Good morning everybody! I hope everybody is doing great on this Sunday morning. Just here in the office. I’ve been working in the last few hours. Such a nice day. Just want to step outside. I got a cleaning lady inside. She was in my office so I said, “It’s a pretty good time to take a little walk around the complex here.” One of the things that we’ve got going on now on our Junk Removal Business on Junk Doctors is that we’re hiring. For the second time, someone outside of our organization to answer calls, deal with truck dispatch and assist with that. One of the things we’ve come to realize is that we always want to give the current truck team we have,

the opportunity to apply for a job like this.  We’ve always known it’s become even more apparent as we’ve stayed in business and realized how important it is for anyone answering the phone to know that they’re not just an order taker.


With junk removal, you don’t just want order takers. You want salespeople or maybe they’re not a salesperson yet, but they’ve got a great outgoing personality. They have a willingness to learn the skills necessary to be a salesperson. That particular position is the most important position in your entire organization. If you don’t have somebody that can take calls, get customers the information they need and explain it in a logical way that they understand and doesn’t confuse them. Then are able to lead the customer, control the sales process and go through the sales process that leads to a booking, that’s what you’re looking for. You’re looking for somebody that either already has those skills and you can refine them or someone that is at least outgoing and receptive enough and willing to learn those skills.


A lot of you that own your business has some problems that you’ve got going on too. You’re not very strong on the phone. I can tell you right now that that’s been huge for us. When we first got started, I had a friendly way of explaining things on the phone. Over the last couple of years, I myself have trained a lot more on controlling the sales process, answering customer objections and when a customer has an objection, getting the objection answered. Then turning it and transitioning onto the clothes to get the job but junk removal is not a complicated sales process. There’re only generally a few objections people are going to have.


If it’s a serious customer, you should be able to lead the sale. The number one thing for those of you that are following the other advices I gave about getting known out there and being up top with Google Ads and SEO. You’re spending a lot of money to get that position and those phone calls. Don’t be doing all that right and then wasting it on the phone end. First, you got to get trained up so you know what you’re doing when somebody calls. Second, you’ve got to replicate you. You’ve got to find people that are strong as you are on the phone and that’s the hard part. That’s what we’re working right now. We’re willing to pay for it too. This position right here, for somebody who has an experience, we’re going to start right about $50,000. Answering phones and dealing with truck dispatch. It’s a pretty good little salary around here with the chances of it going up.


We generally turn just over 72% of our bookings on an average lead to a sale. Now I’m about 76% or 77% and everybody else in the organization is somewhere around 70%. You can see that even I got work to do because I haven’t been able to get people in the same level that I am on converting customers into jobs. I’ve said this before in other videos. The most common questions or objections you get is I need to check my schedule. Well, certainly I understand that. Do you have a day in mind you would be looking to get this done? We can get you put down, make sure you get a spot and if for some reason that doesn’t work out, just give us a call. We can easily reschedule you or cancel you out. The other thing is the spouse and you check with the spouse. I got to understand what day do you have in mind to get this done? If you’d like, we’re going to get you scheduled and get you on. You can let your spouse know that particular date. For some reason that doesn’t work. We’ll get you moved around and get it canceled off and rescheduled. That’s the type of stuff you’ve got to be doing.


You’ve got to have that willingness and they ability to ask the customer if they want a schedule. Don’t let them off. If you truly believe you got a great service offering and your Junk Removal companies offers them a great service. You’re competitive on your pricing. Don’t let them go to somebody else. They can go to somebody else and they’re not going to get this taken care of as well. You spend all that money on advertising to get them to call you and you’re not converting it over because of phone skills. When you go to hire and get somebody to answer your phones, you better not hire them just to be an order taker. You better hire them to be a salesperson and you better make sure you have a compensation plan in place to reward them if they have a really high conversion rate and if they’re strong on the phone. We, as part of our business package offering, we spend a lot of time on phones. We’ve got big sections on phone or video training series, on the operations manuals and on phone skills.


Call us at 919-617-1975. Get those phones go straight. Then you’re going to need to work with us on getting your advertising right and getting you up top on Google, SEO as well as AdWords. Once that phone starts ringing, you’re going to know how to handle them. Handle your phone skills first, then handle your advertising. This is Lee Godbold with Junk Removal Authority. Check us out at If you want to shorten it, it’s Thanks guys! You all have a great weekend.