind. He quit engaging his body. He quit striving for something and that’s ultimately what people live for. I believe the human race lives for constant improvement. Somebody people are like, the idea of improvement might be different than mine, but you’ve always got to be working on. As soon as you lose that ambition, you start sleeping in a lot more. You start getting too much sleep. You start getting sick more, you won’t have as much energy. You won’t be as happy and people will say that’s incorrect. Generally, the druggies, what are they? Most of the heavy drug users are lazy. They lay around a lot, so they get themselves into trouble. They get themselves into drugs and all that kind of stuff. Then they just deteriorate from them own.

Aim High With Your Business

Don’t settle on your income when you hit an income level that you were targeting, raise up your next income level and give it a big bump. Give it five times or 10 times the amount you’re currently making. Make it a goal that you have to work for and write that goal down once or twice a day beginning. I write my goals at the beginning of the day. I wrote my goals down at the end of the day and that keeps me pushing. If you’ve got a home, you’re really happy. Happy with guys and it’s your dream home or whatever. Well, start aiming for something else. If you’ve got a 3000 square foot home, aim for 5,000 or 6,000 homes or a big garage or something. Always look to improve your home. Your vehicle, look to improving your vehicle. When I get one vehicle and when I get a vehicle, I’m thinking already thinking about my next one. What’s my next one going to be? What am I going to get next? What’s it going to have than my current one that it doesn’t?  Your physical body I’m not the shape I want to be in. I push hard every day trying to get there. I was actually thinking about today, I wonder if I’ve gotten it about as far as I on my own. I wonder if I need to start investing the money in a personal trainer every single day just to really whip me into the shape that I want to be in. Your relationship, that’s the hard one. We got everything else going on. You got to make sure you’re not being content in your relationship. You’re not taking that particular person for granted. That you’re really pushing hard and that you’re trying to keep the heat in that relationship going. You’re putting time towards that relationship on purpose. I plan my day out. I plan with the time that I’m going to spend with my wife. All of that was planned out. My entire day is planned out from start to finish.

Working Towards Business Growth

Your business, I enjoy growing a business more than anything else. I enjoy flying. I enjoyed cars. But growing the business, seeing a business grow. Expand and just seeing all the people I can help, that’s what gives me the most pleasure in life. I’m going to bang it as hard as I can every single chance I get to try and grow that business. I’ve got to go right now when I hit that goal. I got a couple of different levels of goals. I got one year ago and I got about a 10-year goal where I want to be in 10 years. We hit that goal in the next year. We might hit that 10-year goal by year 5 and when we hit that, I will be setting another goal. I’m going to be doing 5 or 10 times. what I was anticipating before Any dream and aspiration you have, you got to go after. You settle, the only reason you’re going to settle, it’s because you convince yourself that your dreams and ambitions are unattainable. In reality, all of it is because you’ve gotten sick and tired of the disappointments along the way and you can’t handle them. That’s tough. We go through disappointments all the time. Sometimes the other thing you’ll do is you’ll think about that 10-year goal. There’s so much that happens that has to happen in between that you’ll psych yourself out and you’ll say that is impossible. The thing is you’ve got envisioned. You’ve got to almost think that you already have that 10-year goal. This hadn’t been delivered yet, but you’ve got it. Then you set micro goals in between. You set milestones you have to accomplish all the way up to that 10-year goal. You got to be happy all the way along the way, but you’re going to be a lot happier when you’re going after it. You’re going to have hurt. You’re going to have disappointments that will last for a couple of days or a day. Maybe a couple of days. If it’s really bad, maybe a few weeks. You got to get over them. You got to keep pounding away on your bad days. You’ve got to be pounded on your good days. You got to be pounded every single day. You got to bang it as hard as you can and just chase after those goals. Chase after those ambitions, do not settle. You’re going to be your happiest.

You’re going to have the most energy when you’re working towards a goal. I guarantee it. Everybody, have a wonderful day. We’ll talk to you real soon. Let’s not settle today. If you got a schedule you’re pretty happy with it. You get 3 or 4 jobs on the schedule and making a good amount of money. Somebody calls you up and call you up last second. They call you up at 4:30. “Yeah, I’m going to take your business. I’ll be there. I’ll be there in an hour.” Take that job. Don’t settle for a good day. Chase after it. Chase after your goals. Chase after your ambitions and make all your dreams and aspirations come true and when they do come through, set more dreams and aspirations. Talk everybody real soon.