Christian on site during a one day demolition project. Price tag $10,500. Job profit: $3500. ONE DAY of work.

What’s up, guys? Christian Fowler here, co-founder of Junk Doctors and Junk Removal Authority. This demo day this Monday morning. You might have seen my videos couple weeks ago. We were out here doing the estimation on this demo here. This was a house at one point, the fire department that controlled the burn on it. There’s a lot of brick, ash, and dirt that kind of thing remaining.

Customers are having to clean this stuff up. Caliban Luke on the Bobcat right there while I’m talking to you. I just want to talk to you guys a little bit about demolition and how much it would cost can be for your business. A lot of junk removal companies especially the franchise stuff like that are not going to be able to do this sort of thing. You know they’ll still tear down a shed, something small. Something that can be done by hand and that sort of thing. This kind of local stuff holders, bigger garages, and stuff like this that needs equipment they’re not going to handle. That’s a huge opportunity for you and your business. Another reason to partner with JRA and not to go with the franchise route. If you want to do this and you have a franchise. This kind of stuff you can’t do it. Just to give you an idea. Last year alone we did a little over a $300,000 on just demolition work. That’s a huge opportunity for you and your business.

This job, in particular, we’ve estimated it, and before we even left the site, our customer had given us a check. We estimated it at $10,500, and we’re going to finish in one day. One day for $10,500. Customer Hanna’s to check before you left and didn’t get another bid. She was so impressed by us, and she utters on the spot. So, like I said this could be an awesome revenue stream for your business. Don’t be scared of this stuff. You definitely need the experience to learn how to do demolition single wide and double wide trailers and garages. We do at least one of these types of jobs a week. We’re averaging that right now. Don’t be scared of this stuff, get in, and learn it. You will be going to have to learn it. We’ll put out some more video on detailed information on demolition but just don’t be scared to do this kind of stuff. I mean $10,500 a day. You have one more shot of it in there. Alright! Christian Fowler once again signing out.