Lee with JRA has shown you how to start a junk removal business and how much money one can make. It all starts with customer acquisition. Lee covers the largest way to get customers in this video.

Okay guys! Welcome to another episode of junk removal made simple by the Junk Removal Authority. Today we are talking about customer acquisition. People always talk about us. If you look at our videos, the ones that have the most views are the ones on how much money can you make in junk removal, how much money have Junk Doctors made, what the normal expense percentage is; that kind of stuff. Anything about money. How much money can be made is typically the most watched views from the Junk Removal Authority. It all starts with customer acquisition, so in order to reach those levels of success that $2,000,000 like young Doctors have done, you have to be able to acquire customers.


There are five steps on acquiring customers. The very first one is answering the phone: that is answering professionally and all the time. We have covered this a little bit in the past, but somebody calls you up and you say “Hello, thanks for calling Junk Doctors! This is Lee, how can I help you?” Or you say whatever your business name is. Do not just answer “hello”, answer professionally. The most important thing is to make sure you answer. You can get all the money in the world that you want to on other four steps that I am getting ready to outline, but if you don’t answer the phone it is wasted money. I really want to make this clear. I do these cold calls for Junk Removal Authority quite often. It is amazing the number of junk removal businesses and the number of service businesses altogether that simply do not answer their phone. The Internet has made it so easy to find somebody that does what you do that unless this customer has used you in the past they’ll skip on down. Being able to answer the phone, explain how you price, and then ask for the sale. What some people do is they will call and ask for a price and you will say “Okay, a washer and dryer removal is going to be $95.” or whatever it might be. Once you say the $95, say “Is that something you would like to go ahead and get scheduled.” Ask for the sale. Close the deal. If you do not, then they are going to be a bit more uncomfortable saying ‘no’ or whatever, but they are much more inclined to price shop if you do not ask for the sale. if you make them tell you no, then at that point they are more likely to go ahead and schedule. So, you got to get them on the phone, you got to close the deal once they are on the phone


Second thing is landing pages. This will be like your Website as well, so it goes a lot like how long lines of answering the phone, especially if you are pay-per-click advertising your SEO – there is going to be a couple of things for a list up here. If you are spending your money on your pay-per-click advertising and you are spending money on your SEO and you don’t have landing pages that are going to close the sale – that is what it is all about. The customer could give me the information they need and getting them to schedule a job is what it is all about. That is the reason you’re in business. In your landing pages you have your phone number visible, and we like it “sticky”. If you look at mobile pages that we do, when you go and scroll down that phone number stays up there, so have the phone number where it is clear. If it is a mobile, have the phone number where it is click to call. Make it very easy for them to get in touch with you. You also need to have a video or two on your site with you talking, explaining your services. People do like the videos. You want to have some sort of online booking system. “youcanbook.me” either a free or $13/month one. It is great, it integrates into Google Calendar. it works great and you have one or two trucks or if you are working with us at Junk Removal Authority especially if you are using our call center. We have a system that you can use as well. It is a bit more expensive, but once you get to the level where you need routing or custom routes and by zip code and all that kind of stuff then this is the way to go, and you need pricing information if I did not mention that already. Those are the key things on your landing pages.


Then you get to actually getting the customers. With the AdWords, the pay-per-click advertising, and with search engine optimization, that is how you actually get the customers. It needs to be a combination of both. AdWords is going to be quicker. When you are working with us, we can get you ads up within a couple weeks. For the two weeks your ads are up there running, it is more instantaneous business. Now, you will not have as good a conversion on pay-per-click advertising if your site does not rank well organically. We do great in the Raleigh market, even in Charlotte in Greensboro. Greensboro is a much smaller market. There is 750,000 people in the metropolitan market of Greensboro, 1,800,000 in Raleigh, 2,400,000 in Charlotte. The Charlotte SEO we are currently working on does not rank as well, and subsequently for the amount of money we spent on AdWords in Charlotte, we do not do as well as we do in Raleigh and as we do in Greensboro, when we are working with other companies throughout the country it is the same sort of deal. You can start with AdWords, get instantaneous business. Right from the start this can be very expensive. Sometimes you might have a bit of a loss on this until you get your SEO ranking well, and you get reviews.


You have an AdWords for instant traffic, they see you hopefully up top two or three positions on AdWords they might scroll down some more, and then they see you on the local search results. You have enough reviews, you are close in, you have your Google Plus page set-up right, you could even potentially have another ad on the top of the maps. This rolled out past the maps, and with your SEO they see you in kind of the top three results to the bottom. All of the sudden they have seen your company up top – that is once – they have seen the maps either once or twice – so that is either two or three times total – and then they see you on SEO – that is four – and in a good SEO they might show a fifth time as well. So, when you search for junk removal Raleigh, we are going to be the very top ad, and if you have an iPhone we are going to take up your entire screen, you will then see us on the maps, maybe twice on the maps, and then you are going to scroll down. We are positioned behind ‘1-800-GOT-JUNK?’. Depending on your exact search term in Raleigh, we are either going to be the position underneath ‘1-800-GOT-JUNK?’, or stand-up guy to junk removal. Occasionally it gets a little higher than us on SEO. Now the SEO work we are just starting to invest pretty heavily with Raleigh in SEO, or cam which we call customer acquisition management is something that we have learned over the years we have done this business, and we just had massive strides, but the AdWords and SEO over the last couple months, so we are really starting to get to work hard on SEO. I feel confident that we can get consistently that second spot behind ‘Got Junk’ and occasionally and potentially ahead of them. That Got Junk guy is tough to beat because it is such a large company that they have so many websites linking into them, they have so much web traffic and the site has been out there so long. Got Junk can be tough to beat SEO. It can be done, but it is going to be tough. Even the other franchises are difficult. The other franchises can definitely be beaten because we have done, but it does take some constant attention on SEO. Now what you want is put on some videos, do some YouTube videos that link to your website, and have those transcribed. You should have somebody type them in as you have content. It is actually leaking in on your site.


A blog post; with the blog post you need pictures, which is something are not generates like we have not done very well, but we are not too worried about SEO on the GRA site at this moment. Your blog posts need pictures, it needs fresh, original content, that needs to be posted regularly, and have the keywords in it that you are looking for. Do not spam it, do not make it where it feels unnatural to read, but have those keywords in that you’re trying to attract. I do a blog post once a week, and if you do that, it is going to get the very best results possible in your SEO. Now, getting reviews, this is huge. Again, Junk Doctors in Raleigh. We have like 170 Google reviews. That’s huge. Most of them are 5 stars. They have seen you a lot, you have covered up your market, they know who you are, they see you over the entire Google page, and you have all these great reviews. So, at that point, anybody that has done little of shopping, you are the company they want to go with.


It is all five things. Customer acquisition is all of these five things. If you don’t have one, your results are not going to be optimal. If you do not answer the phone, you are wasting your money on AdWords and SEO. Again, if you are paying somebody for AdWords and SEO, and you are not answering your phone, my office address 10 312 Chapel Hill Road Morrisville North Carolina 2675600, send me that money that you are spending for AdWords and SEO, because I am going to put it to better use to the community. I am going to put it to better use, you are just wasting it. You are just giving your money to Google and SEO companies. If you cannot answer the phone, you are just throwing money out. If you do not want to give them to me, then go down and give it to some beggar on the street because he probably is going to be putting it to better use than you are by not answering your phone. Guys, if you cannot answer the phone, then you really don’t need to be in business. If you are unable to answer your phone, we have a call center. The Junk Removal Authority call center. We can answer the phone as much or as little as you want. If you missed calls, or if you have an important meeting you are going to, if you just want family time use the diagonal call center. It’s is $20 per book job, it is a $250 per month access fee to that call center. I just wish it was around when we started Junk Doctors, and I am loving that we have it now. All of these are together and they will allow you to acquire customers.


Junk Removal Authority – what kind of helps us set us apart is when we first started, we were doing these separate things, and we can still separate them. We could still do SEO and AdWords independently, but now we have our Customer Acquisition Management and it is the entire package. Now we are helping make sure you answer the phone correctly, you have good landing pages – we can build those landing pages for you if they are not right -, we are doing the AdWords, and we are going to prove in our six years of proven AdWords. We have spent over $300,000 in wasted ad spin perfecting this campaign, we have the SEO experience to make a junk removal site rank well, and we will assist you on getting reviews. One of the key on getting reviews is asking for reviews and have text message. Send out a text message to the customer. Have like a template, send the text message to the customer saying “We really appreciate your business today. Would you please click on the link below and let us and others know how we did for you today? We look forward to reading your feedback.”, and actually verbally ask the customer that, say the same thing at the end of the job “Bob thank you so much for your business today. If you wouldn’t mind I’d like to send you a text message with a link to leave us a Google Review to let us know how we did and let others know how we did today. Would you be willing to leave a review?” Then once you get that commitment, send that text message to him right then and there, and then just check and see if you post the review. Asking for a review helps out a lot. Send a text message right in front of them.


This is CAM, the Customer Acquisition Management. If you want us to do CAM, we have packages to get all this and it will go a little bit farther. We will even look into what your competitors are doing. We are trying to find you a competitive edge. Unlike any other SEO or AdWords company that only does junk removal, and understands junk removal, has businesses that does $2,000,000 a year in junk removal. It is a great tool. I am excited to be able to bring in everybody. Let us know 919-466-9322. Business packages right now. Next week will probably be the final week that we are going to be at $50,000 for that business package. We have had a couple major markets that are getting ready to come online, so we are too cheap for $50,000. We have way too much knowledge we have gained over the years to be selling that off to $50,000. I’ve got people who work with me that are keeping it down at $50,000 and I am like “No, it needs to be $75,000”. I’m going to get it to $75,000 just as soon as I can, but I would like to see it at $100,000 soon thereafter, so give us a call, take advantage of the $50000 business package in case you are all the way from the idea, to your running day, to a year’s worth of consulting, we put a team member on your trunk the first week so you can get everybody trained up, we cover your CAM work for several months. It is just a huge deal. It is just awesome. I am glad to be able to work with people that are all ready to pull the trigger and have a junk removal business. Thanks for joining, everybody. Have a wonderful Easter. We will talk with you real soon.