Sometimes you'll have an employee who's a great worker but just lacks the confidence he or she needs to really shine as a leader. Step inside the boardroom with us as we talk strategy and figure out how to create an environment this person can thrive in.


Lee GodBold: Hey guys! We just wrapped up our weekly management meeting. I’m going to let you step into the board room and see part of it. What we always talk about, let’s talk about being tough on team members. When you have a team member that’s working hard, isn’t lazy, willing to work hard, but just lacking some confidence. You’ve got to be able to address it. We’re going to let you see what our strategy is to kind of build him up where he can become a real killer for Junk Doctors.

Good, convinced, back and forth. Some days it’s good. Some days are bad

Lee GodBold:  Is this main issue that fact that he’s just not like when you needed him to work the other day would come in? Are people still looking at the schedule and not the next day schedule and trying to call out or something?

I think that’s part of it. I think it’s multiple things. I think some days he lacks confidence that affects him in a way.

Lee GodBold: In what way? Quoting jobs?

Just quoting the jobs and knowing how to do the job. I know this one, when he has jobs where it’s just like a house clean up, or if it’s something he could just pick right up and just throw in the truck and move on, he’s fine. If anything, we might have to think a little bit like a shade or a hot tub, using straps, or something where you have to do a little thinking.

Lee GodBold: How does he do as far as quoting us up jobs. If he’s not confident, is he still hitting quote about, right?

Yeah, he’s hitting the quotes right. The only quote that I know that he missed was the one in the apartment complex. That’s the only quote that he missed.

Lee GodBold: How bad it was that he missed?

It was a multiple truckload job. I’ve got about three fourths out of it.

Lee Godbold: We’ve had people that miss by a lot worse. You don’t want to miss a half truck, but that’s not the end of the world.

It was a lot of loose stuff too, so that’s going to be hard.

Lee Godbold: I would probably take him out for lunch, give him the company card if you want. When it’s somebody’s day off, just tell me he’s coming for a performance evaluation. I would mention it. I’d asked him about the confidence issue, and you let him know he’s not going to get fired the very first time he misses a quote. What you think first is normally what it is. Once you start thinking, and thinking, and thinking about it, you can only talk yourself down, or the price down, or up, or something like that. Normally, you look at it, and whatever price comes to your head at that point, the load size that’s for 99.9% of the time as the price. I would speak with him on that. And what other concerns do you have with him?

Christian Fowler: Is he lazy?

No, I don’t think he’s lazy. He’s not lazy. He’s always worked for like…

Christian Fowler: Is he nervous?

Yeah, it just seems like he’s nervous about being a T.L., When I worked with him, I think he’s just nervous with just being a team leader. But he’s not nervous when he’s with somebody else that can TL with him. It’s fine.

Christian Fowler: Once you’re nervous about messing something up, we’re going to get frustrated with them.

Yeah, I think that’s what it is.

Lee Godbold: I would make it clear that he’s not going to get fired right off the bat if he misses a quote, or something like that. Even if he tears up the equipment, or if it damages the house, If it’s just a one off occurrence, he’s not going to get fired for it. Obviously, we don’t want that happening, and it really shouldn’t happen, but at the same time just let him know we’re not going to just cut him loose in the first mistake he makes. We really need him to have some confidence so that he can get out there and attack the day, and not have to be calling you a million times over shed, because I think part of what it is there is he’s just worried about not doing it right.

I get a lot of calls from him during the day about little small, tedious stuff. He was just nervous and things like that.

Lee Godbold: Well, that should go away. You can let him know that he can continue calling you, but if it gets to the point where he should know the stuff, if he’s still calling you from a month or two from now about small stuff like that, then at that point you need to really reiterate all that. I would make him make sure he understands everything all fine at this point. He’s not lazy, though?

No, he’s definitely not lazy. That’s definitely not an issue.