This one book that I read years ago helped improve our business. I just recently re-read it. Remembered how good it is and ordered 10 copies to give to key managers in my organization and other friends who own businesses.

Hey guys! How’s everybody doing today? What I want to briefly talk with you today. I wasn’t planning on doing this video, but a book came across my desk. I read it a long time ago. I’ve thought about it a lot. I just recently re-read it. It was so good. I’ll order 10 copies to give to some of my managers as well. As well as some of my friends that are business owners. It is a phenomenal book for any of you all that are going to level up, step up, get employees and manage people. It is an excellent book. The reason it’s good, I’ve mentioned it before. Some of the stuff we’ve tried to do with JRA and what I’ve tried to do personally is always disrupted. Always do something different from what anybody else is doing.


It’s the reason we didn’t franchise. We could franchise Junk Doctors. We could have started franchising Junk Doctors off a couple of years ago and sold a bunch of units. Junkluggers is out there and they’ve sold 20. I think we could have sold more than Junkluggers, but we were a bit stagnant for a couple of years while we tried to figure out what can we do different to expand compared to what everybody else is doing? What can we do different. There was a period about 2 years where I was always thinking. I was working and getting work done, but I wasn’t quite as engaged. Because I knew that I was like a little disappointed. I knew there’s something that we were missing that we needed to get.


I knew the that time will come and we would discover it. We hit on it with JRA, business packages, and support services for the pay per job program. AdWords management, websites and you can rent per month. Your website with your business, but you could rent it per month. A call center basically offered all the support of a franchise without the long-term commitment and to everybody. Not just 1-800-GOT-JUNK? franchisee. Not just a Junkluggers, Junk King, or College Hunks Hauling Junk franchisee but to everybody. To somebody who buys the JRA business package or somebody that is already in business. To help them create freedom in their life. To help them make more money and to help them to see the level of success we’ve seen at Junk Doctors. Then for us all to get together.


A lot of us get together anyway, become super successful, go out and just buy some massive deals in real estate. Massive huge apartment complex in real estate. Every single one of us get rich. Every single one of us have generational wealth that can be passed down to our kids and to leave a legacy. At 28 years old, I’m already thinking about I’m going to be here, hopefully another 60 years. With medical advancements, my generation and all of us might live to 100 years old. So, I hope I got another 72 years left, but at least another 50, 60, or 70 years remaining. What am I going to do over that time period? 100 years from now, my business is still in business.


So, my family and kids are set and ready to go. I’m going to make them work. I want my kids set. When I had my kids, I want them to set where they don’t have to necessarily struggled quite as much. Maybe that’s a good thing and bad thing. That’s kind of what I want. I want the outcome to be a bit surer. I’ve always known and I still know right now that I’m going to be super successful. I have that confidence. I know I’m going to get knocked down. I know I’m going to get right back up. I’m going to be successful. I’ve got something that I can really get behind and be extremely passionate about because it’s really cool to be able to help others achieve the same level of success we are. I’ve told everybody before, there’s another step after JRA big time.


Huge, absolutely humongous. It starts with junk removal which is JRA. It’s going to go onto other things, but back to the topic at hand. This book is not very well known. It’s a disruptor. It’s going to be opposite of what you read in 99% of all business books. It is written by Dan Kennedy. It’s called “No B.S. Ruthless Management of People and Profits No Holds Barred Kick Butt Take No Prisoners Guide to Really Getting Rich by Dan Kennedy.” Dan Kennedy has several great books. This is by far and away his best book. It is highly recommended. I’m not getting paid to do this. You’re not going to buy this through any affiliate page. Go to Amazon and purchase it. I don’t make any money on it whatsoever. This book right here will help you see employees, your business and management at a completely different light.


Let me go through some of the chapters in here. You just see the titles. They all go lame. Every single employee you have, including yourself at some point or another is going to go lame. What kind of plan do you have to keep going on? When you yourself go to lame, do you stay involved in your business? Hopefully you do. What likely happens is you just change the task you do. You put somebody else in place at the tasks that you don’t like and find stuff you can get behind them and that you’re passionate about. Every single one of us, every single employee you have at some point or another is going to go to lame.


“The Worst Number in Business is.” I realized, you guys are seeing this backwards. The worst number in business is, I’ll take a guess and help you out. Number one, you don’t want one of anything. One main employee, vendor and truck. You don’t want one of anything. If you have one, you have no redundancy. In flying with airplanes, you’ve got redundancy. You have backup ignition systems. You’ve got a backup fuel pump. You know you’ve got backups in place. If the gear doesn’t go down, you got a hand pump. You have redundancy in aviation. You need redundancy in your business.


“Hire Slow and Fire Fast.” Get people in there. Get them trained. Give them expectations they need to need to hit. Have numbers to track to see if they’re hitting them. Give them constant feedback and if aren’t working out, get them out of your business. Employees exists to make you a profit. You will have some very select employees that you build a good relationship with. A great relationship with. They get behind you that buy into the business and that are going to be with you forever or long time hopefully. They still could leave and go lame. Most employees that you get, you simply serve a purpose for them to make money. They need to do the same for you to make you money. So, you pay them and they make you a lot more money than you pay them. That’s the sole purpose of the entrepreneur, the business owner, and employee relationship.


“Marketing the Master, All Others Servants”

Everything in your business comes down to sales. There’s several things we’ve done correctly with Junk Doctors that others have not. We’ve always valued marketing. We’ve always gotten out there. We’ve always spent money on marketing to get exposure. It’s all that guys. If you don’t have exposure and you don’t have people calling you, you don’t have a business. You could have the best junk removal service in the world. If nobody knows about you, nobody knows about you. Nobody’s calling you, you’re not making money. You can go out of business.


“When the Cat is Away, Mice are at Play”

In this particular chapter talks about the importance of being at your business, but not being a slave to your business. Putting in cameras, we have cameras on our trucks and live view audio. We can see out the out on the front and we can see inside. We want to know what’s going on in our business. When the cat is away, my sort of play with cameras. The cat didn’t ever have to be away.


“Broken Windows, Broken Business”

This is also another great book. If you divide by that very title, I don’t think he mentions it in here. I can’t remember, but this basically talks about if you have one broken window. If you have one thing wrong in your business. Things are only going to get worse and your business is broken. If you have a truck maintenance issue, you need to get on and get it fixed. For all a little guilty sometimes of allowing broken windows to stay broken for a bit too long.


“But My Business is Different”

I can promise you it’s not. If it happens in one business, if it happens at one job removal business, it can happen in yours. Don’t be so cocky thinking you know everything. If something bad is happening in somebody else’s business, it can happen in yours. Unless you put your foot down and you set up where it isn’t going to happen in yours or if it does happen to yours, you’re ready to react.


“How to Make Every Employee’s Job a Profit Center”

Again, the reason you have employees is for you to make more money with the employees. To have more freedom with employees than you would have without them because they’re a huge pain otherwise. They have to make you more money. If they don’t make you more money, you don’t have them. It’s a lot easier working for yourself than managing people. Unless people are making you more money, you’ve got a manager managing them and you manage the managers. So, that’s not as bad either when you don’t have to manage as many people once you have layers of management in place,


“Create Better Jobs So You Can Demand More (and Fire Faster)”

Always behind be hiring. This isn’t in this book. This is a JRA original as somebody else said it. Yeah, probably I’ve never read it, but always be hiring and treat it like a sports team. Always be hiring. Treat it like a sports team. If you’ve got people constantly going in the door, you can have them asked constantly going out. That stuff that you need to always be building. Demand more, expect them to perform. Experience and longevity doesn’t matter. You rank your employees from bottom to top and the ones that perform get the hours to get paid better. The ones that don’t, get them out. You get new people in or they don’t get as many hours. One or the other. Treat it like a sports team. Be ruthless in managing people manager. Be fair but be ruthless.


Just like I said be fair Mr. Kennedy. Disrupts me and he goes against me. “Fairness, Be Damned.” Read that chapter, it is a good one. You want to be fair with your employees as far as paying them what you told them and paying them well. You do want to be. Even Kennedy in here talks about, ideally you would like to be the highest paid employer in your particular market for your particular service. We’ve just become that with Junk Doctors. We’ve had issues. I told Christian what to do. We’re going to pay people more. We’re going to start them out at $14 an hour and within one month they’re expect to be a team leader. They expected to be able to drive.


They aren’t going to be tearing our equipment up. They are expected to accurately quote jobs. To make the courtesy call correctly. To have a positive attitude. If they don’t, if they can’t get that. They have to be back at $12 or they get out. One or the other. I’m not going to put up with it anymore. We’re going to put up with mediocrity inside our business and we are sure we are not going to put up with negativity. I’m negative enough of myself to be putting up with anybody else being negative. Always be hiring, be ruthless, treat it like a sports team and you’re going to have a great business. Our quality applications our interviews just since we made that change, have probably increased by 300%.


I’ve been sitting and I was beaching. I was being negative. I was being negative just the other day about how hard it is to hire people. It gives myself afraid to pay people more. I told Christian, “What are we going to do?” We’re going to raise our pay and we’re going to increase our prices. Customers will pay for it. Then our employees will pay better. We’re still going to be cheaper than 1-800-GOT-JUNK? and everything there. Not by whole lot. We’re going to be a little cheaper than 1-800-GOT-JUNK?. Much cheaper in College Hunks Hauling Junks, but we’re going to be close. We’re going to provide a lot better service because we have a lot better people there.


They’re over there paying their employees $10 to $11 an hour. We’ll start out at $14. I put in that job. You get in here, you perform. You’re good with customer service. You’re positive. I’m going to raise you up to $16 an hour or more. We’re going to pay you what we need to pay you to get you to produce. We’re able to push hard without you leaving. That’s what we’re going after. That’s what you should be going after to.


“To the Winners, the Spoils.” “Is a Happy Workplace, a Productive Workplace?”

Great chapter right here. Great chapter talks about how Google’s. They have fake money. Some of those tech companies hadn’t heard a profit in their entire life. It’s a fake company and sitting there. They’re just being funded by. Just gambling on Wall Street. They sit there and waste their money. They have their employees sitting there playing video games in the middle of the day and drinking beer. Drinking beer is when they should be working. They’re sitting there at the restaurant or whatever. Just goofing off and a happy workplace. In my opinion, you want your people to be satisfied. You want to be driven but sitting there and allowing them to play games for hours or whatever. It is not the way to productivity and profitability. That’s for sure. Unless you’re out there getting publicly traded and having millions and billions of dollars of publicly traded money in your organization. You need to keep it out. Treat that like a plague, don’t allow it in.


“Hire the Thick-Skinned”

We made mistakes on that before. If you make the mistake, you don’t hire somebody that’s think-skinned, get them out. You don’t want to put up with their wrong doings.


“Activity Masquerading as Accomplishment”

A lot of entrepreneurs are guilty of that. They are talking about, “I’m hustling all the time.” What are you doing? What are you accomplishing? Activity masquerading as accomplishment. Don’t just say you’re hustling all time and act like you’re busy all the time. Just so you think you’re busy and you’re actually doing something. You got to accomplish things. You’ve got to leverage your resources. You got to hire people to actually get stuff done. Don’t act like you’re busy.


It doesn’t matter how busy you are. I know some people that in one hour can accomplish more than some of you all accomplish in 12 hours work. I know people that are even better than me. I’m constantly improving and these people are generally older. I’m one of the most productive people. My age that I know. I’ve seen people that they’re incredible how productive they are. You should always be wanting to improve.


“The Speed Imperative”

Speed is important. Speed is extremely important.  As soon as you get an idea and as soon as you’ve gathered as much information as you can, gather that information the quickest period of time. Get out there and try and grow that baby as quick as possible. Get momentum on your side. Once you get that momentum, don’t rest. Do not rest. If that momentum leaves you, you might never regain it back.


Employees are “Friendly as Long as You Feed Them.” You quit feeding them, they are going to bite you for the most part. Always remember that.


Talks about “What Is “Profit” Anyway?” It sits there and it goes into your time. How much an employee really costs to you? Not only in all of your expenses on paying that employee, government, workers’ comp, Medicare, and social security. Also, your time, what’s your time’s worth to manage them as well. The opportunity cost and everything that a lot of people don’t think about.


Excellent book! Just unbelievable book. Not very well known. Dan Kennedy, I won’t say he’s unknown. He’s not as big as Jim Collins and some of those business book writers. Verne Harnish, he’s not as big time as that. This book right here hits the nail right on the head. If you’re going to hire, even if you’re not going to hire. If you haven’t hired yet, read this book. You don’t want to get out there and hire. When you get out there and hire, you don’t know what you are doing. Check it out, after you all have read it. If you’ve read this book, please leave me a comment. Let me know what you think of it. What other books you like. What other management books you’d like and also subscribe below. We got a lot of great stuff coming up real soon. I always appreciate for those of you who watched. That book right there is going to make you a lot of money if you learned from it. Don’t just read it, retain the information. Learn from it and go out. Talk to everybody soon.