Compliance Depot is taking over the apartment industry. They are a big pain for vendors to deal with. Lee talks about why, how to handle them, and how you can gain an edge over your competition by being able to get certified with Compliance Depot. Check us out at Subscribe to this channel for all the best junk removal industry info Like and follow us on Facebook at Junk Removal Authority

Good Morning guys. It is a late Sunday morning here in North Carolina. Just finished recording an episode on insurance for Junk Removal Made Simple. Now I know a lot of you all don’t have patience to watch 35 or 40-minute video packed full of valuable information.


So, one of the things I didn’t want to talk about is compliance depot. I briefly mentioned them in the video on insurance. Compliance depot is a pain to deal with. What they are, if you haven’t dealt with them is they are kind of taking over the apartment industry, they work with apartments making sure that their vendors have a W-9 form on file. So, anything they use or any repair or any vendors that deal with that apartments facility have the W-9 on file and have men, all of the insurance requirements insurance is current. They’ve got the correct insurance value and got additional insurance listed exactly as the management company wants. The problem is there is no or very little wiggle room, so we’re getting a decent amount of business from people that have used Junk Hauling companies for 10, 12, 15 years. They’ve done a good job probably cheaper than us. We’re getting a lot of business because we can actually get certified compliance Depot. But let me tell you it’s hard. It’s a lot of effort and time on your part. They want you to pay a $99, it’s just to get listed, just to get the business, they want you to pay $99 for each apartment complex. you know what, you just need to work that in your invoice call so need to charge a little extra to get that 99 back out once you finally do get approved. But really you should be doing that a lot more because there are big I mean hours of my time or another administrators time is spent trying to get approved on compliance depot. Then your insurance agent has to do a lot of work as well trying to get approved on compliance depot. It’s a huge pain. I think they do a decent job for the apartments. They make sure the apartments are covered but I’m hoping some apartment companies are watching this because the problem is a lot of vendors can’t get coverage so you’re really go put your property, your property managers, your part of property managers, the actual person managing that property. You’re putting them in a disadvantage where they can’t find good vendors and Confederacy no to a bit of good job and they might have used for four years. We’re taking advantage of it but let me tell you I wish it was easier, it’s almost not the extra business, is almost not it. It is but it’s almost not worth the crap you have to put up to get approved by Compliance Depot.


So hopefully they ease their restraints to leave a little more wiggle room especially for Junk Haulers. I mean guys, were going to dumpsters and we’re picking crap up well how much damage are we really going to do you know or you know might even by going to a truck and move stuff. Okay, so we bang the wall up or we damage the railings or mess up a floor or something or insurance covers that. Yeah, we got you covered. We’re not going to kill anybody you know and were not going to cause a bunch of water damage. You know there is the damage we can do is so limited knock on wood. So compliance depot it was just kind of a huge pain, we’ve got you probably want to try and deal with them if you can but it is going or you need to talk with your insurance company before you get the new insurance policy on you know, how have you work with compliance depot before, you know is this insuring  or they we’re going to do additional charges I think I don’t want to adjust for additional charge all that needs to be covered.


That episode of Junk Removal Made Simple it takes hours to upload a 45-minute episode. So, it’s going to be awhile It’ll post probably later this afternoon. I want to help each and every one of you who watches it because it can really save your bacon and help you really understand insurance if you’re in Junk Removal now or if you’re thinking of getting into it. Great episode it’s a great episode and I’m proud of putting it out. Call me, +1 919-466-9322, Or email me big [email protected]. Thanks again guys have a great Sunday have a productive Sunday let’s get some business done today, let’s get some stuff and let’s get set-up to really dominate this upcoming week.