It must be the international day of weddings. No we didn’t go to the Royal Wedding but many of our people had weddings to go too. Great example on why you need Depth in your organization. Your life shouldn’t effect your income.

How’s everybody doing today? I hope everybody is doing great this Saturday afternoon. It’s been a day full of events and we’re heading to a wedding right now. My wife is over here, she’s putting makeup on. Anyway, I’m heading to a wedding today. It’s been a busy day at work as far as I know. We’ll wind up do $7,000 to $8,000 a day. That’s everything what I’m talking to everybody. It is about, you got to get off where you’re not on the truck all the time. You got to get it where you got multiple people in place to do everything else, so that way you’ve got freedom in all around your life. The way you got to do that is you got to reach a bunch of people and you got to be not afraid to hire people. You got to reach a lot of people. You have a bunch of business coming in, so you can afford to pay people to do everything else and then you got to bring them in. You’ve got to constantly be training everybody in your organization if they show potential to do anything. To answer phones and to work on trucks. Try and have them wear several different hats, so that way if something comes up like today. An event going on this afternoon and a wedding tonight. Christian is actually in a wedding. Luke is going to a wedding. Aaron’s going to a wedding. We have Omar, he’s able to come in and run everything. We have several people that are able to do everything we need, that way there’s nobody that’s having to miss an important event.

We’ve got freedom throughout our organization. That’s the only way that can be accomplished just because we’ve got a bunch of business and we are more afraid to go out and hire people really before we needed them. I want to help everybody get to that point. Call us at +1 919-466-9322. Happy to share with everybody how we did it. I want work with you so you can get to the same exact point. Everybody, have a wonderful weekend. We’ll talk to everybody if not later today or tomorrow.