What’s up guys? I just want to show you a little bit of the new Junk Removal Authority office. We’ve got Lee in here.

Look at that. Already barging into my office. Just the first day in and you’re already barging in. Hey, we want to give you all an update. Check this out, guys. Right here, new operations manual is out, fresh off the print, fresh off the press. We got a guy coming in from Huntington beach tomorrow. We’re about to go pick him up here this evening. He’s getting trained on everything in that manual, plus some, gets to go out on the truck, get to see us in action, gets to figure out how you quote jobs, gets to figure out how you load the truck, gets to figure out the most efficient rallying to where you need to go to keep your expenses low and you and your profit high. All that stuff. We work with them for three days. I’ll talk about working all the time. We’re picking him up this evening, we’re going out to eat this evening with him. We’re working tomorrow, all day tomorrow. It’s a 12-hour day tomorrow training him. We got a half hour lunch in the office. We’re getting the food delivered here. We aren’t going out and getting away wasting time. We’re rolling through the day solid. We send them homework tomorrow evening for him to work on, listen to some call recordings, all that good stuff. Then, he’s right back in here on Saturday. On Saturday he’ll be out in the truck a lot. He’s a big food guy. He’s all about food and everything, so we’re going to take him some good North Carolina Barbecue and everything on Saturday as well. Saturday evening, we’re going out downtown Raleigh. I’ll show him downtown Raleigh, 3,000 miles away on the other coast, we’ll show him what Raleigh has to offer.

JRA In Massive Progress

If you check the office out right here, it’s very yellow, very bland right now. That’s going to change, we’ve got all kinds of stuff we’re going to add. This is going to be our conference and training room right here. T.V. up there. We will be able to broadcast everything, or we will be able to show anything we want to cover as far as training, so we’ll spend a lot of time in here. If you’re looking to do business packages, hopefully you’re spending a lot of time in this room as well. This back here is the bat cave. This is Aaron’s office. No windows for him. He can do whatever he wants in here. We’re not going to ask too many questions as long as he gives you all great content. We’ll let him do what he wants to back here. This used to be a doctor’s office. You’re probably going see there’s sinks in some of these offices. It’s kind of weird, there’s kind of some advantages to it, but I’m not going to tell you exactly what. If the bathroom is taken, close the door right there, you know what I mean? We’re not asking questions. Right here, this is either going to be Shane’s or Christian’s office. The same thing, same setup right there – either Shane or Christian. This is the start of the Junk Removal Authority call center. There’s going to be a desk, or a built-in counter space all the way around. We will move the call center here. And then there’s a larger office. We’ve got Christian Hall up in there, taking phone calls right now so we can’t open. That’s going to be part of the sales office, and the call center is going to be mixed all together.

We are opening up a round of hiring for at least two salespeople. You all are going to be hearing from us. We’re going to be calling every single locally owned, privately owned junk removal company throughout the country. We’re going to be pushing our paper job program. It’s very good, and we know it. We want to let everybody else know all about it, how it’s extremely beneficial. To those of you who had been hesitant to get on Google AdWords, we’ve now got a program. We take on all the risk, we’re paying that Google bill, you’re getting the jobs, we’re booking the jobs for you. That call center in there is going to be booking the jobs for you. All that happens is the income just appears on your calendar. That’s it guys.

That’s what we’ve got going on. I hope you all are staying busy. Like I talk about all the time, as far as you got to take risks. We’re hiring new salespeople. We’re hiring these call center representatives. We aren’t got the money for that right now. Those people, they got to produce. We’ve sold a few business packages, that kind of stuff. We made a lot of investments, everything we bring in is going right back out and improve our services, so it can help a lot more people, reach a lot more people. Those salespeople in there they better produce if they’re going to get paid. That’s taking a risk, that’s keeping you motivated. This office, same thing. This thing’s got a rent payment. There’s enough money there to make the rent payment for a couple months. If we don’t produce, then we got funds that are going to have to pay for this office because we obligated ourselves. Over $30,000 rent for a year. Got To make money.

Take risks. I hope you all like this little tour. We got work to do, we’re going to get back to it. You all do the same.