There are some junk removal companies out there that just aren't professional grade. Focus on long-term growth and delivering a service that gives your customers confidence. Don't be an amateur.

Alright guys so today I want to tell you something that’s really simple but really important, don’t be an amateur. What does that mean? Look, we’ve all seen guys and not just in junk removal who show up in a customer’s home in an old, unmarked truck, wearing some dirty overalls and carrying a clipboard. Half the time they don’t call before they arrive, that’s being an amateur. On the business side, there are people who don’t keep their books up-to-date, skip on insurance, don’t have a good website or don’t want to advertise. That’s being an amateur. Here’s the thing, the difference between the amateurs and the pros starts with quality of service, but if you’re watching this video you’re clearly dedicated to that. Customers can’t be certain about the quality of service you offer unless they use you. So, you’ve got to self your set apart before they even book you.


Getting Your Business on Google

So, number one, we got Google. This is the 21st-century guys customers are getting on Google to search for Junk Removal as I’ve said time and time again you don’t want to be an amateur you have to make sure you’re ranking well on Google. Get on AdWords and get that SEO going, get yourself out there, you yourself when you’re searching for something in your market, you go on Google to find what you know and find a service that you’re not familiar with or a place you want to go. Why do you think customer searching for Junk Removal aren’t doing the same thing?


Marketing Through Your Website

Alright number two guys, website. Once they find you, customers want to see a professional attractive website, it gives them the information they want. Look, we know website challenging and expensive. If you don’t have a good one we’ve got to cover with our JRA complete website. You’ll get that optimized website that helped build Junk Doctors into a 2-million-dollar year company for a fraction of what you pay for the same caliber site anywhere else. Your advertising, your ranking on Google and you’ve got a professional website, it’s also important for you to have a great business name, logo and colors. Make sure the customer can tell what kind of business you run based on your logo alone. That means your name should be in it somewhere, having Junk Removal in it somewhere will go a long way as well. Your color should be aesthetically pleasing and not too dark or crazy.


Setting Up Your Trucks

The fourth thing, your trucks. Once you got the bookings your trucks make a huge impression. If you’re using a truck and trailer it’s all good, we’ve been there too but upgrade to a dump truck makes your life way easier and leaves a good impression on your client. Paint your truck with eye-catching pleasing company colors and get big logo graphics installed. List your phone number on there too. Once you have multiple trucks, standardize, make it simple. Get trucks with the same size bed and then paint them all to look the same, keep them clean and running right to help build that brand.


Wearing Uniforms

Number five, your uniforms. All, every single one of your guys must have uniforms and be in uniforms at all times. I can’t stress this enough there isn’t much that makes you look less professional than having employee show up to do jobs wearing random old clothes. Get professional uniforms made and issue them to all of your employees. You’ve got to enforce a dress code too, there’s nothing worse than having team members that are supposed to be on uniforms and having one that’s in uniform and having one that isn’t. Keep shirts tucked in and look professional guys that’s the image we are going for, that’s how you build your brand. The Junk Doctor’s uniform is a yellow polo embroidered with our logo or with Black pants, belt, boots, we’ve got winter coats and knit caps for cold weather and a ball cap for summer too. When your guy shows up in uniform the customer instantly feels that they hired the experts.


Choosing The Best Employees

All right number six guys, employees. So what good is a great uniform if the person in it doesn’t back it up. We’re going to be putting out a brand-new video about hiring later this week. What you need to look for them into perspective employee will be covered in that. How to find good candidates, how to interview people the whole nine yards look for that later this week. Here’s the short and sweet of it you’ve got to hire people who can work hard and lift heavy stuff but that can’t be true I’ll be on your own criteria. A matter fact that shouldn’t even be your first criteria. The very first thing you should be looking for when you are somebody’s personality. Find personality first, see if they have the strength, they’ve got both mix them in together, you’re good to go potentially on the that hire. Build a team of people who work well together, who your customers love and who can think on their feet so you don’t have to constantly spend your entire day babysitting them. Remember, especially once you’ve grow old, your employees are going to be the only face of the company that most of your customers see. It’s not going to be your face, it’s going to be your employee’s face. Don’t bring someone on board if you would have any reservations about sending them to your mom’s house to take an old couch. Trust that gut feeling and don’t be afraid to get rid of people who aren’t living up to your standards. As we’ll talk about in the video later this week, stay one step ahead and hiring and this will never be a problem.


It’s All About The Mindset

Number seven, this was the most important. Let’s talk about your mindset. An amateur mindset is I’m going to make a bunch of money right now and I will stick it all in my pocket. That’s amateur guys a lot of thing guys think that if they work on the truck, they won’t have to pay someone else to do it and that will translate to more profit. It’s the wrong mindset guys it’s an amateur mindset. For starters what happens if you can’t work or if you just want to take a little vacation, your business suffers tremendously because you’ve got to close it’s not set up to run without you. You also limit your growth by thinking only about the immediate money. You need to be reinvesting on your profits in your business to keep it growing. A business that relies on its owner to be there every day, to carry on operations is not sustainable. You’ve got to get people and processes in place to make your business work without you. Guys if you want a long-term cash flow that keeps coming or even if you’re on vacation you got to advertise and be willing to move past the mindset of just pocketing instant cash. Investing AdWords, good website, good employees, trucks and uniforms, that’s how you make the real money.


Here’s the deal guys, you can focus on that immediate income, you can spend your life as a slave to your business or you can take control your life, your business and invest heavily in advertising, people and equipment. And to get to the point where you don’t have to do any work unless you want to, what you’re going to find as when you have a business that runs that well, you’re going to enjoy doing the work you do. So, you’ll be able to work even harder and better at the things you do for your business. We are talking about total freedom, achieve total freedom while bringing in way more money than you ever could working on the truck.


So that’s it right there for today guys, I hate to disappoint you this video is over but we got more content coming up later this week. Be sure to subscribe below. As always keep pushing let’s get up there let’s make some money and don’t be an amateur.