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Good morning guys, good week! Start of another week here at Junk Removal Business, a home service type business. Hope everybody had a wonderful weekend, maybe you got to spend time with your family, get work out it if everybody worked and made money and all that good stuff.

I got some work done yesterday, actually I stayed up until 2:30 in the morning and getting stuff done. We had a surprise retirement party for my mom at our house. I’m taking a lot of time to get that ready than I anticipated for some of the work-related stuff that I had. I did a couple of meetings yesterday and got those in with our team members. Then, we did some work on JRA, but that work got done late in the evening. There’s stuff I needed to get done, but it is 2:30 in the morning before I wrapped it up. Just had to finish out that to-do list sometimes, you know you always have to pack your to-do list with more stuff and then it’s humanly possible for you to get to. But sometimes certain things have got to get done, you just got to make sure that you stay up long enough to understand that finished or do whatever it takes. One of the things I want to talk about because it got me thinking is that if you’re going to host a party, we had like 50 some people we had over yesterday. When you host a party, you want everything to go just right, we had some guy to get the landscaping done. You know we had some trucks there in the morning to make sure that the trash was hauled off and the table was just right. My sister had all these decorations and centerpieces which she puts in all of the tables tablecloths that you stake down. She also hung up something for the photo booth. She managed all the prep work into making the food and making sure that it’s just right. There are a million little pieces on hosting a party, and you want everything to go just right. This is because you want your friends and family members to be really impressed with everything that goes. This means that you’ll have a good time, no complaints or that sort of deal. You’ve got to treat your business the same way or even more attention to details. Break your business into different parts, what I would do is take a pen and paper and go through every single function of the job. Or even for truck-related stuff, we’ll break it down. We’re going to script this job completely out and train our guys in these different pieces. The very first thing in every type of situation is you’ve got to make sure that the truck is ready. Make sure the car is clean, tools are complete, safe to use and not leaking. All of that stuff should be done at the beginning of the day because it will lead to success later on.

For job-related stuff, the very first thing is that both the team members to review the job information. We want them to know the costumer’s name, jobs are done or any special notes or tools we need to be aware of. Both team members should have their own site or a good idea of what’s going on, how this job is going to go. So, if you have somebody that’s not up to speed, the customer will know that. The customers will tell you that they told you that and why isn’t the stuff ready. The next thing, after they prepare for the job is to make sure they punch in the GPS, and this is scripted out. Every single piece is scripted out in very minute detail. Next is punch an address to the GPS then they figure out and ETA to give the customer a courtesy call. Got to call that customer a call while they’re on their way and schedule 2-hour ride on the windows. We got to let the customers know when they’re all the way. Once they get on the site or on the way, the navigator the tablet prepped for the quote. He’s getting our review software setup, so the review request

Can be sent at the end of the job. It was getting everything ready and prepped and ready to go that way once he arrived on site, we are ready to rock and roll. On-site, the navigators are going to get out on one of our trucks is reversed, the navigator needs to be out and guiding that truck back there. Then they’re going to get all the tablet stuff out, get boot covers or either take their shoes off. You know that we normally want shoes off and we would tell you policies were going to now because there are some of the boot covers which makes a bit of tear, mess or whatever. So, one of the things we were telling guys now is we might go to this policy which you need take their shoes off or bring a clean pair of tennis shoes to work inside. Regardless, you should not have a dirty pair of shoes on inside because I’ve clean too many carpets. In that part, that gets him ready to go inside and walk up. They ring the doorbell and take 2 steps down the stairs. I’ve read numerous studies there’s a pizza delivery guy who found that he got far more tips when he went two steps down. If he didn’t take any steps down, he was too close. People would feel that he was invading their privacy, a personal space. But if you took more than 2 steps down, he found that people thought he was distant, careless, or shady. But the 2 steps were the perfect balance between being shady and too up in your face. We’ve got more tips in so we tell our guys to ring the doorbell and take 2 steps down. That’s the level of detail we are talking about. I won’t go through the rest of the job but break everything down to a level of detail. Test the stuff too. We’ve done testing, and we know it works but if you’re not working with JRA, do your own testing. Figure out the job satisfaction one, two, three steps down, probably the same that pizza delivery guys found out where he’s going to get more tips with 2 steps. Generally, you’re gonna find your best result is going to be on two steps. But you can mess up with how you greet the customer. Extreme detail needs to be taken, like the word your team members use. They need to be trained in doing that kind of stuff. A way to enforce that is a secret shopper program where you select customers and talk with them about being a super shopper, or you have friends. Basically, what you do is cover the cost of the job and put body cameras on the customers. They have these lengthy questionnaires the fill out and in exchange for doing that is they get the job done for free. Then, you review the footage with your team which is the best way about the secret shopper program because you’re not going to be on site. If you are on site, people are going to throw off. And what they usually do when the boss in the site is they’re going to do, exactly what they should do. Here, you want to see what they’re going to do when the boss isn’t on site. That is the best way body cameras on customers who haven’t fill out a questionnaire. In general, you want to be the only person that knows about it. You even have them call up, and you haven’ book with your call staff. If using the JRA call center do it because they’re supposed to be doing. I can tell you we are because all of our calls are monitored and recorded. We review that to make sure we’re doing right. But from the entire process from the beginning of the process to the end have a secret shop. All the big retail stores do it. Letting you guys know that they could be secret shopped and right there, it’s got like a burglar thing wherein you put a sign outside which says that this house is protected by a burglary system, then you’re less likely to get broken into. If you tell your team member you could have some people out there with body cameras who can do secret shopping, they’ll do what they’re supposed to do. Hosting a party just got me thinking about these but anyway this is the stuff I know. We’ve done a lot, but I’ve sat and thought this morning that what’s I’m going to talk about, the party. How much time that party took or even how much effort we put into that to make sure everything was done right. I was like, that’s it, you need to put that level of detail into your business. Actually, a greater level of detail for business as you would be hosting a large party for people that you really care about or you want to impress. Even though you did it, there are still ways of improving it. The party went well yesterday, and everything went pretty well, but my wife and I did see some stuff that could definitely be improved to make sure it’s done right following the time. So, if it’s going perfectly that simply means you’re not looking hard enough for things to improve on now. What you have to determine if what would it be worth the cost and time and work involved to get it perfected or is 90-95% sufficient. That’s something that you’ll have to determine as well.

I hope everybody found this tip useful. Again, JRA can help you with all this stuff. If you want to shoot me an email, I’m happy to reply back. If you’re not looking for pay and you are being cheap right now, and you are investing on your business pretty serious, you kind of want to dabble. Then if you are a dabbler, you can dabble right onto [email protected], and I’m happy to shoot an email off and get you started in the correct direction. And if you’re serious about your business, yourself and financial success, future, family’s well-being and call us at +1 919-466-9322. You can also email me and get every ball rolling. But those of you who are super serious, give us a call. That’s the office number if I’m there then I will certainly speak with you right there. If I’m in meetings or running around like this, I will call you back with my cell number and get the ball rolling.

Super excited for the week ahead, I will be in Florida on Wednesday to Sunday because we’ve got a large air show down there in Lakeland Florida where we go to every year. I’ll be working much of the week, so I’ve got meeting schedule, some local junk removal businesses and a lot of phone call schedule which I will be busy doing work in the morning as well as the evenings. So, for anybody still interested in Junk Removal Authority, reach out because I am looking forward to helping many people as I can. For them to blow up and reach a level of success they never have in their entire life. All of these is just a phone call away +1 919-466-9322, thanks, guys!